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Litchfield, CT activist faces arraignment for arson at military recruitment center

@ | David Segal, a 2003 Litchfield High School graduate and junior at Manhattan College, is scheduled to be arraigned in federal court on charges that he set fire to a U.S. Army recruiting center in January. more...  9 Comments

Free Event with Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai 7pm Tomorrow (3/8) at Cooper Union

Olivia Lane | more...  1 Comments

Sign Petition- Save Housing Assistance Programs

Roll Back The Rents | Sign The Petition To Save Low-Income Housing! more...  0 Comments

Democrats watch as student's rights taken away

John C | more...  9 Comments

Get on the Bus M-19: Join historic antiwar demo in Fayettville, NC.

Central Park | Latest missive from UFPJ more...  2 Comments


null is a quack | more...  15 Comments

Immigrants Rally in Queens

antrim caskey | NEW YORK, March 6 - Hundreds of immigrants marched through the streets of Corona and Jackson Heights, Queens to protest the recent crackdown by the Department of Motor Vehicles on nearly 300,000 driver licenses held by immigrants. more...  5 Comments

35th Anniversary of Village Townhouse Explosion

alternativemediawatch | March 6, 2005, marks the 35th anniversary of the 18 W. 11th Street townhouse explosion in the West Village, which killed three 60s anti-war activists. more...  0 Comments

CRITICAL MOMENT Calls for Submissions

CM | CRTICAL MOMENT is an Ann Arbor, MI-based radical politics journal. CM is released every other month and distributed for free throughout the Southeast Michigan area. Each issue deals with a specific theme. The content of the paper is based on submissions received through our open submissions process. CM invites you to submit your writing for possible publication in upcoming issues of CM. Read below our Calls for Submissions for our next two issues: the Environment (May/June) and Religion & Spirituality (July/August). Questions can be sent to momentboard at umich dot edu . Visit us online at more...  0 Comments

Hip Hop Community Rallies

antrim caskey | NEW YORK, March 4 - About 200 people gathered today in Union Square in solidarity against the corporate and racist HOT 97 radio station, which claims to be the home of hip hop. more...  15 Comments

Garrett of 'Newsday' Rips Tribune Co. 'Greed' in Exit Memo

madhatter | Garrett of 'Newsday' Rips Tribune Co. 'Greed' in Exit Memo more...  0 Comments

re: m19 2nd anniversary of the invasion and illegal war in iraq

RESISTANCE FRONT | take to the streets and keep them: more...  2 Comments

Grassroots Animal Rights Conference March 31 - April 1 NYC

petrinavegan (at ) | Liberation movements throughout history have flourished on the passion of advocates working for change within local communities. GARC invites all grassroots animal advocates to network, strategize, and learn the skills necessary to abolish animal exploitation in our communities and throughout our world. more...  1 Comments

Join New York solidarity with Brazil Landless

New Yorkers in Solidarity with Goiania Landless | New Yorkers, enraged by state slaughter of landless squatters in Goiania, Brazil, visit the Brasilian Consulate and U.N. Mission on Friday. more...  0 Comments

Communist Party Criticizes Ward Churchill, Equates Black Bloc With Police Provocation

the burningman |

The Communist Party has recently been on a push throughout the social movements here in New York. Despite the jovial nature of their younger activists, the recent edition of Political Affairs features a review by their books editor Thomas Riggins on Ward Churchill's Roosting Chickens that equates Black Bloc property destruction during the Seattle protests with "police provocation"  while calling Ward Churchill "pathetic." You've got to read it to believe it.

more...  73 Comments

Open Letter to the leadership of United for Peace & Justice

Nellie Bailey | more...  22 Comments

Bush Greeted by Protestors in Garden State

JMS | more...  4 Comments

question about m19 activity in NY

porto | more...  7 Comments

Please Sign Letter to Brazilian Government

Mitchel Cohen (& others) | please sign (below) the open letter to the Brazilian Government, along with the group(s) you represent and email back to me ASAP. We will be bringing these letters to the Brazilian Consulate in NYC today (Friday) at 3 pm. Brazilian Consulate is at: 1185 Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Avenue, bet. 46th & 47th St.), 21st Floor Thank you! more...  1 Comments

Brick Township's Revenge: Students Who Videotaped Teacher Arrested, Police Knew of Incriminating Video Months Ago, According to Local Sources

former BTHS Student | "BRICK -- Three Brick Township High School students were arrested Thursday after police found a video they made showing them smashing holiday decorations,including lighted reindeer, wooden gingerbread men and inflatable snowmen, with baseball bats." Its quite obvious that the students are now being punished for their role in the controversy now engulfing Brick Township High School. A few things are important to keep in mind: 1. The Brick Township police knew about the "Christmas Video" long before Thursday, according to local sources, and chose to take no action until yesterday. 2. Jay, the student who refused to stand for the national anthem was not on the "Christmas Video" 3. Three suburban teens committing vandalism neither excuses or really has anything to do with an out of control teacher who violated a students constitutional rights by making him stand for the national anthem. Nothing says "petty revenge" like a small suburban town that's had its self-image shaken. This story isn't over yet. more...  13 Comments

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