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$pread Magazine launch in NYC

Mercedes | First ever NYC sex workers' rights mag to launch in NYC on March 16th! $pread is the first magazine in the U.S. to explore the sex industry from the workers' perspective and includes articles by sex workers and their allies across the globe. Issue 1 features original articles by Jo Doezema and Katherine Frank, an exclusive interview with Carol Queen and contributions from Annie Sprinkle and Scarlot Harlot, as well as news, reviews and stories by sex workers all over the world. more...  0 Comments

Monday @ 6:30: IRAQ IN FOCUS: A Discussion and Film Screening

Deepa Fernandes | Pratap Chatterjee, author of Iraq, Inc.: A Profitable Occupation and Greg Palast, author of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy more...  0 Comments


Deep Dish TV | more...  0 Comments

March 5th Conference Educators to Stop the War

contact: Carolyn Birden | March 5th Conference by Educators to Stop the War, an offshoot of NYLabor Against the War, and a new coalition of educators and unions. more...  0 Comments

9/11 film and forum discussion Sunday 2/27

Lauren | There will be a free showing of "The Great Conspiracy- the 9/11 news special you never saw" followed by a discussion with various activists from the 9/11 Truth Movement more...  0 Comments

can we talk about m19?

xxxx | more...  24 Comments

Photos - arrests at 26th & B'Way

Coyote | Our heroes arrested girls for riding their bicycles tonight. It was very macho, and I'm sure we're all a lot safer with that antiquated 3-speed off the street.. more...  7 Comments

[save the date] screening of 'MOVE'-March 4th 6-9PM at Riverside Church

anarcho | Solidarity for Political Prisoners! more...  2 Comments

Critical Mass, Still We Ride, Still They Arrest

madhatter | Critical Mass, Still We Ride, Still They Arrest more...  23 Comments

Activist Sentenced to 5 Years for Molotov Attack on Army Recruitment Station

oriana fallaci | A man opposed to the war in Iraq will spend the next five years in federal prison for throwing a Molotov cocktail through the window of a local armed forces recruiting station in Vestal, NY, near Binghamton. After serving 5 years behind bars, Brendan Walsh of Endwell, will be supervised for 3 years.

A poster on our open newswire writes: "Brendan Walsh is a hero and deserves support. If anyone has or can find an address for him please post it here."

more...  54 Comments

Mar 4-End Stoning!Support Women of Iran & Iraq!

SOWFI | Benefit for the women's liberation struggles in Iran & Iraq. March 4th 7 PM - NYU Law School 40 Washington Sq. south more...  4 Comments

The video that the NYPD doesn't want you to see

acab | CBS News and the NLG catch the New York Police Departmant using some of their expensive high tech gadgets to spy on an amorous couple. more...  4 Comments

Free Event with Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai Tuesday March 8 at Cooper Union

Olivia | Meet Prof. Wangari Maathai, 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Environmental and Peace Activist, and Founder of the Green Belt Movement. "The Future of the Planet is in Your Hands" Lecture and Book Signing in the Historic Grand Hall FREE. Tuesday March 8. 7:15 to 9:00 p.m. Please be seated by 7pm.   more...  0 Comments

UFPJ: End war, bring troops home now!

Marilyn Bechtel | more...  22 Comments

Debating UFPJ's direction

ERIC RUDER | MORE THAN 400 activists and organizers gathered in St. Louis on February 19-21 for the second annual UFPJ national assembly to map out a strategy. The event brought together people from UFPJ’s 850 affiliated organizations. more...  9 Comments

When Bush Comes To Shove: NYC Conference March 11-13

YDS | more...  0 Comments

More PICS of so-called bike lanes

lin wefel | TOO NARROW >TOO FEW> more...  4 Comments

Developer Drops Plans For Queens Wal-Mart

madhatter | Developer Drops Plans For Queens Wal-Mart more...  2 Comments


lil egypt | DISAPPEARED IN AMERICA A Film Trilogy & Multimedia Installation Premieres at Queens Museum of Art, February 27, 2005 (On view until June 5, 2005) in Queens, NY more...  0 Comments

All Out for April 16th, 2005! Washington DC: No to the IMF and World Bank!

Mobilization for Global Justice | Were you at the first A16 demonstration against the IMF and World Bank in Washington, DC in 2000? Come back once again to challenge these illegitimate institutions and their plans for a world of unbridled greed! Did you miss out on the first mass protests against the IMF and World Bank? Now's your chance to be part of the second A16! The Mobilization for Global Justice is calling for all those interested in helping to construct a mass movement against neo-liberalism and the devastation it is wreaking on the world to converge on Washington, DC from April 15th-17th. Come help us celebrate the successes of our movement, which in the past five years has not only put these institutions on the defensive and on the run, but has begun construction of the new world that has for so long been in all our hearts. For fliers to distribute in you community, become a local contact, for logistical information, meeting times and updates e-mail or visit . GET INVOLVED! IT’S A BLAST! more...  12 Comments

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