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Tonight Manhat.Cable Ch34 at 10pm : Race and Nationality at Pacifica

John Riley | In January 2005 the Pacifica National Board passed two key motions -- the first, to establish an international Spanish language daily news broadcast, the second, to mandate anti-racism/anti-oppression trainings for board and staff members at all five stations. more...  0 Comments


Deep Dish TV | more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges Radio Monday Night: Race,Ethnicity & the Economy; Steelworkers Go Environmental; Whither Italy?

Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash Monday, April 25, 7 - 8 p.m. EST, over 99.5 FM or streaming live at more...  0 Comments

Call Out for All Video Shooters for Friday's Critical Mass

Time's UP! | Video Collective Meeting, Monday more...  2 Comments

Times-Up! Group Ride to Parks Not Condos! Waterfront Festival

bike ninja | CM style ride to Parks Not Condos! Waterfront Festival more...  0 Comments

WOID #XIII-2. Beginning of the End for the End of the Beginning?

Hoipolloi Cassidy | Wherein Marxist scholar Perry Anderson takes on French neo-liberalism, and is taken on in turn more...  1 Comments

Sun. April 24th, Parks Not Condos! Reclaim the Williamsburg/Greenpoint Waterfront Festival!

kraz | more...  1 Comments

Call For Bike Art to Support Critical Mass

K.see | The Visual Resistance Collective is accepting bike related artwork to create a visual campaign to reinforce Critical Mass' presence every other day of the month! more...  4 Comments

We Have A Right To March on MAYDAY In NYC

che | Mayor Bloomberg Don't Stop The International Workers Day March more...  4 Comments

Spring rebellions show student-workers, unions and community a potent force

Bryan G. Pfeifer | Although carefully concealed or downplayed by the big business media, burgeoning campus rebellions and related struggles are rising to a fever pitch across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and elsewhere. more...  1 Comments

Corporate Media & Movement Celebrity Book Contracts

alternativemediawatch | Alternative media "super-stars" have apparently signed lucrative book contracts with corporate media conglomerates more...  0 Comments


IZAKOVIC | Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. If the government can suspend these rights at will, than they are not the rights accorded free people, but merely indulgences offered by a master to his slaves. more...  7 Comments

Riot Folks Invades New York!

Riot Folk!!!! | Radical Folk Music this weekend! more...  0 Comments

Caged Students and PETA Members Team Up To Fight Animal Abuse at Columbia – 4/22

chris ford | In honor of World Week for Animals in Labs, Columbia students and members of PETA will illustrate the misery of animals mutilated and killed in experiments in Columbia University’s laboratories. more...  3 Comments

Inherit the Wind, Benefit Screening for Revolution Newspaper

lifestyles | Join us for a screening of thhe 1960 classic Inherit the Wind, a benefit for Revolution Newspaper(formerly the Revolutionary Worker) April 27th 2005, 7PM Revolution Books 9 W.19th Street more...  0 Comments

Community Calendar

The Indypendent | Community Calendar For April-May and THE INDYPENDENT has open meetings every Tuesday at 7 pm at 34 E. 29th St., 2nd fl. more...  0 Comments

Most RNC Charges Dropped

Matt Wasserman | City to Pay Fines, Cops Caught Doctoring Video more...  2 Comments

Canners Seek Redemption

Antrim Caskey | Stores are breaking state laws requiring them to redeem cans, and canners are marching for their right to do so. more...  0 Comments

Walter Thabit 1922-2005

The Indypendent | Obituary of the Activist and Author of "How East New York Became A Ghetto." more...  0 Comments

waterfront celebration on sunday

ang copp | more...  2 Comments

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