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Monday Feb 28 - Political Prisoner Solidarity Evening

New Jersey Solidarity | political prisoner solidarity event more...  2 Comments

Fuck Corporate Art, Fuck Christo

wyzas | more...  19 Comments

Screwed by Gender and Charging for It

Darby Hickey | What does sexual self-determination mean? It begins with respect for the integrity of your own body, and your decisions about what to do with it. Further, it includes not being harassed, assaulted or raped. more...  8 Comments

Breaking Away in Barcelona

Bennett Baumer | _ more...  3 Comments

silhouette sex

AK | - more...  1 Comments

left-wing love story

Mick Greenberg | ` more...  9 Comments

These Boots are Made for Polishin’

Interview and photo by Nicholas Powers | He prays with spit and fire. It can seem like simple shoe cleaning but every Saturday night at the Eagle, the famous Chelsea leather bar, Bootblack Dave is blessing boots with the rag in his hands. “I light the polish on fire and pass the flame under the boot. It’s a cleaning ritual,†he says. “I practice urban shamanism and try and leave customers in a state of being grounded. Some people get the magic, some don’t. But if nothing else they leave with a clean pair of boots.†more...  5 Comments

Homemade Lovin’

Alix Shedd | How To Make Your Own Dildo more...  1 Comments

Hot Off The Rack

Leanne Tory-Murphy | In recent years, young women have been filling the gaps in available information concerning their bodies by writing and reading zines. Through these, women are helping people to lead healthier, happier lives. Here are some zines worth tracking down. more...  0 Comments

Go Against The Flow

Leanne Tory-Murphy | Healthy and Sustainable Alternative Menstrual Products more...  0 Comments

FDA Stymies Choice

Catriona Stuart | The Morning After Pill more...  1 Comments

The Back Door to Bliss

—Donald Paneth | Book Review The Surrender: An Erotic Memoir By Toni Bentley Regan Books, 2004 more...  4 Comments

Getting Paid to Play

Erin Siegal | Ms. Sophia Bitters is a popular New York dominatrix who enjoys her work. She spoke with Erin Siegal about her experiences. more...  0 Comments

Queering Power

Rek Kwawer | Radicals like to dissociate themselves from power. From socialistic models to consensus method, groups often claim to be non-hierarchical, to have moved beyond the need for leadership, that power is bad. But power is sexy. Queering the idea of power is even sexier. Why is it, then, that despite the presence of self-identified kinky people in progressive groups, we rarely acknowledge that kinky sex exists, much less think about the ways in which it overlaps with and might influence the work we do? Radical activism is about dismantling unaccountable structures of power and authority. BDSM – a triple acronym standing for bondage/discipline, domination/submission and sadism/masochism – plays with those structures and places the ideas of power into a consensual context. more...  8 Comments

Not the Good Kind of Pain

Ida Lake | Sexual Healing more...  0 Comments

The Spice of Life

kaitlyn tikkn | Book Review From the Inside Out: Radical Gender Transformation, FTM and Beyond Edited by Morty Diamond Manic D Press 2004 more...  1 Comments

Tie Me Up, Bt Don't Tie Me Down

Bennett Baumer | Book Review Bottoms Up Edited by Diana Cage Soft Skull Press, 2004 more...  0 Comments

Watch Out for Bed Bugs

—IMC Staff | STDs more...  0 Comments

Knot Nice

Caitlin Benedetto | Book Review SM 101: A realistic Introduction By Jay Wiesman Greenery Press, 1996 more...  0 Comments

Having Your Cake

—Lauren Giambrone | Book Review The Ethical Slut By Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt Greenery Press, 1997 more...  1 Comments

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