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The Killing Zone, a British TV documentary, Tuesday, March 16 at 7pm

Jacques Engelstein | On the one year anniversary of the death of ISM activist Rachel Corrie in Rafah, Alwan for the Arts and Direct Action Palestine (DAP) invite you to a film screening and discussion: NON-VIOLENT ACTIVISM UNDER ATTACK IN PALESTINE: STOPPING HOME DEMOLITIONS AND THE APARTHEID WALL Tuesday, March 16 at 7pm Featuring: The Killing Zone, a British TV documentary on Rafah and Rachel Corrie, and speakers Radhika Sainath (ISM) and Linda Camarasana (DAP). There is a suggested admission fee of $8 per person, but no one will be turned away. All funds will support the DAP Scholarship Fund, sending activists to Palestine for non-violent direct action. more...  0 Comments

Groups Accuse City of Stiffling Protest

new york times | "The police department simply does not seem to understand that it has the responsibility to uphold and ensure the free speech rights of those protesting on an equal footing with those inside the convention," Jeffrey Fogel, legal director of the Center for Constitutional Rights, said in a statement yesterday. more...  0 Comments

Screening of "The Killing Zone": Remembering Rachel Corrie on March 16 at 7:00 PM

Direct Action Palestine | On the one year anniversary of the death of ISM activist Rachel Corrie in Rafah, Alwan for the Arts and Direct Action Palestine (DAP) invite you to a screening of "The Killing Zone" and a discussion, March 16 at 7:00 PM at 16 Beaver Street in Manhattan. more...  0 Comments

NYPD to Use Containment Pens on March 20

new york times | It's official, the police will pen us in like cattle on March 20th. The question now is whether UFPJ and Leslie Cagen will continue to make this an issue and send out a call to activists to refuse to enter the pens. more...  2 Comments


New Jersey Solidarity | AL-AWDA convention for Right of Return, NYC more...  0 Comments

Upcoming Local Events from RutgersActivism!

RutgersActivism | upcoming local events more...  0 Comments

A Night on the Border: Screening of 6 short films

Asociacion Tepayac | Asociacion Tepeyac de New York and Tepeyac Television Service in collaboration with Greg "Gringoyo" Berger, are proud to invite you to a night of stories of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. and stories of Americans in Mexico. more...  0 Comments

UFPJ announces campaign against demonstration pens for March 20th.

Alex S. Vitale | Feel free to forward or download this article more...  0 Comments

Downtown Residents Sue EPA Over 9/11 Clean-up

... | PDF of lawsuit filed against the EPA more...  0 Comments

Editor Letter @ Anticipated Police Use of Steel Pens on March 20

Wat Stearns | more...  0 Comments

Saturday March 13th, ROCK THE RICH at Large Anti-War Rally and Live Trial of Bu$h

Harry Vederci | more...  3 Comments

1000 arrests a day at the RNC says D.A. Morgenthau

above the line | Arresting and controlling activists means big money for the NYPD. Threats of mass arrests at the RNC is a good way to stuff their annual budget. If the NYPD gets their extra money for extra arrests then they'll have to make good on their quota. more...  11 Comments

Manhattan Residents and Workers Sue EPA

associated press | more...  2 Comments

Tell Amy Bush is NOT the president!

newspaper boy | It's bad enough that the mainstream media refers to Bush with the "p"-word, why is the independent media following their lead? more...  8 Comments

Act Today to Stop Barricades at NYC M20 Protest

UFPJ | (from the Open Newswire)"We have worked out an agreement with the NYC Police Department for the assembly area and march route for our nonviolent protest. Recently, however, the police told us they plan to have protesters assemble inside barricades during the pre- and post-march rallies."

Read more about UFP & J's anti-barricade efforts. You can read a recent article about the unconstitutionality of the NYPD's barricade policy, as well as a media analysis of coverage of that policy at RNCPunditPatrol.

more...  38 Comments

Call Congressional Leaders and 911 Commission Chair to Pressure Bush to testify before Full Committee

Radmanx | Call, Fax, and email heads of congress, Tom Kean, John Kerry and others to pressure Bush into full disclosure of his failure to protect America. more...  0 Comments

IRISH QUEERS fight homophobia with culture

JF Mulligan | 3/17 more...  0 Comments

Analysis of the NYPD’s Use of Demonstration Pens

Alex S. Vitale | Analysis of the NYPD’s Use of Demonstration Pens in advance of the March 20th demonstration. more...  6 Comments

Famillies of 9/11 Criticize Bush's Campaign Ad

Family Steering Committee for The 9/11 Independent Commission | President Bush opposed the creation of the 9/11 Commission and his administration has set up roadblocks that have inhibited the Commission's progress. more...  4 Comments

March 20 Anarchist Contingent

Professor X | Is there going to be a MArch 20 NYC Anarchist Contngent? more...  8 Comments

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