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Fight Continues at Albany Capitol over Universal Health Care; Calls Needed

Mark Dunlea | The New York Universal Health Care Options Campaign called upon legislative leaders to include $500,000 funding for a Legislative Commission on Health Care Coverage in their final budget resolution. The Commission proposal, sponsored by Assemblymember Gottfried and 40 other Assemblymembers, was one of the unresolved issues sent by the health budget conference committee on to the leadership. more...  0 Comments

DO NOT READ THIS!! (Critical Mass)

Still We Write | Anything mentioning facts about Critical Mass is supposedly illegal. more...  8 Comments

Upcoming A16 Legal Trainings (DC)

Mobilization for Global Justice | The Mobilization for Global Justice and the Justice and Solidarity Collective are providing legal trainings so that everyone, each individual or an appointed legal person from your affinity group, can be prepared to take care of themselves and their loved ones while out on April 15-17 at the IMF/World Bank protests. more...  0 Comments

Penny Drive for New York City Schools

Megan Joplin | This morning parents, teachers, and students in all five boroughs joined the Alliance for Quality Education in collecting petitions and pennies urging Mayor Bloomberg to stop shunning his responsibility to fight for the large amount of money NYC’s schools are owed from the State. They are also demanding that he put up NYC’s small share towards adequate funding for every school. more...  0 Comments

No Jail for Tranny Tree Squatters

amor vincit omni | more...  6 Comments

Mass Action and Autonomous Action in the Election Year: An analysis of the successes and failures of recent militant demonstrations

Crimethinc Ex-Worker's Collective | Talking Tactics: The Mass Action Model versus the Autonomous Action Model more...  12 Comments

The NYC District Attorney Makes the Campaign Against Critical Mass Personal

Thadeaus | The New York City District Attorney has taken legal action against Time’s Up organizers in an attempt to stop the monthly Critical Mass bicycle rides and limit what the group is allowed to say. more...  5 Comments

Recycle This! to Host Electronics Recycling Day in Brooklyn, April 3

christina | All types of non-working electronics can be recycled for free at this upcoming event. Working cell phones will be donated to a women's shelter. more...  0 Comments

The Real Face of Occupation Plays at Vox Pop

Deep Dish TV | more...  0 Comments

Women Workers of Wal-Mart: Here and Abroad

Ken Nash | To Celebrate Women’s History Month The DC 37 Education Fund’s Author’s Talk Committee Presents more...  0 Comments

discussion this friday: youth activists on the labor movement

marcos | Come be a part of a discussion on these and other issues. more...  5 Comments

Protest Justice Scalia at NYU Law School, Friday, April 12 at 2 and 4:30pm!

Legal Beagle | (from the Open Publishing Newswire): "Justice Scalia is one of the most retrograde members of the Bush Junta and, through his personal intervention in Bush v Gore in 2000, is primarily responsible for two wars, the PATRIOT Act, the Schiavo fiaso, etc. Show up at NYU on Friday April 12 and give him a real NYC welcome." (from an internal memo to NYU Law Students): "I am delighted to let you know that Justice Antonin Scalia of the Supreme Court of the United States will be honored as the Dedicatee for the 2005 Volume of the NYU Annual Survey of American Law on Tuesday, April 12, 2005. I hope that you will participate in this very special day." more...  1 Comments

March 26 Panel Discussion: Disappeared in the USA, Faces of Repression and Resistance

Maya Sen | more...  0 Comments

Register NOW! 2nd Annual NYC Grassroots Media Conference April 9-10, 2005

Jen - NYC Grassroots Media Coalition | more...  0 Comments

Over 75 Reports of Protests on M 19

D. Burbeck | Hundreds of thousands of people around the world demonstrated against the War in Iraq on Mar. 19th and 20th. more...  1 Comments

|||||Extravaganza of Ridiculous Proportions VI! Benefit Show for the Free Store.|||| |    Amazing Folk and Country evening followed by |||||||||||||||||"Panda-monium" ||||||||||||||||| The Cyborg Panda Masquerade Dance more...  1 Comments

New Paltz: Former U.N. Arms inspector says get ready for the draft.

Mid-Hudson News Network | more...  2 Comments

Local Composers’ “Concert for Peace†Part of a Global Grassroots Collaboration

Matthea Marquart | Who: Composers Julie Harting and Kevin McNeal What: Concert for Peace When: April 10, 2005 at 4pm Where: Broadway Presbyterian Church (114th Street and Broadway), New York City Sponsors: Musicians’ Alliance for Peace, Amnesty International, New York State Peace Action, New York City War Resisters League, Not In Our Name, the Peace Project, Grandmothers Against the War, Grandmothers for Peace. United for Peace and Justice will also have a table at the reception. more...  0 Comments

The Face of Protest is A Changin'

Jeffrey Feldman | The critical issue to emerge from this weekend is not medical ethics, but the failure of the US anti-War movement to focus public attention on the fear, death and suffering caused by President Bush's foreign policy. There are two reasons for this failure: control of the media by political forces that support the Evangelical agenda, and refusal of the US progressive movement to move beyond the protest style of the 1960s anti-war movement. As a result, the new face of protest in America has shifted from anti-war to religious militancy. more...  22 Comments

Rev. Jackson: 'We can't give up! Protest. Be on the streets. We must not despair.'

antrim caskey | NEW YORK, March 20 - Capping off the two year anniversary weekend of the invasion of Iraq, about 600 people gathered in the nave of Riverside Church Sunday evening to hear from an array of luminaries from many religious faiths as well as activists and politicans, at an Interfaith Service meant to reinvigorate support of ending the war in Iraq. more...  17 Comments

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