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Krulick is First Green to Win Municipal Office Re-Election in NYS

madhatter | Krulick is First Green to Win Municipal Office Re-Election in NYS more...  0 Comments

Support artists that are challenging the media's support of 9-11 cover-up

Sean4489 | Here is list of artists challenging the Bush regimes complicity in the 9-11 attacks. Check-out their record labels and support them. Also, if you think your community would support a show featuring these artists let them know. Send them an e-mail. This is the new shit. The Truth Hurts! paris banner paris banner more...  0 Comments

Black Waxx Recordings Announces Release of "Troops Out Now" CD Project

5TH COLUMN | more...  0 Comments

Benefit for Norman Siegel Fri., M18 at Times-up space

on we ride | An event to support Siegel's upcoming campaign for the NYC Public Advocate office. more...  3 Comments

Rachel Corrie: Courageous Resister

Craig Hymson, David Becker. Jonah Volk | The following short video piece was screened on 3/16/05 as part of a program honoring Rachel Corrie at Anthology Film Archives, NYC more...  0 Comments

Demonstrate against Hindu Fascist Leader Modi, 3/20 MSG

internationalist antifascist | more...  1 Comments

An Anarchist Reminder for March 19th...

The Anarchist Reminder Brigade | Silly leftist - the streets are for kids (and parents and grandparents and everyone)! more...  14 Comments



Posters for M19 -- SAY SOMETHING | IF YOU SEE WAR CRIMES, SAY WAR CRIMINAL more...  5 Comments

Artists Against the War Call for proposals,

madhatter | Artists Against the War Call for proposals, more...  2 Comments

A Recruiter Near YOU!

Slingshot zine | You too can be an army of one! from Slingshot magazine. more...  4 Comments

We Found Them!! Chemical, Biological, Nuclear Weapons ... All Available in the Good Ol USA

Indypendent | It’s hard to believe, but it’s been two years now since Bush and Co. launched their disastrous invasion of Iraq—all based on whipping up hysteria about a nuclear-armed Saddam. Well, the neocons are at it again, ready to turn the whole Middle East aflame because now they claim Iran has nukes. But we all know the biggest rogue state is headquartered in Washington, D.C. And they’re scheming and planning and armed to the death with more deadly weapons than you can imagine. To mark the 2nd anniversary of the Iraq war, NYC Indymedia has reprinted a limited number of copies of its beautifully designed four-color poster-map, “A Threat To Peace.†This well-researched poster contains hundreds entries detailing sites where weapons of mass destruction are developed, manufactured, tested and stored. “A Threat to Peace†is something every activist should have a copy of. It makes a great gift for educators, students or your favorite rabid red-stater. To find out more and how to order one, go to the Indypendent website or the Terror map website. more...  4 Comments

United for Peace and Justice Responds to Open Letter

Members of the Coordinating Committee of United for Peace and Justice – NYC co | Coordinating Committee members of UFPJ's NYC Coalition respond to an open letter. The initial letter was addressed by persons identifying themselves as "activists from communities of color and from within the anti-war movement." (For the initial letter, click on the following link: more...  35 Comments

Times Up M19 Weekend Events

xxxx | more...  2 Comments

Complete Calendar of Anti-War Events

Calendar | his weekend, March 18-20, marks the second anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. With the death toll rising daily, people will be out in the streets around the globe to call for an end to this illegal war. UFPJ has called for coordinated local actions around the country and is also featuring the regional demonstration in Fayetteville, NC at Fort Bragg. more...  1 Comments

Temporary removal of item from

Roger M | An attempt to use in a partisan manner. more...  7 Comments

IAC/Troops Out Now! sue NYC over 5th Avenue

Gideon | Today, the Center for Constitutional Rights filed a complaint on behalf of the International Action Center and the Troops Out Now! Coalition challenging the City's policy of refusing new permits for marches on Fifth Avenue. more...  10 Comments

North Jersey Anti-Capitalist Gathering.

Stamp. | March 26th. Orange, NJ. 9 AM - 7 PM. more...  11 Comments

Update on RNC cases

ang copp | update on RNC cases more...  4 Comments

RNC false arrest

none | more...  1 Comments

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