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United For Peace and Justice - March 18th

Stanley W. Rogouski | Photos from Sendoff Rally for USPJ Action in North Carolina. more...  5 Comments

M-19 Your Guide to a Weekend of Resistance

Sarah Ferguson, Village Voice | On the Second Anniversary of Shock and Awe, the Anti-War Movement Wants You more...  1 Comments

Rats and Traitors

Margret | It is time my brothers! Where are the new Huey Neutons and Malcolm Xs the Panthers and the Loins? more...  2 Comments

Remembering Jolie Rickman

Tiara Jewell | Jolie Rickman, an accomplished musician and dedicated activist in the peace and justice movements, passed away Jan. 19 after battling ovarian cancer. more...  0 Comments

Lebanon: A Country Divided

Donald Paneth | an interview with Afamia Kaddour of lebanon Afamia Kaddour, from Beirut IMC, speaks at a screening of Leaded/Unleaded at Blue Stockings. Photo: Antrim Caskey more...  6 Comments

NYC & 725 Other Communities Say "End the War!"

United for Peace and Justice | more...  2 Comments

Offensive Spending

NYC IMC | more...  3 Comments

Fallout from Stewart Case

Ann M. Schneide | The conviction of Lynne Stewart threatens the right to counsel more...  3 Comments


NYC IMC | news briefs more...  0 Comments

Immigrant Rally in Queens

Anrtim Caskey | more...  1 Comments

DisUnion: AFL-CIO Schisms Over Organizing

Bennett Baumer | more...  11 Comments

City on the Spot

Ann Schneider | The People's Lawyer more...  0 Comments

South Bronx RezoningSellout

Emerson Sky | more...  2 Comments

Malcolm X Remembered

Bennett Baumer | more...  0 Comments

Unwelcome Guest: Hindutva Official Modi

Tamiko Beyer | Gujarati Chief Minister accused of complicity in anti-Muslim Massacres Sparks Protest In U.S. Visit more...  2 Comments


NYC IMC | Since we first started publishing five years ago, The Indypendent has covered some of the most dramatic events in recent world history – from the heady days of the global justice movement to the terrible events of September 11. While the mainstream press was busy waving the flag and screaming for blood, The Indypendent rose to the occasion, building “a free paper for free people†with lots of hard work and almost no money. more...  7 Comments

Brooklyn Free School Open House

Radical Teachers | The first Democratic School in NYC in 30 years is having an open house this SATURDAY. more...  2 Comments

Message to the Peace Marchers in NYC/Boston from the Bolivarian Circles

Bolivarian Circles of Aragua State | Hnads Off Venezuela more...  1 Comments

Benefit party for the Brooklyn Free Store, 3/24 !!!

viva la tienda grauita! | more...  2 Comments

Post-demo Islamic Punk book reading!

hapless book promoter | The author of a novel about a bunch of Muslim punks in upstate New York will be reading at Bluestockings this Saturday, March 19, at 7pm. more...  1 Comments

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