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Calling Youth Organizers! NYC Grassroots Media Conference

Jen NYC GMC | The NYC Grassroots Media Conference is the place to be if you're a young community organizer seeking to reach a larger audience with your message, a media maker looking to gain skills and network or someone interested in learning more about NYC media reform activism. It's time to come together again to critique, build and celebrate our local independent media. more...  0 Comments


bike ninja | Come join Times-Up! as we hit the streets together! more...  2 Comments

Grassroots Animal Rights Conference starts tonight: Ashanti Alston speaks, Casey Neill performs

Meow | their website went down today unfortunately but here is information about the Grassroots Animal Rights Conference which starts tonight at holyrood church 715 W. 179th Street. more...  11 Comments

New Anti-War Musical Comedy

Eleni Delopoulos | A new musical comedy based on Aristophanes' Lysistrata has a strong woman, anti-war theme. "Lysistrata, the Musical" will be performed at The TADA! Theater, 15 W. 28th St., NYC, beginning Thurs., Apr. 7. For tickets, dates & times: call 212 868 4444 or more...  0 Comments

Faculty Committee Largely Clears Scholars

NY Sun | Columbia University, after a months-long investigation, has determined that only a small fraction of complaints from Jewish students against anti-Israel professors constituted intimidation. more...  2 Comments

Committee Report Criticizes Grievance Procedures, Finds No Anti-Semitism

James Romoser, Spectator | In a strong indictment of Columbia’s grievance procedures and advising channels, the ad hoc faculty committee investigating students’ claims that they were intimidated by some Middle East studies professors described a pattern of mishandled complaints and widespread confusion over how to address students’ concerns about what goes on in the classroom. more...  1 Comments

Columbia Panel Reports No Proof of Anti-Semitism

NY Times | An ad hoc faculty committee charged with investigating complaints that pro-Israel Jewish students were harassed by pro-Palestine professors at Columbia University, said it had found one instance in which a professor "exceeded commonly accepted bounds" of behavior when he became angry at a student who he believed was defending Israel's conduct toward Palestine. But the report, obtained by The New York Times and scheduled for release today, said it had found "no evidence of any statements made by the faculty that could reasonably be construed as anti-Semitic." more...  3 Comments

Nietzsche and Anarchism book release party Wed April 6th

zenanarchist | more...  6 Comments

T.A. cyclist struck in hit/run: request for help

friends of T.A. | Noah Budnick, an activist with Transportation Alternatives, was struck by a tow truck last night. The truck kept going. Anyone who saw anything should please contact T.A. more...  17 Comments

Spring Ball Activist Party

Alan Greenspend | Billionaires for Bush are having their Spring Ball tomorrow night! Come dance and laugh your fears away with activists and politicos. Schmooze and build coalitions in this ever fierce battle. Funds go to pay for our National Social Security Campaign and city, state actions. more...  7 Comments

City Council Hearing on Your Human Rights

Alexandra | more...  2 Comments

Demonstrators arguing against law banning future Fifth Avenue parades

madhatter | Demonstrators arguing against law banning future Fifth Avenue parades more...  11 Comments

Anti-Draft Action on March 31st

FIST | more...  11 Comments

Art Life

The New Space | Two new classes begin; talks upcoming Art Life begins this Saturday Immigrant Workers' History in the U.S., 1877-Present begins next Thursday more...  0 Comments

Revolutionary Communists Take on Christian Fascists Over Schiavo

duko |

"One thing that God has brought to us is Terri Schiavo to elevate the visibility of what's going on in America."

Tom DeLay, Congressman from Texas, House Republican Majority Leader,
speaking to his co-thinkers of "Family Research Council"

Tom DeLay is a powerful right-winger who wraps his ambitions in a frenzied god-speak. He is the cynical manipulator, who redistricted Texas to disenfranchise political opponents, and is now rewriting congressional ethics procedures to rescue himself from his own colossal corruption. He is an aggressive liar, who recently dared describe Terri Schiavo as "lucid."

But, for a half second there among allies, he let out something true.

This huge national power struggle over Terri Schiavo's fate has, in fact, elevated the visibility of what's going on in America.

more...  25 Comments

Urgent Not In Our Name Benefit this Thursday

Mike Blaxill | Anti War group Not In Our Name needs to raise emergency funds to keep their national office open Bands Against Bush and Not In Our Name are putting on an urgent benefit with the Dead Betties and Pretty Flowers this Thursday - March 31st starting 7:30 at Siberia Bar, 356 West 40th St, NYC more...  7 Comments

New York Plaza Hotel workers to meet with Histadrut chief

Worker Freedom | The workers said they had no specific agenda or requests for the meeting. Keren Tsuriel-Harari    28 Mar 05   16:08 Workers at the Plaza Hotel in New York will meet tomorrow with Histadrut (General Federation of Labor in Israel) chairman MK Amir Perez (One Nation). The meeting is a demonstration of solidarity between workers’ organizations. The workers said they had no specific agenda or requests for the meeting. The Histadrut said it would consider whether it could help the Plaza Hotel workers. more...  2 Comments

Group Seeks Resignation of Columbia University President

KAREN W. ARENSON | As Columbia University awaits a report on charges of intimidation of Jewish students in classes in Middle East studies, a small group of graduate students began circulating a petition yesterday calling for the resignation of Columbia's president, Lee C. Bollinger, because he "failed to defend our faculty, thereby nurturing an environment of fear and intimidation throughout the university." more...  3 Comments

Angry NY Plaza hotel employees ratchet up struggle against hotel's new Israeli owner

Worker Freedom | A month before New York's fabled Plaza Hotel is scheduled to close for renovations and pink slips are to be issued, angry hotel employees are ratcheting up their struggle against the hotel's new owner, Israeli businessman Yitzhak Tshuva. more...  4 Comments

Feral Visions Tour, This Thursday 7:30pm, ABC NO RIO

ayr | Come and take part in a presentation exploring how modern society affects us and ways we can re-wild ourselves and our communities!!! more...  3 Comments

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