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WBAI Management Fires Gary Null

Mitchel Cohen | Hi, I am posting below the text form of a flyer I am distributing, defending WBAI producer Gary Null against management's summary dismissal. The workers' organization (chaired by Ken Nash , Local Station Board AND Pacifica Network Board MUST be made to defend Gary's (and the LISTNERS') right to due process and oppose his firing. It is unclear at the moment what they will do. They need to hear from you. If you would like to receive this flyer as a formatted attachment, please reply to me directly at . You could be a great help in printing out the flyer and distributing it everywhere appropriate. In addition, Station Manager Don Rojas and Program Director Bernard White -- who are responsible for this egregious violation of the "contract" -- will be hosting a Report to the Listener TODAY, Monday Dec. 6, at 3:00-5:00 pm: Listeners may call in at (212) 209-2900. Remember, the issue is not whether they like Gary Null or hate him, but whether they have the responsibility to afford due process as outlined in the contract. Thanx, Mitchel more...  8 Comments

Rally for CHARAS/Former P.S. 64

Rosen | Rally on the steps of City Hall Tuesday December 7 at 10:30AM To Save CHARAS/Former P.S. 64 more...  0 Comments

Iraq's Downward Spiral: An Interview with Christian Parenti

John Tarleton | Christian Parenti visited Iraq three times between August 2003 and July 2004. During his time in the country, he traveled with both the U.S. military and the resistance and gained a first hand look at Iraq’s downward spiral which he chronicles in his new book , “The Freedom: Shadows and Hallucinations in Occupied Iraqâ€. Speaking Saturday at the Small Press Book Fair, Parenti blasted the Bush administration’s handling of Iraq. “This is a classic case of an imperial elite taking leave of their senses and doing something that goes against their own interests,†he said. “Tactically and strategically, they’ve gotten every major decision wrong.†Afterwards, we talked about what lies ahead in the coming months for the Iraqis and their American occupiers. Photo by Antrim Caskey more...  4 Comments

Daniel Pipes Settles Defamation Lawsuit out of Court

from | Given the current goings on at Columbia, an interesting legal development.

Daniel Pipes and Jonathan Schanzer settled a libel suit out of court with University of Oregon instructor Douglas Card. They had accused Card of being anti-semitic (i.e. a racist) and of being a leftwing extremist.

Pipes has a history of levelling wild charges against academics, and of being unreliable (he said in 2002 that Saddam was 2-5 years away from having an atomic bomb). He appears to have become concerned that Card had an excellent case and would win a big settlement, so he backed off and withdrew the charges, settling with Card.

more...  0 Comments

Central Park is Ours on M20

the resistance | This Time - We Will March and Rally IN CENTRAL PARK! OUT NOW! more...  20 Comments

NY Times' Critical Mass editorial

NY Times=rag | % more...  1 Comments

WBAI Fires Long Time (20 Years) Host and Producer Gary Null (One of the Few White, Male Personalities at WBAI)

WBAI concerned listener | Gary had the highest rated program at 'BAI--- and by far brought in more money for WBAI than any other producer over 20 years. (MILLIONS!!!!) SO, WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON HERE? more...  16 Comments

NYC Free Events Calendar Back Online

Mutual Support Network | After 2 1/2 years in print, the monthly NYC Free Events Calendar is back online! Check it out at more...  2 Comments

ERR Communique from the Cultural Front

ERR Worker Collective | The Ever Reviled Records Worker Collective is proud to announce the launching of our new website: another step in on our on going efforts to undermine capitalism and the state while building the counter-culture. We got our cyberspace guns loaded and ready to storm the internet front! more...  2 Comments

Victory for Immigrant Rights Movement

NJ Civil Rights Defense Committee | The immigrant rights’ movement won a significant victory when the Dept. Of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement arm directed that all jails in the US holding immigrant detainees cease to use dogs around the detainees. more...  3 Comments

Next NYC Counter-Inauguration Meeting

NYC Counter-Inauguration | (from the Open Newswire): Citywide Meeting to Discuss the Presidential Inauguration 7PM on December 8th At Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South

Bush may have been elected, but we didn't elect him and we won't obey him! We cannot wait another four years to stand against the war and rampant social injustice of another Bush Administration. On January 20, thousands of activists will descend on Washington, DC to protest the second inauguration of George Walker Bush

Also See: Counter-Inaugural
DC Indymedia

Photo From Inauguration 2000, by Dustin Ross

more...  17 Comments

Brooklyn Man Demonstrates at MMP Rally . HHS . WDC . 5 Oct 04

Elvert Barnes | Chanting 'our lives are in your hands' this Brooklynite along with aproximately 50 medical marijuana patients including paraplegics in wheelchairs and scooters and some on crutches demonstrated in front of the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in WDC on Tuesday, 5 October 2004. more...  0 Comments

Melbourne CM - we're not alone!

Melbourne IMC | more...  0 Comments

NOW NYS Reproductive Rights Task Force Benefit Concert

Sara | Indie Rock Show and National Action information more...  3 Comments

Electoral Justice will not happen until we go Ukranian

Bratt | Instead of sitting around complaining,waiting for some group to do something, or hoping for heated buses to show up for a one day protest somewhere we need to get into the streets and stay there until we get justice. more...  10 Comments



NYC's Kerik Named to Head Department of Homeland Security

NYC IMC | Before he joined the NYPD in 1985, Bernard Kerik served in the U.S. Army and worked as a private security guard for the Saudi royal family, one of the most repressive political regimes in the world. In August 2000, Kerik was named Police Comissioner and charged with repairing relations with the city's communities of color. It was as Comissioner that Kerik, according to the Gotham Gazette, "defined his masterful style: presenting a pleasant public face without actually producing all the data."

His legacy enhanced after September 11, 2001, Kerik joined scandal-ridden Dyncorp Inc. in Baghdad in efforts to rebuild the Iraqi police force after the American invasion. Kerik's legacy? By most independent estimates the Iraqi police are grossly incompetent, ridden with corruption and completely infiltrated by the Iraqi resistance. Kerik himself left Iraq "after three months for reasons he has never explained."

In 2002, Kerik joined the board of Taser International. After widespread documentation of the dangers of Taser weapons surfaced early this year, Kerik dumped his $5.7 million of Taser stock.

[Kerik: Life Not An Open Book]

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I support freedom from the draft

Liberation Learning | Freedom from the draft is an effective way to reach new people about the Iraq occupation. more...  3 Comments

Casa Del Fuego

Jonathan Spies | Ever since I moved into Casa Del Sol, rumors began circulating around town that we'd been evicted or raided or something, and Tuesday, those rumors finally came true. At about 11:30 AM, over fifty cops in riot gear busted open the front gate and removed the thirty or so people living there, arresting Bueno and this other guy, Rick. more...  6 Comments

NYC Howl-In at Rocefeller Center on Behalf of 580 Wolves

Edita Birnkrant | more...  3 Comments

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