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NY Times Continues Bloody Fur Promotion

Anna Hridaaya | NY Times promotes one of the world's most cruel products more...  1 Comments

No Easy Coronation

Brendan Coyne & Ariella Cohen | Despite claims of a mandate, massive protests disrupted George W. Bush’s inauguration in Washington D.C. as hecklers lined the parade route and clashed with police, at one point bringing the president’s motorcade to a halt. Police deployed pepper spray and batons throughout the day and arrested at least 13 people. more...  0 Comments

130+ PROTESTS SINCE NOV. 2 -also- DC Police Found "Guilty"

D. Burbeck | Over 130 separate protest actions have taken place in the US since Nov. 2. In January alone, there have been nearly 60 demonstrations and marches protesting against the Bush Administration and the Iraq war. Inauguration day saw 43 separate actions in as many cities from coast to coast. more...  0 Comments

1/26 6 AM ET Alert! "Suspended Indefinitely!!!" - New York Hot 97 "Miss Jones in the Morning Show"

Lee Siu Hin | Jay of notified us that the Hot 97 "Miss Jones in the Morning Show" is "suspended indefinitely" over her recent racist "Tsunami Song" more...  10 Comments

Help light 3,000 virtual Candles online for Tsunami Global Candlelight Vigil

HiMY SYeD | We need 3,000 virtual candles lit online at our website with your accompanying words and reflections by Wednesday in time for a giant 1,000 foot wide Candlelight Tsunami Global Vigil for the Global Village. more...  0 Comments

Rev Billy 1/26 Street Gathering Details

Michael ONeil | Join us at St. Mark's Church at 8pm for the Rev and Choir, then after at the site of the Esperanza Garden. Make music, remember, and energize for the future fights. more...  2 Comments

Race, Health and Wealth

David Lawrence | more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges Radio - Bring the Troops Home - Cong Owens plus Dr. King on Vietnam

Ken Nash & Mimi Rosenberg | Building Bridges Radio presents this 28 minute program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEB LINK BELOW more...  0 Comments

NYC Subway Crippled; Shows Consequences of Capitalism Run Amok and Lack of Investment in Public Infastructure

You Can't Take the A Train | The consequences of deeps cuts to a variety of public programs came to a head yesterday, with major implications for New Yorkers. Looks like there will be no c train for a long time (5 years) and forget about riding the a train, two. This is what happens when you dont help homeless people find a place to sleep during blizzards and cut back on mass transit infastructure for decades. I hope every rider of the NYC subway thinks about "cutting taxes to spur growth" and "running government like a business" as they wait for delayed, crowded trains over the next 5 years. more...  25 Comments

Time's Up Weekly Movie Night. 1/27 The Outskirts

Timmy | Thursday Jan. 27th at 8pm. 49 E. Houston St. btw. Mott and Mulberry St. Free more...  1 Comments

Tribute to Johnny Carson - "What Democracy Means to Me"

Varlet | Delivered as a tribute to the new Capitalist republics created after the fall of the Soviet Union. As Doc Severinsen and his band played "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" in the background, Johnny gave the following tribute to the newly liberated "captive nations" by clueing them in on what they had "won": more...  4 Comments

Bending it

Omar Iskandar Khan | One man on the war machine. more...  0 Comments

action guy

Alan Moore | The UU Church of Staten Island presents the “Beats for Peace†Valentines Day Dance Party on February 12th, 2005, 7-11 pm, 152 Clinton Ave. near Snug Harbor. more...  1 Comments

Urgent Action! Racist Music Attacks Asian Tsunami Victims at Hot 97, New York City!

Lee Siu Hin | Calling A Protest Letter And Rally Against The Radio Station! more...  5 Comments

Buck naked at Judson Memorial Church

Senor | Buck naked in Judson Memorial Church more...  2 Comments

Take Back Some Snow

HMNutter | The new snow is a canvas, a banner..... more...  2 Comments

Anarchists make themselves known at DC inaugural

savoir faire | sorry for the mainstream media post but it sums things up well aside from a few comments more...  7 Comments

Inauguration protest reports, photos

CSD | mainstream press and indy media coverage and photos of J 20 actions in DC and around the world. more...  0 Comments

Day of Dichotomy

James Bachhuber | At Thursday’s coronation in Washington DC I saw the best hope for our country in the bravery of two grandmothers, and I saw our greatest weakness in the hatred and stupidity of almost everyone else. more...  1 Comments

Images: J20/21 Washington DC

fred askew | Protesting the Coronation of King George more...  1 Comments

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