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dc weather forecast for thurs (cold) & hypothermia precautions

weather bureau | it's gonna be cold; bundle up for the revolution! more...  1 Comments

Police Brutality Victim Accused of Assaulting Police to be Tried

Dennis Flores | Police Brutality Victim Accused of Assaulting Police to be Tried January 19, 2005 Kings County Criminal Court 120 Schermerhorn Street Court Part TP3, Fifth Floor Press Conference: January 19, 2005, In Front Of 120 Schermerhorn Street at 9:00 a.m. more...  0 Comments

J20 - Turn the Other Cheek Flyers

AP (Ass Protest) | Give the world the gift of laughter: call to Moon the Monkey on J20 artwork and flyers. more...  5 Comments

Simon Shaheen Concert Fundraiser for Palestinian Art Show

Al Jisser Group | Simon Shaheen will perform on January 24, at 8:00 PM at Peter Norton Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway at 95th St. to benefit "Made in Palestine," a major exhibition of contemporary Palestinian art. more...  5 Comments

Rules for Inauguration access [DC]

peace fem | The SS (Secret Service) has outlawed bikes as "safety hazards" and there are other rules. more...  4 Comments

"Army of One" at Pioneer Theater

Sarah Goodman | Sarah Goodman’s film follows three idealistic young Americans from their decision to enlist in the army in the wake of 9/11 through their struggle to survive boot camp all in hopes of discovering themselves. They abandon the relative safety of their own families for a much larger one that extols “one set of values,†the mantra “we are beasts,†and relentlessly drills in such useful facts as the best way of garroting a fellow human being is to “jab between the second and third rib.†Goodman’s approach is to stand back and let the recruits tell their own stories. What could have turned out to be a propaganda piece (either adulating the military or slamming it) soon places the army into the background and brings the evil twins of slick marketing and rudderless youth under the microscope. more...  1 Comments

All Charges Dismissed Against IWW Organizer Daniel Gross

SWU | New York, NY- The Government dismissed the case against IWW Starbucks Workers Union co-founder Daniel Gross today in the New York Criminal Court, citing an inability to prove the charges. The Union alleges police misconduct. more...  6 Comments

To the Memory of King: A Love Letter to APOC | more...  1 Comments

Star and Buc Wild: Racist on the Radio

alwaysshariff | This show was in Philadelphia Power FM 99 radio station. It is a racist show I been told by some one who listened to the show a few weeks ago. They are supposed to come to New York according to Ron Hogan in on 17th Jan. Read the article below to see what happened in Phil. more...  11 Comments

NY Times Iraq Death Chart Omits Worst Slaughter: Civilian Victims of US Military

Dave Lindorff | A Brookings Institution analysis of the deaths caused in Iraq over a 2-week period is misleading. It completely omits the deaths caused by U.S. forces, which would likely have more than doubled the total, and increased the civilian death total even more dramatically. more...  2 Comments


call to action | You CAN do something to show this government you find their policies repugnant. STRIKE! EVERY ONE OF YOU STRIKE AGAINST THIS REGIME ON 1/20! more...  27 Comments

DC Anarchist Resistance Update #4!

NYCIC | Anarchist Resistance to the inauguration Update #4 more...  3 Comments

Logistics Info. Rally / Jan.05

Champ. 5 / 2. | Logistics Info. Rally / '05. more...  1 Comments

Bush to Eviscerate HUD Community Development Efforts

WaPo | The White House will seek to drastically shrink the Department of Housing and Urban Development (news - web sites)'s $8 billion community branch, purging dozens of economic development projects, scrapping a rural housing program and folding high-profile anti-poverty efforts into the Labor and Commerce departments, administration officials said yesterday. more...  2 Comments

Come To DC And Show Dis Monkey What For!!!!

JTW | more...  4 Comments

Pre-Inaugural Direct Action Training SUNDAY!

trainings working group | Come prepare for the counter-inaugural protests in DC with a Direct Action Training! When: Sunday, January 16th, 2:30pm to 5pm Where: Office Ops, 57 Thames St. in Brooklyn more...  4 Comments

Beyond Capital : Marx's Concept of an Alternative (Discussion series)

New York News and Letters Committee | A series of five open discussions beginning Jan. 23 in NYC centering on Marx's Critique of the Gotha Program. more...  3 Comments

Rangel to reintroduce notrious draft bill

Jacob Levich | Rep. Charles Rangel intends to reintroduce legislation calling for resumption of the draft during the current Congressional term, according to a memo circulated by Bill Galvin of the Center on Conscience and War. more...  6 Comments

THAW's Fredom Follies UTOPIA: Artists Imagine an Ideal World

THAW Theatres Against War | Brooklyn, NY: Theaters Against War (THAW)’s pro-peace anti-empire cabaret of short performances, songs and readings will be hosted by Union Pool on Saturday, January 22, 2005. more...  0 Comments

Rally on the Steps of City Hall Sat 1/15 , at 11:30 am


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