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Happy Birthday IMC's

madhatter | Happy Birthday IMC's more...  4 Comments

casa del sol on fire

LES | casa del sol, the community center and squat located in the south bronx is on fire more...  10 Comments

Grace Paley, Nathalie Handal at ABC No Rio

Steven | Grace Paley and Nathalie Handal reading at ABC No Rio more...  0 Comments

Times's Up Weekly Movie Night: Breaking The Spell

Timmy | Thurs. 12/02 8pm, 49 E. Houston btw. Mott and Mulberry. more...  2 Comments

Speak Truth to the Olsen Twins! Ded. 9!

Olsen Twins Watch | more...  4 Comments

Lawsuit Filed Against Wells College

Kelly Wallace '99 | On Monday, November 29, 2004, a legal challenge to the recent decision by Wells College to admit men in the fall of 2005 was filed in New York State Supreme Court in Cayuga County. This suit, brought on behalf of two students (a freshman and a sophomore) at the college, alleges, among other things, that Wells College violated New York State General Business law by committing fraud. The students’ claim is that they were led to believe that they would be attending a women’s college for four years. more...  0 Comments

On Thomas L. Friedman

--WG. | What do you mean by “decent, consensual governmentâ€? more...  1 Comments

Hunger Strike at Passaic County Jail

NJ Civil Rights Defense Committee | 2 detainees at Passaic County Jail are in their 9th day of hunger strike demanding their release.  They are struggling for all the immigrant detainees who are being held as criminals and torn away from their families and communities. more...  2 Comments

Five Years After the Battle For Seattle

Chuck Munson | The media spin cycle leading up to major anti-globalization protests has become so predictable that activists have been forced to come up with better media strategies to keep up with the lies and disinformation. more...  4 Comments

Upgrading of October Critical Mass Charges

Dave Solidarity | Court moved charges related to critical mass from a violation to a class A misdemeanor more...  7 Comments

Candle-lit silent Vigil for West Papua

papuan support | Candle-lit silent Vigil for West Papua Wednesday 1st December 2004 from 4pm Outside the Indonesian Consulate, 5 East 68th Street New York Please bring a candle more...  0 Comments

Call to action: Protest at Army Recruiting Station December 8th

Lauren | more...  3 Comments

Upgrading of October Critical Mass Charges

Dave Solidarity | Court moved charges related to critical mass from a violation to a class A misdemeanor more...  1 Comments

Police brutality after October Critical Mass

rubicon | My friend has a video of a girl being beaten up by several cops. more...  9 Comments

HLS Exposed AGAIN!—Gharda Chemicals Exposed as Current Customer

SHAC | In August of 2004, the newspaper ‘The Business’ stated in regards to the incredible amount of confidential information coming out of HLS: "The most intriguing question is where the activists are getting their clearly confidential information. Patently, they have inside information coming from both individual firms and government departments." more...  0 Comments

Bikers Rule! thanks for riding!

shine on | You are all awesome! thanks for riding! you are giving us hope more...  1 Comments

RIDE This Friday!

Gregg Ross | more...  21 Comments

Forest Labs Home Demo Report from Long Island

adl | "On November 23rd 2004, a group of activists paid Katherine Farrington of Forest Laboratories a well-deserved visit. The quiet surban neighborhood in East Northport, NY was distraught... more...  0 Comments

NY Post: RNC Protesters Might Provide Cover for Terrorists

COLLIN LEVEY | The civil-liberties groups mock the NYPD for supposedly treating protesters as terrorists. But this misses the point: Protesters who sow disorder might provide a cover for terrorists. more...  9 Comments

Will New Yorkers march on Ohio Saturday?

passer-by | How far are you willing to travel when what's left of democracy is in peril? more...  8 Comments

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