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Images: Rev Billy / Esperanza Garden

fred askew | Weed & Seed the East Village more...  1 Comments

Inaugural Disruptions: Breaking Consensus

Jed Brandt | From the Jan. 26 issue of The Indypendent more...  12 Comments

You Can Blow Up a Social Relationship: Crimethinc's 'Recipes For Disaster'

Matthew Wasserman | Recipes For Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook By Crimethinc Workers Collective Crimethinc, 2005 more...  13 Comments

Welcome to the Hotel Rwanda

Michael Joshua Rowin | Hotel Rwanda Dir. Terry George 121 min., 2004 more...  1 Comments

Nazis on Review

Michael Joshua Rowin | Hitler’s Hit Parade Dirs. Oliver Axer and Susanne Benze 75 min., 2004 more...  6 Comments

Review of Political Prisoner David Gilbert's 'No Surrender'

Chris Crass | No Surrender collects two decades of former-Weather Underground militant David Gilbert’s prison writings. more...  0 Comments

TERMINAL ZIONISM: Review of Michel Warschawki's book, Towards An Open Tomb

jed Brandt | Toward An Open Tomb: The Crisis of Israeli Society By Michel Warschawski Monthly Review Press, 2004 more...  7 Comments

JOHN HESS, press maverick, dies

David Lindorff | American journalism lost one of its finest practitioners, The New York Times lost its conscience, and I lost a good friend and mentor with the death of John L. Hess, who died on Jan. 20 in his sleep at the age of 87. more...  0 Comments

Carried Away! coming soon to a theater near you:

Nicholas Powers | What is the price of charity? As soldiers and emergency volunteers hand out free water, food and medicine to tsunami survivors, we can ask what the United States gets in return. It could be the movie rights. more...  2 Comments


IMC Staff | January February more...  0 Comments

Power Struggle

a.k. gupta | 2005 Will Be the Year That Determines U.S. Fate in Iraq more...  1 Comments

Take that!

Nell Geiser | A federal program that funds social programs and building maintenance for public housing throughout the country may soon be slashed in half. Congressional aides told the Washington Post that President Bush’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2006 could cut the $4.7 billion in Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) that go to city housing authorities by up to 50 percent, the first major cut in the program in its 30 years of existence. more...  0 Comments

U.S. Backs Colombian Kidnapping in Caracas

James Petras | A major diplomatic and political conflict has exploded between Colombia and Venezuela after the revelation of a Colombian government covert operation in Venezuela, involving the recruitment of Venezuelan military and security officers in the kidnapping of a Colombian leftist leader. Following an investigation by the Venezuelan Ministry of Interior and reports and testimony from journalists and other political observers, it was determined that the highest echelons of the Colombian government, including President Uribe, planned and executed this onslaught on Venezuelan sovereignty. more...  2 Comments

The Housing Crisis: What needs to be done?

Steven Wishnia | New York City’s housing crisis is intense. The cost of housing is as central and oppressive a part of daily life as crime was 20 years ago. Everywhere you turn you hear people complaining about how much rent they have to pay, about not having enough space, or about bouncing around between sublets and awkward roommate situations. New Yorkers are up against two brutal realities: the rapaciousness of the city’s housing market and the political power of real estate. more...  0 Comments

Whose Side Are They On?

Steven Wishnia | Despite the intensity of the crisis over the last 20 years, few politicians have made it a major issue. In fact, many who were once fiercely pro-tenant became remarkably tame when they ran for mayor. Former City Councilmember Ruth Messinger, who in 1988 sponsored a bill for commercial rent control, was largely quiet on the issue in 1997 when she ran against Rudolph Giuliani, even though the rent-control laws were expiring that year and Giuliani’s record was abysmal. In 2001, Democratic candidate Mark Green tried to prove his centrist credentials by telling The New York Times that he would support high-rent decontrol, a 1990s loophole in the law that lets inflation eat away at the number of regulated apartments. more...  0 Comments


Ann Schneider | Speaking in Illinois on Jan. 5, President Bush referred to two physicians who scaled back their practice due to a doubling of medical malpractice insurance premiums. He said “junk lawsuits†were the reason rural areas were under-served by doctors. more...  1 Comments

housing groups battle for battery park $$

Kiera Butler | When the Battery Park City Authority wrote up plans for their 91-acre development on August 18, 1969, they envisioned an unprecedented New York City utopia of class and racial harmony. more...  1 Comments

Militants Rise Again

newswire | Hours after the main protests along the inaugural route, 150 young anarchists poured out of a punk show in the Adams Morgan neighborhood carrying torches and smashing up banks, police cars and a D.C. police substation. The incident was the third reported clash between anti-authoritarians and police during the inauguration. Discussion about the return of militant tactics flared across the Indymedia network, particularly at Using an ‘open-publishing’ system that doesn’t track the IP addresses of users, hundreds of people debated the significance of political militancy and the role of anarchists. The following excerpts are edited for clarity. —JB more...  0 Comments

Jan 26 Indypendent PDF

IMC | Jan 26 Indypendent PDF more...  1 Comments

J20 Reports from | Protests across the nation. more...  2 Comments

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