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Demo 1/5 : Cancel the Inauguration!

Cancel the Inauguration | Demonstration: Wednesday January 5, 5-6 pm at the New York Republican Headquarters 122 E. 83rd St. in Manhattan Cancel the Inauguration! more...  5 Comments

NYer Elena Sassower Released from Jail after 6 months

Mitchel Cohen | On January 1, Elena Sassower was finally released from a Washington, DC jail after serving 179 days for the crime of requesting to testify at a U.S. Senate Judiciary public hearing. more...  5 Comments

Anti-Poverty Groups Call for Universal Health Care, Job Creation,Closing Corporate Tax Loopholes

Mark Dunlea | Sixty anti-poverty advocates at the 16th Annual People’s State of the State Rally said that decades of tax cuts and handouts for wealthy New Yorkers and large corporations has resulted in long lines at emergency food programs, a huge increase in the number of working poor households and millions of New Yorkers without access to affordable housing or health care. Meanwhile County Executives came to Albany to push for a cap on county / NYC contributions to the Medicaid program. more...  3 Comments

911 Unreported: The Quest For Truth

Les Jamieson | Film/Discussion on the true crimes of 9/11 more...  4 Comments

2nd Annual Hip Hop For Healthcare Benefit Concert

5TH COLUMN | more...  0 Comments

J20 - Anti-Authoritarian Bloc Call : The Parade Must End!

Johnny (A)utonomy | A call for an Anti-Authoritarian Bloc for the January 20, 2005 protest of the Presidential Inauguration in Washington D.C. more...  24 Comments

Citywide Meeting to Discuss the Presidential Inauguration

Brando | 7PM on January 6th At Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South, New York, NY more...  4 Comments

Interview with Assata Shakur

John Riley | In the interview former political prisoner and former Black Panther member Assata Shakur discusses racism, sexism and homophobia in Cuba's new society and the battle against these oppressions. more...  4 Comments

Time's Up Weekly Movie Night. Jan. 6th, A Sunday In Hell

Timmy | 49 E. Houston St. Btw. Mott and Mulberry St. 8pm Free. more...  3 Comments

Critical Mass Photos - 12.31.04

Sarah Turner | Eerily warm New Year's Eve weather allowed for a large (for winter) critical mass of about 800 to take off out of Union Square tonight, and there were few hassles from the police. Perhaps the NYPD was too busy policing other areas of town, or perhaps they've seen the error of their past ways, but in any event, the ride went off without a hitch. more...  1 Comments

The Inaugural Map

The Inaugural Mapmaker | On Thursday January 20th, 2004 thousands of people are expected to convene on Washington, DC for the inauguration of George W. Bush. The Inaugural Map is an on-line portal created to facilitate and coordinate the plans of these visitors coming to Washington, DC from all around a very divided America. In order to direct these visitors to the most appropriate places around DC, the Inaugural Map contains links to both the "Red" & "Blue" websites to further coordinate visitor plans. more...  0 Comments

the new york r(A)t needs your help!

black r(A)t collective | email to get involved with nyc's new anarchist paper, which could be as simple as taking 100 copies to hand out somewhere, or sending us a paragraph describing your group's newest project! more...  25 Comments

'Being the Media' and Critical Mass

Chris Anderson | Since August, this website’s coverage of Critical Mass and its accompanying legal and police battles has been remarkable, and it points to the long-touted, too-often unrealized potential of Indymedia. When the first IMC website was founded with the slogan “be the media†its founders meant exactly that—ordinary people, participants in events both big and small, would “be their own media†and would break free of the stifling corporate and governmental control that has dominated communications for hundreds of years. Sometimes, especially during large political protests, Indymedia has lived up to this founding idea. But other times, it (and internet journalism more generally) has fallen short. Why has NYC Critical Mass inspired such an outburst of participatory journalism? Can it continue or even grow, or expand to other events and issues? more...  8 Comments

New Years Eve Party Ride

zmzz | New Years Eve Party Ride more...  3 Comments

CM D31

zmzz | CM D31 more...  1 Comments

NYC Critical Mass: We Win!

maus. | hundreds ride on new years eve without incident! is the bullshit finally over? more...  1 Comments

The Recent WBAI LAB elections and the Poison of 'Racial Autonomy'

Tom Smith | Recently, the current management of local Pacifica radio station won the LAB election on the basis of the ideology of "racial autonomy." The author offers a critique of this ideology: it is racist, which just gets in the way of a working class fightback movement. more...  62 Comments

American Insurgency:FreeFilms SunJan 2,05 Celebrate Resistance!

DocTails | DOC.TAILS! - DOCUMENTARIES & COCKTAILS A Weekly Sunday Evening Film Series Featuring Compelling Documentaries & Prominent Guest Speakers In a Relaxed Cocktail Lounge. more...  1 Comments

NYC IMC Critique & Discussion

NYC IMC Volunteer | An open and transparent critique and discussions of NYC IMC more...  68 Comments

NLG Mass Defense Committe Phone Number (for tonight's Critical Mass ride)

Gideon | (212) 679-6018 x 16 will be staffed during this evening's Critical Mass ride. more...  5 Comments

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