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outlines of the city

Matt Wasserman | Stencil Pirates By Josh MacPhee Basic Books more...  2 Comments

One Big Union: Remembering the Industrial Workers of the World

Jed Brandt | Wobblies! By Buhle and Schulman, Eds. Verso more...  8 Comments

Working Women Take on Wal-Mart

Bennett Baumer | Selling Women Short By Liza Featherstone Basic Books more...  2 Comments

Nazi Salute: The Downfall: A Subtle Revisionism on Hitler’s Final Days

Derq Quiggle | The Downfall dir. Oliver Hirschbiegel more...  0 Comments

A Signifying Junkie Returns to the Source

Kazembe Bulagoon | Basquiat Retrospective Brooklyn Museum Now through June 5 more...  1 Comments

The Settler Problem: Israel's Bad Karmaa

Yoni Mishal | In 1996, peace among Israelis and Palestinians seemed close at hand. I was a student at the University of Haifa. My Talmud teacher, Dr. Anat Taran, told us that some people in Israel see themselves as followers of the “Kanaim,†a Jewish group that existed 2,000 years ago. more...  2 Comments

Kyrgyzstan’s Tulip Coup

Pepe Escobar | With the same lightning speed with which it materialized, the March 24 Tulip Revolution has disappeared like a comet in the geopolitical cosmos. more...  0 Comments

Annan Under Fire

Donald Paneth | The United Nations has struck an iceberg. It is enormous, and the situation at the U.N. is one of violent flux, an historical, civilizational tragedy. more...  1 Comments

Fished to Death: Megaships Pluner Oceans

Robert Ovetz, Ph.D | Until the mid 20th century, the ocean was a key terrain of conflict between competing colonial powers seeking to expand their control over territories and natural resources. more...  1 Comments

Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs at NYU

Curious George Brigade | A multi-media presentation of "Anarchy in the Age of the Dinosaurs" with the ever elusive anarchist thinktank The Curious George Brigade Friday, April 15, 2005, 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm The Kimmel Center at New York University more...  7 Comments

Bolivia’s Gas war heats up

Jennifer Whitney | High in the Andes, in the impoverished city of El Alto, history was made in March. Leaders and spokespeople of movements from across the country gathered to relaunch the People’s General Staff – a social movement coordinating body established in 2001. Many are antagonists, but have agreed to attempt to work together. As Movement Towards Socialism leader Evo Morales said, “When the right wing, the government, the oligarchy, and the transnationals unite, we are forced to unite as well.†more...  2 Comments

Wednesday at 4:15 PM in NYC: International Day of Action Against Caterpillar

ISM-NYC | Please join us in New York City from 4:15 PM - 6:00 PM on April 13th at 845 3rd Avenue between 51st and 52nd Streets as we protest outside the office of Caterpillar Board Member Gail Fosler. more...  3 Comments

Guatemalan Gov Sez: Hafta CAFTA

Susan Chenelle | When the Guatemalan government ratified the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) on March 10, the wheels of globalization took a big turn forward. With Guatemala becoming the third country, after El Salvador and Honduras, to approve the agreement, the stage is now set for a ratification battle in the U.S. Congress. more...  0 Comments

Women in the Road Blockades and Self-Managed Enterprises (in Argentina)

Robert Augman | Women in the Road Blockades and Self-Managed Enterprises: A Multi-Media Presentation by Graciela Monteagudo on the Economic Crisis and Social Movements in Argentina more...  0 Comments

ACTIONS in Brief

NYC IMC | briefs! more...  0 Comments

Small Talk at 125th & Lenox

Steven Wishnia | March 19’s “Troops Out Now†demonstration against the Iraq war was far smaller than the throngs of up to 500,000 that turned out for protests in February 2003 and March 2004. Though the crowd – significantly more multiracial than the average antiwar march – stretched for a dozen blocks as it trekked past the brownstones and gospel tabernacles of Harlem and the bodegas and taquerias of East Harlem, by the time it reached the rally site in Central Park, there were only a few thousand people. more...  2 Comments

This War Won’t Stop Itself

David Solnit | The world is waiting for Americans to show visible resistance and dispel the illusion from the November election that most of us actually support the Bush administration’s bloody empire. With notable exceptions, the visible, noisy, confrontational, and disruptive signs of resistance are MIA. Where did all of us anti-warriors go? more...  2 Comments

Schiavo Subtext: Take Back the Life Force

STEW ALBERT | Back in the ‘60s, we were all about life. We talked endlessly about the life force, and our drugs were life drugs as opposed to the death-downer drugs consumed by our parents. more...  0 Comments

Schiavo Subtext: Rule of Law vs. Rule by God

C. Clark Kissinger | No one has ever seen anything quite like it. Republican Senate leaders refused to let Congress recess until the House, which had already adjourned, reassembled to pass the “Terri Schiavo Bill.” The President flew back from the Texas ranch to sign this special piece of “humanitarian” legislation in the middle of the night wearing his PJs. But this special act of Congress was anything but humanitarian. It was a carefully planned frontal assault on what have been basic principles of law up to now. more...  0 Comments

Oregon Women's Bridge Blockade

Susan Chenelle | more...  0 Comments

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