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Let Fury Have the Hour: The Punk Rock Politics of Joe Strummer

Meredith Doherty | Thursday, December 9 7:30 pm BOOK PARTY/READING/PERFORMANCE Let Fury Have the Hour: The Punk Rock Politics of Joe Strummer (Antonino D'Ambrosio with Ricanstruction, the 512 Collective, the White Shadow & Others TBA) more...  2 Comments

Residents Blame Housing Developers For Community Center Fire

Jacques Aboaf | Thirty residents of Casa Del Sol, a community center in the South Bronx, are homeless after a fire partially destroyed their building and sent 16 firefighters to the hospital. Residents blame ACORN, a development group, for allowing the fire to burn five hours after police evicted the building's residents. more...  10 Comments

New York Bikes Again ... Three Weeks Early

NYC IMC | Fighting back against the increasing NYPD harassment of Critical Mass, some city bikers have decided to ride again, this Friday, three weeks ahead of schedule.

One Critical Mass rider writes: "How about it? Weekly CM rides until the NYPD backs down. Any ideas for calling spontaneous rides once a week would be helpful. Maybe announce the date online and set up a message hotline or use to give the exact location at the last moment. How about trying to get more families involved by doing a saturday or sunday afternoon CM?" [Read More]

Another reader writes: "Still We Ride! Friday, 7PM, Washington Sq. Arch." [Read More]

more...  23 Comments

Environmental Injustice in the Bronx

More Gardens! | Community gardeners stood their ground. Half of the original green space is now to be made permanent. Housing and Green Spaces must stay in balance! more...  0 Comments concert

repost by Nick for Russ | Bands from, the popular website site that allows Americans to apologize to the world for re-electing George W. Bush, is holding a concert. more...  93 Comments

Community gardens MUST MOVE by sun 12/5/04 6pm!

pei.czech | Saved Gardens in South Bronx, small victory NOW WE NEED HELP TO MOVE.... more...  0 Comments


MTA Photo Ban | The MTA has proposed a photography ban in the NYC Subway System. A protest has been organized in retaliation. more...  9 Comments

Preserving a Living History: A Day for the Pacifica Radio Archives' Dec 2nd

Pacifica Radio Archives | The Pacifica Network pre-empts regular programming for national simulcast special broadcast to raise funds to help rescue the rare valuable collection of 50,000 historical recordings housed in the Pacifica Radio Archives. more...  1 Comments

Canada bussed 5,000 overnight to protest Bush- we can do that!

ben frank | This Saturday there will be a huge rally to Demain a Recount and investigation into the Ohio voting problems. This is not about bush vs kerry, this is about American citizens being given equal access to vote. If we don’t demand Blackwell remove himself from the process and allow a full recount to proceed, then American democracy will be officially dead. You were given a democracy- are you going to let them just take it like this? Do you really think we’ll have a better shot in 2008? Wake up and expose this fraud they call ’the president’ ! more...  4 Comments

Deal Struck with City to Preserve Some Greenspace

Leanne | more...  1 Comments

Veterans and Military Families Speak Out in NYC

dennis | Veterans, Military Families and Supporters The Elections Are Over BUT THE WAR ISN'T! SPEAK OUT! Saturday December 11, 2004 . 3-6 PM Community Church 40 E 35th Street more...  1 Comments

WBAI 2nd Town Hall Mtg. Saturday!

WBAI Outreach Committee | This will be the second Town Hall Meeting where the listeners are invited to speak on a topic or to say what is on their minds. The staff, listeners and LSB are invited and to talk to each other as well. more...  1 Comments

Buy Nothing Day pics

gallagher photography | Images from Buy Nothing Day with Rev Billy and Greene Dragon more...  0 Comments

Citywide Meeting to Discuss the Presidential Inauguration

NYC Counter-Inauguration | more...  1 Comments

NYPD/Firemen in BLACK-FACE in 1998 should get $$$ -Federal Judge

howrealisreal | Six years after two firefighters and a police officer were kicked off the job for wearing black-face at a Labor Day parade, a Federal judge orders the city to put them back to work and pay them retroactively for their suspended time. The city is appealing. more...  8 Comments

Two Important Events For NJ/NY -- Dec. 4


Alternative Energy Forum, Thursday, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Mitchel Cohen | more...  0 Comments

All Aboard! Progressives -- Come Ride the "Peace Train" to Newark, NJ This Saturday, Dec 4

JERSEY CITY PEACE MOVEMENT | As Cat Stevens wrote and sang, "Come Ride the PEACE TRAIN" this Saturday, December 4th. ALL roads will lead you to Newark PENN STATION-- where there will be a rally and march for peace and justice and to end war. more...  8 Comments

Casa Del Sol Evicted, Hours Later, Fire Consumes Second Floor

NYC IMC | This morning, residents the Bronx Community Center Casa Del Sol were evicted without warning. There are unconfirmed reports of two arrests. One newswire poster writes: "Most residents of the building were given 5-10 minutes to get some of their things which they could carry and get out. After regrouping outside on the sidewalk we left the area of the building around 2pm. More than a dozen police, ACORN (landlord) representatives were left directing movers who were confiscating what was left behind and contractor who were sercuring the building. One member of Cherry Tree had turned of the power before leaving."

Background information on the Casa Del Sol dispute [1 || 2]

Another opinion: Another poster to the newswire writes that Casa Del Sol "is not a community center and not a healthy environment by any measure. Let's not pretend otherwise. There used to be tons of families, locals from the Bronx" and they were slowly driven out.

Several hours later, a four-alarm fire engulfed most of the second floor of Casa Del Sol. The cause of the fire is currently unknown, although one reader from the Bronx writes that "the Salvation Army disaster response unit is giving out coffee to the firefighters, the Red Cross is there, DEP trucks are there, and the police are guarding the subway station closest to the 40th precinct."

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Casa del Sol Fire

bronx | more...  1 Comments

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