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Kerik Resigns From Giuliani Consulting Firm

repost | more...  4 Comments

Invisible Soldier: A Perilous Journey from Flatbush to Falluja And Back Leaves Herold Noel Out in the Cold

John Tarleton / The Indypendent | Four nights before Christmas, former Army specialist Herold Noel huddled for warmth in front of a fire he built for himself in Brooklyn's Prospect Park as temperatures slid toward the single digits. Plagued by nightmares and unable to hold a steady job or get the assistance he needed, he was on the verge of losing his wife and three young children. It wasn't the homecoming he'd expected after serving in Iraq last year. more...  29 Comments

Call for volunteers Stop the Stadium

gustavo | Call for volunteers to Stop the Stadium. more...  9 Comments

Call to Action this Holiday Season

Luis Calderon | Shoppers and non believers! Help get the ball roll'n on a campaign to organize retail workers into rank and file unions. Download a union info card to give to workers you meet on your merry way. more...  0 Comments

"MINDFUCK: Exposing Corporate Fascist Media" 2 FREE Films!

DocTails | THIS WEEK: Sunday Dec. 26th - 7PM “MINDFUCK: Exposing Corporate Fascist Media†more...  4 Comments

CCRB Exonerates 72nd Precinct Cops of Brutality - Acosta Family Victimized Again By Corrupt Police Accountability Organization

Raybblin Vargas | more...  3 Comments

Hasan Salaam Performs for Inner City Youth Program

5TH COLUMN | more...  0 Comments

US, Philadelphia, defenestrator* # 31 Starbucks Workers Escalate Fight

,Worker Independnece, | by Jack Jackson For the past half century, unionized jobs in America have been outsourced in favor of cheaper and more subservient labor markets. more...  5 Comments

2005 Freedom for Political Prisoners calendar

b.d. | This is a great project. Learn about and support the political prisoners of the US. Available locally from bluestockings books, 172 allen street between rivington and stanton in the lower east side more...  0 Comments

Soon-to-be-illegal photos from the MTA 'Flash(bulb) Mob'

mike | These are some photographs from the 'Flash Mob' held Sunday to protest the pending ban of photography in the MTA. more...  0 Comments

Documentaries 12/19 8 EST

Carla | Documentaries on television tonight worth seeing more...  2 Comments

Twelve myths about Direct Action

crimethinc | Direct action—that is, any kind of action that bypasses established political channels to accomplish objectives directly—has a long and rich heritage in North America, extending back to the Boston Tea Party and beyond. Despite this, there are many misunderstandings about it, in part due to the ways it has been misrepresented in the corporate media. more...  17 Comments

New York's Social Security Now- Update

Social Security Now! | Stop The Privatization Of Social Security! more...  1 Comments

**Holiday Action Alert**

SHAC | Guess Who? The GVR Company still has the audacity to make a market for Huntingdon's shares. They likely have not heard enough from us about Huntingdon and the nightmare it is. This week, PLEASE vow to step it up a notch. If everyone recieving this email spends five mintues to make a call, write a letter, send a fax - there would literally be NO time during business hours for GVR Co to attend to its bloody matters. more...  1 Comments

A Note to NYCers Planning to Attend J20

leijia. | more...  10 Comments

Today 2 p.m.Now-NYC Vote Fraud Demonstration Today

Cheryl Guttman for Now-NYC | Today at 2p.m. Now-NYC has a demonstration about Vote Fraud at Washington Square Park. 2:00 p.m. Washington Square Park, Manhattan. Plans for the occasion include speakers, singers, and poets. What to bring: signs. Sponsoring organization: NOW-NYC. More information below about vote fraud, recounts, challenges in 2004 election. more...  3 Comments

Protest Against Toys r Us' War Profiteering

madhatter | Protest Against Toys r Us' War Profiteering more...  0 Comments

Rev Billy's Steal This Xmas and March

madhatter | Rev Billy's Steal This Xmas and March more...  1 Comments

First Jury Trial Arising from the RNC Protests Ends in Dismissal As D.A. Drops All Charges Against Gulf War I Veteran and Anti-Depleted Uranium Activist Dennis Kyne Mid-Trial | CONTACT: TO INTERVIEW DENNIS KYNE, PLEASE CONTACT HIM THROUGH HIS ATTORNEYS AT (646) 602-9242 more...  5 Comments

2 Doc's on Evils of CONSUMPTION - Free! Sun Eve 12/19

DocTails | *** DOC.TAILS Documentaries & Cocktails *** WEEKLY SUNDAY EVENING FILM SCREENINGS featuring compelling documentaries & prominent guest speakers in a relaxed cocktail lounge. more...  3 Comments

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