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African-American youths are rejecting Army, military says

Repost | more...  0 Comments

APOC trial starts March 21-Pack the court!

oriana fallaci | In November of 2003, police arrived at a house party of community folks, mostly people of color, who are organizers and educators against the prison-industrial complex. Without provocation, police beat and seriously injured several of us, then arrested eight people of color. The arrestees have had criminal charges heaped on them. Seven are going to trial next week. more...  1 Comments

GI resisters public meeting in New York

Carl Webb | more...  0 Comments

Support for Josh Banno-RNC felony arrestee

NietzeChe Guevara | Solidarity is needed for Josh Banno who is accused of felonies during the RNC. more...  2 Comments

RNC Cop accused of Police Brutality in Times Sq.

Alex Vitale | Watch the video and decide for yourself. more...  6 Comments

More ProtestWarrior Plans for m19

anarchist heart | Again this is from a pretty public email they sent out so it could be disinformation. more...  21 Comments

United For Peace with Justice National Assembly: Arabs were not there

free palestine | The existing liberal and left leadership of UFPJ continued its move to the right in the post-election period. They passed over the disastrous orientation on the election last year as if nothing had happened and in fact continued their fruitless focus on the Democratic Party more...  3 Comments

An Anarchist Call to Action for March 19 in NYC

the Clash & Scuffle Brigade | more...  26 Comments

Defend CCNY students and staff arrested, assaulted and suspended for protesting military recruiters

Elizabeth | CCNY students were arrested and assaulted for engaging in a peaceful anti-recruitment protest. Now one student has been banned from campus and a staff member is arrested too. Call and write CCNY, and come to a picket to defend our right to protest the military recruiting on our campuses! more...  4 Comments

Cable TV series: WBAI Board Conflict Grows

John Riley | This episode shows the disruptive conduct by WBAI board member Paul DeRienzo during several board meetings that was deened abusive by a board majority and led to his suspension. Plus some political background and context for the conflicts on the board. more...  4 Comments

Full Spectrum Resistance: An International Space Organizing Conference

Bruce Gagnon | Full Spectrum Resistance: An International Space Organizing Conference & Rally for Nuclear Disarmament more...  0 Comments

Grassroots Animal Rights Conference in NYC March 31-April 3rd

GARC | GARC will be held ***Thursday, March 31 - Sunday, April 3*** at the Holyrood Episcopal Church, 715 W. 179th Street, New York, NY. ALL activists are welcomed. Below is a preliminary list of speakers and topics more...  13 Comments

Grassroots Journalists Face New Hurdles

Chris Anderson | As their reputations grow, grassroots, non-professional journalists are increasingly the target of legal and political harassment. Will the wide-open world of online journalism survive? more...  0 Comments

3/16 & 3/17: Irish Queers fight the religious right on NYC streets

Irish Queers | more...  3 Comments

Public Info Booth about Eire Nua March 17 NYC

NIFC | On March 17 (St Patrick's Day) The National Irish Freedom Committee (Cumann Na Saoirse Naisiunta) will host an information display on 7th Ave and 33rd St outside Penn Station. more...  4 Comments

Columbia Crisis: How Will Anti-McCarthyites Respond When Ad Hoc Committe Releases Report?

Frank Zapatista | According to a recent email from Columbia University President Lee Bollinger, the final report from the ad hoc committee empowered to investigate charges of student intimidation in the MEALAC department will be released shortly after Spring Break. Most likely, this means that the report has actually been completed. The question now arises: how will the anti-McCarthyite Columbia community respond when the report is released? Will they once again be out- organized by the campus right? more...  9 Comments

March 19 - Take the Peace Train to NYC!!

Troops Out Now! | Jerseyans - take the Peace Train to NYC's March 19 mobilization from Marcus Garvey Park to Central Park!! more...  3 Comments

WBAI Board Member Suspended for Abusive Attacks on Other Members

WBAI Justice and Unity Campaign | (New York City, March 11) The WBAI Local Station Board voted 12-7 Wednesday to suspend member Paul DeRienzo for six months and demand that he apologize "for his racist, sexist, anti-semitic and personal attacks" before returning to the board. DeRienzo, elected by listeners to a three-year term in January 2004, had become increasingly disruptive and vitriolic in recent meetings since last December, when a diverse slate of anti-racist community activists won a board majority in the second round of elections. DeRienzo has frequently denounced the policies of that slate -- the WBAI Justice and Unity Campaign -- and has publicly called for the firing of the station's General Manager and Program Director, both prominent African American community advocates. more...  26 Comments

No Wonder the Parking Lanes Are Full!

lin wefel | DOES NYC KNOW THERE'S A "BIKE LANE" ? more...  9 Comments


malik_lewis | Leading Progressive Think Tank Hosts "Marketplace of Ideas" Series on Labor and the Progressive Agenda more...  0 Comments

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