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4.29.05 Critical Mass - article in NYT

antrim caskey | Here's the piece that ran in the New York Times, 4.30.05. Two photogaphs ran with the story, I am attaching mine. The other photograph showed a Time's Up! member in handcuffs, shot by Robert Stolarik. Unfortunately, the photos were not made available on the NYT website. more...  7 Comments

Central Park Belongs to You. Say “No!†to a Limit on Public Gatherings.

Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum | more...  2 Comments

TONIGHT 7PM: Candlelight Vigil for Aid Worker Marla Ruzicka in Union Square

April Pedersen | New York City Joins Nation to Mourn Aid Worker Marla Ruzicka and Commemorate Civilian Victims of War with a Candlelight Tonight, Tuesday, May 3 in Union Square Two Dozen Cities From New York City; to Salt Lake City, Utah; to Helena, Montana; to Grand Prairie, Texas; to Panama City, FL, Communities Inspired by Ruzicka’s Life Will Hold Vigils today more...  14 Comments

May Day Weekend Roundup

Compiled From the Open Newswire | (Compiled from the Open Newswire): NYC IMC was down this weekend due to a hack attack; however, a number of New Yorkers have posted media here and elsewhere around the web. Here's a roundup.

Pictures: Still We Speak || May Day || Anti-Nuke March || May Day in Union Square || May Day In Thompkins Square

Reports: 4/29 Critical Mass 1 || Critical Mass 2

more...  2 Comments

Images: May Day NYC

fred askew | May Day more...  9 Comments

Images: Still We Speak

fred askew | Still We Speak more...  1 Comments

Critical Info at Bike Blog

critical mass biker | Check out the latest reports at bike blog more...  5 Comments

Right Wing Hackers Target IndyMedia Network | Right-wing hackers '' are taking credit for attacking several IndyMedia websites posting anti-left rhetoric. This explains how to fix the bugs, who is responsible for the attacks, and how to prevent this kind of action in the future more...  13 Comments

Busy weekend, sorry we missed it :( ...

imcista | Well, we're back. Full explanations of where we went and who's responsible coming shortly. For now, feel free to post any media you made this weekend that you'd like to share. more...  3 Comments

Code Pink: Join the Mother's Day Peace Protest 5/7

pipedown | Join Code Pink New York on Saturday, May 7th from noon to 1:30 p.m. for a Mother's Day peace protest outside the Armed Forces Recruiting Center on 125th Street in Manhattan. more...  1 Comments

Images: Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews

fred askew | Thousands of Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews gather outside the Israeli Consulate more...  12 Comments

Treating Immigrants Like Terrorists

antrim caskey | NEW YORK, April 28 - Since January 2004, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has informed more than 300,000 immigrants that because there is a problem with their Social Security Number on file, their driver's license will be suspended unless they can provide a valid Social Security number. more...  7 Comments

Conventioneers - thumbs up

CSD | Film playing at the Tribeca Film Festival "Conventioneers" gets thumbs up more...  0 Comments

Friday events for "A New World in Our Hearts' Mayday Festival

Emmanuel Goldstein | Friday's schedule more...  0 Comments



WOBBLIES! Book Party at VOX POP Friday!

WW3 | FRIDAY, APRIL 29TH, 8PM Release party for WOBBLIES! A GRAPHIC HISTORY OF THE INDUSTRIAL WORKERS OF THE WORLD @ VOX POP-Books, Coffee, Democracy. 1022 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn. - 718.940.2084 - FREE! more...  0 Comments

Leslie Feinberg: 'We have to struggle!'

TG Warrior | The following is Leslie Feinberg's speech to the April 21, 2005, Fort Collins, Colorado "Take Back the Night" rally. more...  0 Comments

Call for Videographers and Camerapeople at Sunday's demo at Union Square

lili | The City has continued to deny a march permit request to the Troops Out Now Coalition and the Million Worker March Movement for Sunday's demonstration at Union Square. Videographers and camerapeople are NEEDED to keep an eye on the police! more...  1 Comments

Host a House Party!

Agata at WMD:Weapons of Mass Deception | more...  0 Comments

TOMORROW: "Still We Speak" Rally to Protect Free Speech in NYC

Jym Dyer | Rally to Protect Free Speech and Decry First Amendment Abuses in New York City more...  1 Comments

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