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Art as an Antidote to War: Come to the Concert for Peace This Sunday!

Matthea Marquart | more...  1 Comments

Extravaganza of Reasonable Proportions- Brooklyn Free Store Benefit

Autonomous Space | This is a benefit show for the Autonomous Space Project. Sunday, April 9, at Asterisk in Bushwick. We are currently at the Brooklyn Free Store, 131 Grand street, Williamsburg, 2pm to 9pm daily. more...  4 Comments



Arnove, Gustafson and Ryabov Debate Occupation of Iraq -Brooklyn, April 6, 2005

Charles Jenks, Traprock Peace Center | Anthony Arnove, Erik Gustafson (EPIC), and Alex Ryabov (, with audience participation, debated the continued US occupation of Iraq on April 6, 2005 at St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, NY. Carolyn Eisenberg of sponsor Brooklyn Parents for Peace moderated. more...  0 Comments


lin wefel | A few more photos of the so called bike lanes. more...  11 Comments

Protest: Scalia to Be Honored at NYU

Jonathan Burke | Justice Scalia is going to be honored next Tuesday, April 12th, at NYU. LGBT and other allied students are planning to protest to get their view that Scalia is undeserving of any honor across loud and clear more...  1 Comments

Juan Cole: New York Times Supports McCarthyite Witch Hunt

Juan Cole | I am cancelling my subscription to the New York Times, and I urge others to do the same. The New York Times editorial board went over to the Dark Side on Thursday, with an editorial that blasted the end results of a panel at Columbia University that investigated whether students had been intimidated by professors at Columbia University. The panel found that there was no evidence of any such thing, that no students had been punished for their views by lowered grades, that there was no evidence of racial bigotry. more...  3 Comments

Benefit Party for WBAI Late Night Crew

# | Join us to support late night radio! These folks are truly dedicated to keeping WBAI a 24-7 “voice of the voiceless.†Come get to know some late night listeners and hosts at the infamous Sidewalk Café. more...  2 Comments

Party For Your Right to Ride!

p | Awesome benefit for recent NYPD harassment of legal bike activity. more...  2 Comments

Voices in Wartime opens tomorrow

Mary K | VOICES IN WARTIME is a moving documentary that looks at war through the eyes of poets, war veterans and experts. more...  0 Comments


Kayhan Irani | Action at UN to end Genocide in Darfur .. more...  2 Comments

April 13 NYC Protest Against CAT's Support of Human Rights Abuses in Palestine

CAT Destroys Homes | New York City picket for the International Day of Action Against Caterpillar on April 13. more...  6 Comments

World Bank/IMF Protest Flyers!

Jonathan | Flyers for the April 16th 2005 World Bank/IMF meeting Protests. more...  1 Comments

G. I. Resister Speaks Out!

Not In Our Name | G.I. Resister speaks out! Monday, April 11th @ 6:30 The Community Church 28 East 35th Street between Park and Madison Aves. Free! or donation. more...  0 Comments

Proposed Photography Ban in Subway

Absinthe | The MTA is having a meeting where one subject will be the proposed photography ban in the subways. Their employees & the NYPD are alread harassing people & telling people its illegal when the ban hasn't been passed yet! Today, April 6 5-7 PM Register to speak... registration begins at 4:45 PM more...  4 Comments

Greens Defend Critical Mass: 'Bikers are not criminals'

toady | more...  7 Comments

April 22-IWW Starbucks Union Benefit Show with David Rovics, Katie Halper and Amina Munoz-Ali

mark | Benefit for Starbucks Union--April 22 at Dumba more...  6 Comments

Ali Qased - Leading Palestinian Activist, Organizer Dies at 62

Palestine Solidarity Group - North America | Ali Qased, long-time activist and organizer for Palestinian national rights, died in the early hours of Sunday, April 3rd, 2005, after spending nearly two weeks in a New Jersey Hospital. He had been battling health problems for the last three years, and finally succumbed to complications from heart failure at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Patterson, New Jersey. He was 62. more...  2 Comments

State Repression Conference--April 24th-Syracuse University-Free!

Oriana Fallaci | A free conference discussing state repression and what can be done about it. more...  0 Comments

Time's Up! Weekly Movie Night. 4/7, The Corporation

Timmy | 8pm 49 E. Houston St. btw Mott and Mulberry St. Free more...  6 Comments

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