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New SPACE school-updated schedule

The New SPACE | Please help publicize the opening of a new anti-capitalist education project in New York City! (This is a revised schedule of upcoming classes and talks. The first two classes begin March 1.) more...  0 Comments

'Baby 81' story is another New York Times fake

Foreign Press Foundation | If there is a Pulitzer award for embellishing, exaggerating, and outright lying and misleading in print, the New York Times coverage of 'Baby 81' would merit top billing. more...  0 Comments

DIY Fleamarket at Freespace in Holbrook!

Smile Inducer | more...  1 Comments

Screening of "A Huey P. Newton Story" Monday at bluestockings

durutti | 7pm at bluestockings books. 172 Allen Street between Rivington and Stanton in the Lower East Side. more...  5 Comments

Activist Convicted Of Sitting In Wrong Place

Matt Siegel | A New York City political activist has been convicted of sitting in the wrong place. more...  3 Comments

do you remember Malcolm X ?

mau | "Our objective is complete freedom, justice and equality by any means necessary." more...  1 Comments

Gentrification's Ramifications for the poor

Vulnerable One | Should Progresssives Inhabit Areas Traditionally for the Poor? more...  0 Comments

Asked for ID at New Utrecht HS to in order to vote

Vincent La Marca | I wrote about three months ago about being asked for ID at New Utrecht High School. I e-mailed the New York City Board of Elections. They e-mailed me back the very next day, promising an investigation. Thursday they e-mailed me the results of the investigation, hoping this will resolve the matter. In the e-mail they claimed the ID issue had nothing to do with the Help Americans Vote Act. Dissatisfied, I replied to them, offering several possible solutions. The e-mail exchanges are below. More to come when they give a further reply. more...  0 Comments

The Gates - Salvador Dalí - Art For A Change

Xicano | more...  0 Comments

Update From Goiania, Brazil

NYC IMC | After the massive police raid on a homeless encampment in Goiania, Brazil on February 16, Indymedia continues to recieve "uncomfirmed reports of murders and extreme police violence, in addition to the reports about the missing bodies."

NYC IMC reporter Brad Will writes about the attack on Feb. 16: "dawn came on confused and quiet – a few milling about – it was the quietest i had ever seen the camp -- so beautiful at dawn with the light low and cool – then the alarm sounded – I could see it wasn’t happening now – people started appearing slowly from all points gathering around a car with a sound system for news – it was plain and simple – 30 trucks on their way all full of military police – all the time the siren didn’t stop ringing." [Read More]

[Brazil IMC]

more...  2 Comments

$9 Billion is ’Missing’, and Republicans Refuse to Investigate

bellaciao | Certain Congresspeople are refusing to investigate this theft of $9 billion, doesn’t that make them accessories to the crime? According to The Constitution, it is the duty of Congress to investigate these crimes. Their purpose is to provide ’checks and balances’ to the Executive Branch, expressly to be something other than a horde of rubber stamp lemmings. more...  0 Comments

massacre in brasil: dreams made real, part2

brad will | so this is another installment in the ongoing saga here -- it is a bit dated now with major developements i will write about real soon -- please contact the local consulate and especially the goias state government to denounce the massacre -- contact info in the responses to the center collumn feature -- a lot of pictures in the brasil imc site more...  3 Comments

Riot-Folk! Anarchist Folk Tour coming your way!

Ryan | Riot-folk, an anti-profit, radical folk record collective is storming both the Northwest U.S. and the East/Midwest U.S. with 2 tours. 4 of us out west, 4 of us and a friend out east. We're hooking up with rad organizers, venues, events, and friendly faces to instigate rebellion and spread good tunes. See below for show listings! more...  0 Comments

National Lawyers Guild's National Day of Outrage for Lynne Stewart's Conviction

Xavier | On Thursday night at the Community Church of New York in Midtown Manhattan people and lawyers gathered to hear Lynne Stewart speak, on the occasion of the National Day of Outrage following her being found guilty for being a lawyer to her client. There was information being handed out concerning the details of the Federal Government’s case against her, and pamphlets asking for support for the Lynne Stewart Defense Committee. Many children were in attendance as they were stomping and stamping in the back row and several cameras taped the meeting. [Excerpts from the Speech] more...  6 Comments

Excerpts from Lynne Stewart's Speech!

anonymous post (ed) | Excerpts/Highlights from Lynne Stewarts Speech, February 17th, at the Community Church of New York (Hall of Worship) at 40 East 35th Street. more...  4 Comments

DC Counter-Inauguration Events Overview - Great Video

Messenger | This article is from the Wash. DC IMC posted by The Mainstream media left out the thousands who protested the re-inauguration of GWBush on Jan20. Pulling in audio and imagery from folks who were there we re-present what happened in DC on January 20. Thanks to all who attended and contributed! more...  0 Comments

How will I die? Riding my bike or crossing the street?

William | An open letter to new york city car, cab, limo, truck and bus drivers. more...  11 Comments

Quechua Infant taken without consent from her Indigenous Parents

tahira faune alford | more...  2 Comments

Take Action!

Amelia Field | The Alliance for Quality Education has launched aimed at securing the fair funding needed to give New York students the education they deserve. more...  0 Comments

Next Meeting of North Brooklyn Greens

Mark Borino | local club of the Green Party of New York State is having a meeting to discuss 2005 electoral work and neighborhood organizing more...  1 Comments

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