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2 Years Later: Results and Prospects for the Anti-war Movement

Left Hook | For the anti-war movement, the history of the past two years is one of failures. more...  30 Comments

group ride

bike ninja | join X-UP! out in the streets for the "free ride to first saturday" more...  5 Comments

Resist Rezoning w/Rev Billy, St. Mark's 3/30 @ 8pm


European Student Says Zionism Reigns at Columbia University

Nuu On | A European student discusses the Zionism that reigns at Columbia University and how it is crushing academic freedom and chasing European students away from the school. more...  2 Comments

Democratic Mayoral Candidates to Debate at Hunter College April 13 ... Ask Em About Critical Mass!

Hunter | Supporters of Critical Mass should attend this event and grill the democratic candidates about how THEY would handle Critical Mass bike rides! Get them on record about what they'd do! (oh, and DN! thanks for great coverage of critical mass today) --- Community Free Democrats presents its 2005 Mayoral Forum on Wednesday, April 13th from 6:30-9:30 p.m. at West-Park Church, 165 W. 86th Street (Northeast corner, 86th Street & Amsterdam Avenue) Fernando Ferrer, former Bronx Borough President; C. Virginia Fields, Manhattan Borough Presdent; Gifford Miller, Speaker, NYC Council; and Anthony Weiner, Member of Congress, 9th District; are scheduled to speak and answer questions. With Moderator: Prof. Kenneth Sherrill, Chair of the Political Science Department, Hunter College, CUNY The forum is free and open to all. For more info, email (replace -at- with @) or visit more...  4 Comments

Plaza Hotel workers battle local tycoon

Worker Freedom | Yitzhak Tshuva plans to convert New York’s Plaza Hotel into apartment complex; hotel employees to visit Israel in effort to thwart plan By Shlomi Sheffer   more...  3 Comments

NYCLAW Report on 3.19 NYC Demo

NYCLAW | On March 19, 15,000 antiwar protesters stretched for 15 blocks as they marched from Harlem to Central Park in New York City. Similar demonstrations took place in London (100,000), San Francisco (25,000), Los Angeles (20,000), Chicago (6,000), Fayetteville (4,000), and in cities and towns across the United States. more...  1 Comments

call out for 3-25 CM video

tfa | We would love footage of the CM 3-25 ride for the Blacked out media program, also there are documentaries that could use your footage, especially sparkling footage of the police cutting off bike locks and the huge truckload of confiscated bikes. more...  1 Comments

Palestinian Political Prisoner Tour in NYC...April 1-3

Al-Awda NY | Former Palestinian political prisoners Akram AlAyasa and Ala Jaradat, and Addameer political prisoner support lawyer Sahar Francis will be coming to NYC for the first leg of their North America tour. more...  0 Comments

National Grassroots Animal Rights Conference (March 31st - April 3rd, NYC)

h-fries | This national conference (March 31st through April 3rd in New York City) will be the first of its kind. It intends to: empower the grassroots; promote discussion and skill sharing; be affordable, accessible, and inclusive; challenge oppression WITHIN the animal rights movement; have an open and participatory structure; develop a broader analysis of the social and economic context of animal oppression; promote abolition, not reform; and support cross-movement alliances. more...  4 Comments

Kids in the Thrall:You make chump change. And Congress likes it that way.    

Worker Freedom | Generation Debt: The New Economics of Being Young Kids in the Thrall You make chump change. And Congress likes it that way. more...  6 Comments

Code Pink Peace Parade

absinthe | Code Pink is participating in the anual Easter Parade on 5th Avenue. Join the Code Pink Peaceters & the Protest Drummers as we stroll along, spreading our message of peace. In front of the Plaza hotel by the fountain at 11 AM tomorrow. more...  0 Comments

More pictures of Critical Mass 3/25/05

Critical Mass Biker | Lets try this again more...  8 Comments

Theft from NYPD on 3/25/04 Critical Mass

Critical Mass Biker | Theft from NYPD on 3/25/05 Critical Mass more...  11 Comments

A New World in our Hearts: Building for Revolution May Day Festival

Leon C. | New York City April 28th - May 1st 2005 more...  13 Comments

37 Arrests for "Criminal Mass" Bike Activity

NYBKR | more...  6 Comments

Mourning the passing of ex-New Yorker, Ken Hunt (Sketch)...

Liberte unLocked, Chicago | Ken Hunt (more recently known as Sketch), 34, journalist, poet, musician, performer, pagan, anarchist, ESL tutor and native of Aberdeen, WA, died suddenly of injuries in Chicago on March 21, 2005. more...  0 Comments

CM M25

zm | . more...  1 Comments

critical mass tonight

hh | more...  3 Comments

Live Now & Thru the Night - CMRN - Special Broadcast: Anniversary of the War & U.S. Occupation of Iraq

AF- August Sound Coalition | Critical Mass Radio Network live broadcast is going now and into the night. KILL RADIO, IMC PORTLAND WEB RADIO, ENEMY COMBATANT RADIO, RADIOACTIVE SAN DIEGO, AUGUST SOUND COALITION, FREE RADIO DALLAS all streaming today and thru the night, in a coordinated broadcast. The theme is the Anniversary of the War and U.S. Occupation of Iraq *** Listen In *** more...  0 Comments

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