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J20: Call for decentralized, local actions around the world

@ | more...  12 Comments

Images: Rev Billy - Steal Christmas

fred askew | Reverend Billy - St Marks in the Bowery more...  0 Comments

Unscientific Indymedia Opinion Poll: Is WBAI Relevant to you?

John Tarleton | Indymedia readers chime in with their thoughts on WBAI. more...  42 Comments

Great news for Guantanamo Hudson political prisoners

gustavo | Great new for Guantanamo Hudoson prisones. more...  5 Comments

Bicycle Film Festival Call for Entries

Fergie | The Bicycle Film Festival is seeking submissions for its fifth annual Festival. more...  0 Comments

Article about Critical Mass Court Hearing

Fergie | Police and bikers take stand in Critical Mass case By Lincoln Anderson more...  6 Comments

Forget the Democrats, Build The Mass Movements!

end the occupation | the leadership of the main antiwar groups like UFPJ chose to channel growing discontent against the war into the dead-end of "lesser evil" politics under the guise of "beating Bush." more...  15 Comments


@ | more...  2 Comments

the *Turn Your Back On Bush* action

ronnie | more...  22 Comments

MTA Raises Fares for Many Riders

NY | The Metropolitan Transportation Authority voted this morning to raise fares for many subway riders and on the system's commuter rail lines. more...  8 Comments

Red-Tailed Hawks Allowed to Return!

anon | pale male and mate lola have been given their nesting site back! more...  2 Comments

free film screenings Thursday night at Times Up! space

bike elf | Free films Thursday night at the Time's Up! Bike Space 49 East Houston St (between Mott & Mulberry) more...  0 Comments

Skeletons Pour From Kerik's Closet

Rube (repost from CBS News) | more...  5 Comments


CFNY | The MTA has proposed banning all photography within the subway system. We propose that the MTA gets a &*^%*^&% Clue. more...  3 Comments

Environment In Schools

Andy Schwartz | Student based community groups targets schools in an effort to educate about the fact that New Jersey has the worst water quality in the nation, and how people can make a difference. more...  1 Comments

Rev Billy's Steal This Christmas Tonight!

madhatter | (from the Open Newswire): STEAL THIS CHRISTMAS--
Rev Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir
St. Mark's Church
10th and 2nd Ave, NYC
Wed Dec 15, 8 PM $10

Song: Hear the joyous choir sing THE 1ST AMENDMENT until it is actually sexy. Possible? Necessary.

Sermon: The Reverend will describe slapping a Coke machine in Guelph Ontario, singing Stop Shopping songs in the Spitale Strasse supermall in Hamburg, Germany, and exorcizing a Starbucks cash register in the San Fernando Valley...

Parade after through the East Village

more...  2 Comments

NYC Howl-In at Columbus Circle on Behalf of 580 Wolves--**Volunteers Needed**

Edita Birnkrant | more...  0 Comments

Extravaganza of Ridiculous Proportions 5 -- Friday, Dec. 17

Extravaganza of Ridiculous Proportions | All nite sci-fi dance party and benefit show at the Brecht Forum. more...  4 Comments

Hungry & Homeless Figures Increase In U.S.

twospiritwarrior | Human Beings being used up fast by the Empire. Do you still think the "elite" leaders of the church-state really care about you, or those Iraqis and GI's being killed there? more...  6 Comments

Critical Mass Letters Published

bkr | more...  4 Comments

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