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Indypendent Subscription Party!!

Indypendent | Celebrate three and a half years of radical, independent journalism Saturday 8 p.m. at 216 E. 118th St., Apt. 3C. There will be food, drink, music and a rooftop view of the East River. Since its inception, The Indypendent has grown from an occasional four-page paper to an award-winning, free biweekly that circulates throughout the New York area. According to Naomi Klein, it “mixes the spirit of direct action with a searing critique of corporate power”. With a volunteer staff of over 30 people and no rich patrons or political party affiliations, it is also a groundbreaking experiment in participatory democracy. A free press isn’t free. Please help us to continue growing as we head into 2004. We are encouraging everyone who comes Saturday to purchase a one-year subscription ($27) to the paper.

Back Issues of the Indypendent

Still Illegal
Landlord Blacklist
The Tipping Point

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Pedro Pietri 1944 - 2004

Yvonne | Nuyorican writer Pedro Pietri passed away Wednesday morning en route back to NYC after treatment for stomach cancer in Mexico. The family of Pedro Pietri has informed us of a public viewing to be held at First Spanish United Methodist Church (The People's Church) 163 E.110 St. on Sunday, March 7, from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM more...  3 Comments

Same-Sex Marriage Advocates Rally Massachusetts

Jesus Lebron | The Civil Marriage Trail is a coalition of activists who've come together to help same-sex couples marry legally anywhere and everywhere justice prevails. more...  0 Comments

Packed Auditorium Celebrates Activist Richie Perez

Juan Antonio Ocasio Rivera | Former Young Lord and National Congress of Puerto Rican Rights co-founder Richie Perez was honored last night during a prayer vigil. Perez, who is seriously ill, has consistently battled on the front lines against police brutality, Puerto Rico independence, human rights, and other important issues. The event witnessed an overwhelming outpouring of love and support for him. more...  4 Comments

Keep the Timoney Three Free show at bluestockings (March 8) collective | Let's not forget our comrades still facing trial from the last RNC in Philly (2000). March 8 at Bluestockings Books, 172 Allen Street 7PM $5-10 fundraiser for the Timoney Three. more...  1 Comments

Analysis of the Timothy Stansbury Shooting

Alex S. Vitale | This is my analysis of the Timothy Stansbury Shooting and contains my recommendations for activists working on this issue. more...  0 Comments

m20 action ideas

dave | looking for action ideas for nyc on the 20th outside of the normal rally and march routine. more...  10 Comments

9/11 Imagery in 1st Bush Commercial

chris | "What sees us through tough times? Freedom, faith, families, and sacrifice," says one commercial, as clips roll of the Sept. 11, 2001, wreckage, a flag being raised, children saying the Pledge of Allegiance, parishioners at a church, parents with a new baby and firefighters. more...  8 Comments

Support New Paltz Mayor & Same Sex Marriage

New Paltz Rally | V E R Y   U R G E N T, TODAY: There will be a demonstration starting at 5:30 p.m. outside the courthouse in New Paltz TODAY, Wednesday, March 3, in support of Mayor Jason West, who has been served a summons for 19 counts of conducting weddings without a license. more...  0 Comments

Spitzer Says Gay Marriage "Illegal"; Activism Grows

IMC | In an opinion announced today in Manhattan, State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer said that gay marriage is illegal in New York State, and that local officals who perform such marriages open themselves up to prosecution. However, Spitzer added that the state A.G. office will not prosecute officials who ignore his order.

Tomorrow, in defiance of the Spitzer opinion, local NYC queers will march to City Hall and demand that mayor Bloomberg begin to issue same-sex. marriage liscenses.

Meanwhile, New Paltz mayor Jayson West was in court today defending his decision to liscense same sex marriages. West has said the marriages will continue. Nyack mayor John Shields has also stated his intention to begin issuing same sex liscenses this weekend.

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Spitzer: Gay Marriage "Illegal" in New York

NY Newsday | In a blow to gay marriage efforts, an advisory legal opinion to be issued this afternoon by Attorney General Eliot Spitzer says that New York State's marriage law does not authorize officials to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, according to a senior Spitzer aide. more...  0 Comments

Doug Henwood Presentation: "After the New Economy: A New Boom? A Long Bust?"

LI FreeSpace | The Long Island Freespace is very pleased to welcome Doug Henwood to present a talk entitled After the New Economy: A New Boom? A Long Bust??at 7PM on Sunday, March 21, 2004 at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington (109 Browns Road). more...  0 Comments

building the "world tribunal on iraq" @ NYC

derin devrim | more...  1 Comments

The Other Super Tuesday Showdown: Cops vs. Leafleters

John Tarleton | While passing out election day leaflets yesterday afternoon, a friend and I were alternately harassed and threatened with arrest by five different police officers even as we stood beyond a sign that clearly marked the 100 ft. boundary where we could legally distribute political literature. more...  2 Comments

Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes Must Go!

October 22nd Coalition--New York | Brooklyn DA Hynes Must Go! Step Up the Resistance to Police Brutality! Press Conference and Picketline at Brooklyn DA Offices, March 4, 2004, 11 AM more...  0 Comments

Police harass leafleters outside Voting Polls.

Patty | A case of "foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds" Cops don't know the law and don't care. more...  1 Comments

Queers March on City Hall: Thursday, March 4th 8AM

The Ghost of Harvey Milk | WE WILL MARCH on City Hall, DEMAND equal rights from our city government, and SIT DOWN until we get them! more...  5 Comments

New Paltz Mayor Charged in Same Sex Weddings

i hate the ulster d.a. | Jason West was charged with solemnizing marriages without a license, a misdemeanor under the domestic relations law, according to Ulster County District Attorney Donald Williams. more...  1 Comments contacted by Secret Service

linkmeister | From the noRNC was contacted via phone last Thursday by the Secret Service. more...  3 Comments

End the Occupations! Teach-In Thursday March 4 @ Rutgers

New Jersey Solidarity | End the occupations and get on the streets March 20! more...  4 Comments

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