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Steve Alexander | In a curtain-raiser for Saturday's mass rally and march in Manhattan, a group of New York antiwar activists called attention to the disastrous U.S. occupation of Iraq at rush hour today when they unfurled a huge, colorful banner on the First Avenue overpass across 42nd Street facing west, reading, "No More Blood For Oil!" more...  5 Comments

M20 Bike Bloc

Bloc-Head | Saturday, M20, Noon, Union Square, South Steps more...  0 Comments

O22 Monthly Meeting: Police Brutality and LGBT Communities

Steve Yip | Featured Speaker on Amnesty International USA's national research project on police brutality and harassment in LGBT communities in the US. more...  0 Comments

Action Alert: Protest the Wall Street Journal's Libels Against Rachel Corrie

ISM | The Wall Street Journal's libels against Rachel Corrie more...  1 Comments

feminists/women/queer/trans folks against the war

jane doe | looking for feminist/queer/trans people to march against the war(s) more...  2 Comments

M20: Why demonstrate on March 20 ?

AmigaPhil | Why it is important to participate in the global anti-war day : more...  8 Comments

Doug Henwood Talk- "After the New Economy: A New Boom? A Long Bust?"

Long Island FreeSpace | The Long Island Freespace is very pleased to welcome Doug Henwood to present a talk entitled After the New Economy: A New Boom? A Long Bust??at 7PM on Sunday, March 21, 2004 at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington (109 Browns Road). more...  2 Comments

"Pie Any Mean Necessary-The BBB Cookbook" Hot From the Ovens...Release Party and Book Gigs

BBB | "Pie Any Mean Necessary-The BBB Cookbook" Hot From the Ovens...Release Party and Book Gigs more...  0 Comments

Two Ministers Are Charged in Same-Sex Marriages

new york times | Ulster county district attorney cites Eliot Spitzer's opinion against same-sex marriages as precedent in filing the criminal charges. more...  1 Comments

Ground Zero First Amendment Theater Festival!


Enough Blowback for Everyone!

d.o. | If you thought 9/11 was horrendous wait ‘til you see what a good portion of the Arab world can dish up when they feel their backs are up against the wall, when they react to another U.S. client state and a U.S military platform in their midst. The Crusades have come back to haunt us. more...  5 Comments

Christianity and Anarchism Conference

Jesus Radicals | Engaging the Powers: Christianity, Anarchism and Social Change Saturday July 31, 2004 New York City Friends Meetinghouse 15th Street and Rutherford Place (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues) Contact: Website: Revolution is an often abused term - banks regularly use it to describe their ATM cards and the fashion industry use it to describe the latest fad that will go out of style in 3 months. However, revolution is what the Gospel demands of us: nothing less than a complete change of allegiance from passively or actively supporting oppression to working for liberation and respect for all life in Creation. In our second conference on Christianity and Anarchism, Jesus Radicals hopes to respond to the challenge of being rebels in a world that does not know peace, justice or the God that created it. Through lectures, discussions and table fellowship (eating together) we will explore what resources we have to become a people able to build a social body capable of not only resisting the powers, but also capable of being a rival, distinct social body that invites everyone to join with us. Special attention will be given to these themes: (1) naming the powers and principalities that are subverting our church and enslaving society; (2) finding ways to confront these powers and break their strength. more...  0 Comments

Trial Starts for New Yorkers Who Protested, Demanding Justice and Accountability for the Death of Rachel Corrie

Jack Cohen | Continuing to push the Bush administration to investigate her death by an Israeli Army bulldozer, the protesters stand trial on the anniversary of her death. more...  2 Comments

New Spanish PM blasts Bush

AFP | Spain's prime minister-elect Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero vowed to withdraw troops from Iraq and criticised US President George W. Bush after Spanish voters ousted governing conservatives who took the country into the controversial war. more...  2 Comments

Get on the Bus (for Human Rights)

Todd Tavares | Every year AMnesty International local group 133 of Massachusetts organizes a day of action in NYC. Register now for the event. more...  0 Comments

So, UFPJ are you going to call for refusal to enter the barricades or what?

k | ^ more...  10 Comments

Boycott the Democratic Party for Single Payer Health Care.

Lloyd Hart | It is time to send the Democratic Party a clear and concise message that we the American public will not vote for any Democrats or write checks for any Democrats or volunteer for any Democrats until Presidential Candidate Senator John Kerry, Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe and the majority of elected Democrats as well as elected delegates to the National and state conventions swear an oath to make the "single payer universal health care system" the official health care plank in the Democratic party platform and campaign making the "single payer universal health care system" a central part of all Democratic party communications to the American public leading up to the 2004 elections. more...  1 Comments

NYT's Lies about Aristide and Haiti

Justin Felux | If you believe the stories of the corporate media and the Bush administration, you would think Aristide is getting what he deserves. He is a "corrupt dictator" who abuses human rights. He is a "psychopath" who advocated "necklacing" his opponents. He didn't do anything to bring Haiti out of poverty; in fact, he made Haiti more poor than ever. All of these statements are distortions or outright lies. Aristide's true crime was the same crime committed by L'Ouverture 200 years ago: he stood up to the powers that be. He empowered the Haitian people and belied the racist caricature of Haiti as a land of savage, voodoo-practicing black people who aren't fit to govern themselves; the view expressed by William Jennings Bryan when he said "Think of it, niggers speaking French," or by Pat Buchanan when he disgracefully referred to Haitian refugees as "the Zulus off Miami Beach." Aristide showed those who painted the Haitian people as ungovernable savages needed to take a look in the mirror before they presumed to control the affairs of Haiti, and for that, he had to be deposed. more...  1 Comments

EXCLUSIVE: Student investigated for 'terrorism' alleges break-in

John Byrne | A Nevada student whose university turned him over to the Feds said they did a secret search of his apartment. more...  1 Comments

thank you NYC-IMC for great coverage of the 3/20 barricade issue

the noticer | .. more...  1 Comments

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