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Emergency Conference- Dec. 4 - Stop the War, Fight the Draft | Emergency Anti-War Conference Sat. Dec. 4 9 am - 6 pm more...  1 Comments

Bush in Canada = Canada IMC Sites Down

pliny | Ottowa, Ontario and Montreal sites are offline more...  6 Comments

Building Bridges Radio-Mon.11-19-:Phillippines Massacre;Israel vs. Workers Advice Center;Bangladeshi Workers

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash Monday, November 29, 2004, 7 - 8 p.m. EST, over 99.5 FM or streaming live at more...  0 Comments

Volunteers Needed for NYC Howl-In (Aerial Wolf-Shooting) Protest at Rockefeller Center

Edita Birnkrant | more...  1 Comments

Gregg Singer Plans 19 Story Tower at CHARAS Site

repost (The Villager) | more...  0 Comments

Call To Action - Critical Mass rides again

nycbiker | more...  20 Comments

Busy Thanksgiving Weekend for NYC Activists

imcista | Local activists stayed busy over the holidays even when they weren't being hounded by NYPD bike police. On Thursday, a busload of New Yorkers seeking to remind their fellow Americans of the real story about Thanksgiving traveled to Plymouth, Massachusetts for the 35th annual National Day of Mourning, which was led by the United American Indians of New England. On Friday, Rev. Billy & Co. celebrated Buy Nothing Day by giving away free gifts and raising a ruckus in Midtown.


more...  4 Comments

Buy Nothing Day is about Love

ang copp | more...  3 Comments

WBAI Local Station Board Elections

Rasheeda | The rancor continues more...  0 Comments

Buy Nothing Day Photos - Time Square

Caitlin Benedetto | Photos of The Green Dragon and Revrend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping doing Street Theater and Direct Action in Time Square on Buy Nothing Day, Friday. more...  5 Comments

Kids on Bikes Are Winning.

gustavo | Kids on Bikes Are Winning. more...  7 Comments

Call to remove Selective Service forms from post offices

fuck the selective service | This is a request to all those out there who see a military draft on the horizon to remove those selective service/draft applications from post offices citywide. more...  6 Comments

Crappy bike bill redux

bike elf | District 13 - Madeline Provenzano 2931 Westchester Square, Bronx 10461 City Hall: (212) 788-7375 District: (718) 931-6060 Fax: (718) 518-8443 Email: more...  7 Comments

NY Press on Anti-Bike Bill Author Madeline Provenzano

New York Press repost | more...  7 Comments

January 20 Call to Action: RISE Against Bush/SHINE For A Peaceful Tomorrow

DC Anti-War Network | RISE Against Bush
SHINE For A Peaceful Tomorrow

A Call for Anti-War Actions in Washington, DC, January 20, 2005

more...  7 Comments

Critical Mass Roundup in Gotham Gazette

Mark Berkey-Gerard | Cycling In the City by Mark Berkey-Gerard - November 22, 2004 Stu Cohen has not been involved in any of the police clashes or court cases or competing City Hall bills of the past few months. He does not see himself as a bike warrior. He simply wants to do what the majority of residents of Amsterdam, eight million Chinese in Beijing, and a half million or so other Americans (according to an estimate by the U.S. Census) do every weekday. He wants to use his bicycle as his principal means of transportation. So, how did he get into that argument over his bike last week in the middle of Tiffany's? "I always take my bike in with me," Cohen told the employee at the Fifth Avenue jewelry store who stopped him. "It's a folding bike; it's the same size as a stroller." It made no difference; he would still have to leave. It isn't easy being one of some 100,000 daily bicycle riders in New York City. more...  0 Comments

submit to Blacked-Out Media

nyc imc video team | Want to screen your work for a national audience? Send us a tape. more...  1 Comments

Crit Mass Flier for Local Distribution

you | Why Aren’t There More Police in My Neighborhood? It’s a good question. Most New Yorkers assume that the NYPD are busy fighting terrorism, trying to solve murders or break up big drug operations. But really, the NYPD have been wasting time and resources in trying to stop the Critical Mass Healthy Environment bike ride. You may have seen it in the recent news. Contrary to what the NYPD says, the bike ride is not a protest, but merely a fun bike ride that meets on the last Friday of every month in Union Square Park at 7 PM to ride together safely and promote cleaner air. more...  6 Comments

RRRRevolutionized TV, a Celebration of Independent Media

Denisse Andrade, Paper Tiger TV | Paper Tiger Television, an open, non-profit, volunteer video collective, celebrates 23 years of media advocacy with film, music and dance. more...  0 Comments

Critical Mass - Police State

Stormcrow | The new York City Police Department's crackdown on Critical Mass continues and, indeed, escalates. But obviously there's more to worry about here than what first meets the eye. more...  16 Comments

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