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NY IMC Print | The Indypendent February 9 - March 1, 2005 Issue #65 more...  0 Comments

The Media Is The Problem: An Interview with Danny Schechter

John Tarleton | Calling the Iraq War and its runup "the most serious crisis journalism has ever confronted," Emmy-award winning television producer Danny Schechter has come out with "WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception", a hard-hitting documentary that exposes how the Bush administration and the corporate media frogmarched a nervous nation into war.

"WMD" is currently playing in New York. The Indypendent recenlty spoke with Schechter about his work.
WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception || Media Channel

more...  3 Comments

Far Right Columbia Students Found On Campus "Academic Freedom" Group

Right Wing Watch | In a move that would make Orwell turn in his grave. on campus right-wingers at Columbia University have founded what they call a "pro-academic freedom" group. Their mission statement says that " Welcome to the website of Columbians for Academic Freedom, a student group dedicated to academic freedom for all at Columbia University. Below you will find running commentary on the current situation at Columbia University, sparked by "Columbia Unbecoming," where, we feel, the Administration is failing to protect its students' rights to academic freedom. If you are a first time visitor, here is a history of the problem at Columbia. If you are a student who has experienced academic abuse of any kind, please email us with a description of the event and we will do our best to help you as confidentially as you feel is necessary. Thank you." Let them know what you think about their McCarthyite tactics here. more...  5 Comments

Premiere : Poison Dust: A New Look at U.S. radioactive weapons

Poison Dust | Poison DUst A new look at U.S. radioactive weapons Tues, Feb 15, 2005, 6:30 New School University Swayduck Auditorium 65 Fifth Ave on the ground floor more...  3 Comments

Interview with Composer Julie Harting, Organizer of an April 2005 Concert for Peace

Susan Mar | Interview with composer Julie Harting, discussing her upcoming Concert for Peace, as well as her music and influences more...  2 Comments

New Yorker: Secrecy of Cheney's Task Force Challenged in Courts

Messenger | by David Roknich Dick Cheney has continued to cloak the composition of his 2001 energy task force in secrecy. The Federal Advisory Committee Act says the government must disclose the work of groups that include non-federal employees. A lawsuit is pending to force disclosure. Jane Mayer of The New Yorker suggests that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq was may have been planned well in advance of the September 11th crisis - planned for the benefit of US corporations. more...  2 Comments

ALERTA: GAYS & LGV - Rara enfermedad aparece en Nueva York

GCR | “Sabemos que la LGV aumenta el riesgo de contagio del VIH porque causa úlceras y sangramientoâ€, afirmó Frieden, agregando que esta enfermedad parece afectar principalmente a hombres bisexuales y homosexuales. more...  0 Comments

Co-op City speaks and politicians listen.

xavier | Nearly 500 Co-op City residents met with Bronx Officials at a townhall gathering. The reason for the townhall was to discuss recent shootings in the community and to decide a plan of action. more...  1 Comments


Deep Dish TV | more...  0 Comments

Time's Up Weekly Movie Night. 2/10 A Place Called Chiapas

Timmy | Thursday Feb. 10th at 8pm. 49 E. Houston St. btw. Mott and Mulberry St. Free more...  5 Comments

Marriage Equality Rally TODAY . NYC Gay Center . 6PM

Elvert Barnes | Join the Center (, Lamda Legal (, Empire State Pride ( and Marriage Equality ( this evening, Monday, 7 February 2005 at 6 PM to celebrate the historic New York State Supreme Court's 4 February ruling backing same-sex marriage. And to urge New York City to comply with the ruling. more...  5 Comments

The Corporate Media Need Some Competition: Time for a Labor Paper!

Dave Lindorff | Unions have been wasting millions every year trying in vain to get the workers’ story into the media. Forget it! It’s time for them to back an independent labor newspaper to challenge the corporate media’s lies. more...  7 Comments

Teenage Activist Arrested on Long Island

W.A.R. | Trumped Up Charges Mark New Low for JTTF/SCPD more...  11 Comments

Suport for local Political Prisoners

sf | An alert about a court date for the 'Queens 2'-local former Black Panthers and Sundiati Acoli, a PP held for over 30 years. more...  2 Comments

New York Rat issue #3

black rat collective | call for submissions and support for New York's own Anarchist Tabloid! more...  3 Comments

Judge Rejects N.Y. Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

madhatter | Judge Rejects N.Y. Ban on Same-Sex Marriage more...  0 Comments

New school in NYC

New SPACE | (Please feel free to forward to interested individuals and relevant lists) Announcing the opening of a new anti-capitalist education project in New York City: more...  7 Comments

Brazil MST Documentary Screening

Rebelle | more...  0 Comments

Ossie Davis, Peace and Justice Activist, Dies---We Mourn

Erik-Anders Nilsson | more...  0 Comments

NY Judge Strikes Down State Gay Marriage Ban

CBC | Same-sex couples in New York are one step closer to being able to marry after a judge ruled Friday that a ban on gay marriage violates the state's constitution. State Supreme Court Justice Doris Ling-Cohan was ruling on a lawsuit brought by five homosexual couples. She said the clerk of New York City could not refuse to grant marriage licences simply because the two people seeking them are the same gender. The state's constitution promises equality of treatment to all New Yorkers. more...  1 Comments

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