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Behind the Continuing Disaster in Acheh, Indonesia: Facts, Politics and Theory

The New SPACE | Discussion of Achenese self-determination this Wednesday. more...  0 Comments

save the date: Jericho NYC Spring Fling! Party for Political Prisoners

Solidarity | Come out and show solidarity for political prisoners and dance your ass off! more...  2 Comments

Support Anti-War prisoner, Brendon Walsh

Destroy the Military | A man opposed to the war in Iraq will spend the next five years in federal prison for throwing a Molotov cocktail through the window of a local armed forces recruiting station in Vestal, NY, near Binghamton. more...  3 Comments

Video/Pics still needed

Banno Defense | more...  3 Comments

Wal-Mart Tossed out of New York

Repost | First it was Los Angeles, then it was Chicago. And now it's the borough of Queens in New York City. The nation's largest retailer, Wal-Mart, has been forcibly thrown out of the nation's three largest cities due to its low wages, bad benefits and anti-worker policies. The latest ejection came Feb. 23, when the Vornado Realty Trust decided to develop a large shopping complex in the borough --but without a 132,000-square-foot Wal-Mart as its centerpiece. more...  2 Comments

Bread and Puppet Theater Show for Lynne Stewart

peacefem | Sunday theater specacle 'WORLD ON FIRE' to benefit activist lawyer, Lynne Stewart. more...  4 Comments

Demonstration in Support of Yonkers Day Laborers March 14th

Palcontent | A demonstration in front Yonkers City Hall is being held from 8-11 am on Monday, March 14th in support of local day laborers as they protest the inactivity and out right hostility of City Hall in dealing with their request for a permanent hiring site. more...  1 Comments

Agent Orange legal case dismissed in New York

BBC | The defendants - including Dow Chemical and the Monsanto Corporation - also argued that the US government was responsible for how the chemical was used, not the manufacturers. They maintained that US courts could not punish corporations for carrying out the orders of a president exercising his powers as commander-in-chief. more...  3 Comments

Actions against the IMF and World Bank...where is everyone?

Trexter | Is there a NY/NJ/CT/PA/etc. contingent planning on attending the D.C. demonstrations in April? Or is the anti-corporate globalization wing of the Northeast activist scene comatose, or worse, dead? more...  13 Comments

Gabriela Network Stages Flurry of International Women's Day, Women's History Month Activities Throughout U.S.

Carolyn Antonio | From New York to California, GABRIELA Network, a multi-racial Philippine-US women's solidarity mass organization, demands end to war and occupation and calls attention to impact of these on women of Philippine ancestry. more...  0 Comments

Latest 3/19 Labor Endorsers and Logistics

NYCLAW | Sat., March 19, 2005 - Labor Says: U.S. OUT OF IRAQ! BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW! End War & Occupation in Palestine, Afghanistan, Around the World! Fund Jobs, Health Care & Schools - Not War! Fight Racism - Defend Immigrant, Civil & Labor Rights! more...  0 Comments

International Women's Day Rally

antrim caskey | NEW YORK, March 9 - In yesterday's driving snow, about 75 people, almost all of them women, commemorated International Women's Day in a march from the library at Bryant Park to Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza across from the United Nations, demanding peace and equality. Women from all over the world have converged on New York this week in conjunction with the 49th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) where the Beijing Platform for Action (1995) is undergoing a 10-year review. more...  3 Comments

Rooftop Films is Now Accepting Submissions for the 2005 Summer Series!


David Segal pleads not guilty

Free David! | David Segal of Litchfield pleaded not guilty in federal court Tuesday, more than a month after police charged him with attempted arson for allegedly trying to set fire to an Army recruiting station in the Bronx. more...  9 Comments

Solidarity for David Segal!

Kansas Mutual Aid Collective | A Public Statement from the Kansas Mutual Aid Collective more...  9 Comments

New York City: IWW Endorses War Resisters M19 Action    

Worker Freedom | We, the NYC General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World, fully endorse the Call to Action put out by the War Resisters League for non-violent direct actions at military recruitment centers on March 19th, 2005. more...  13 Comments

One People's Project offline?

Wondering | The New Jersey-based seems to be offline. Anyone have more info? more...  1 Comments

Oil Awareness Meeting in NYC - Wed 9th

-Linus Bell- | If the War on Terror is really a War for Oil isn't it about time we discussed it? more...  10 Comments

War Resisters League, M19 Action!

SonofRage | New York City / March 19, 2005 JOIN THE WAR RESISTERS LEAGUE IN OUR EFFORTS TO STOP THE IRAQ WAR! Join us in nonviolent actions at military recruiting stations or organize concurrent actions in your neighborhood. We are planning nonviolent demonstrations at military recruitment centers — in Times Square (Manhattan), downtown Brooklyn, and The Bronx. These actions will include a civil disobedience scenario and there will be also be clear non-arrestable scenarios. more...  17 Comments

Activist Author Speaks on Oral History As Resistance, March 15-17, NYC

Leah Sandals | more...  0 Comments

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