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Images: Israeli Consulate, 6 May 2005

fred askew | Demonstration at the Israeli Consulate more...  11 Comments

ATMs in Baghdad and Russell Simmons teaches the youth

kat aaron | Financial justice updates on ATMs in Baghdad and the Russell Simmons financial literacy tour more...  2 Comments

FreeWheeling†Bicyclist Audition

madhatter | FreeWheeling†Bicyclist Audition more...  3 Comments

what to build on the WTC? plant a garden

NYPA | No "freedom tower," no "twin towers": plant a garden on the site of the WTC more...  8 Comments

Kristain Williams speaking on policing, Sunday May 8th

sasha praxedis | Kristian Williams will speak on the history of policing - as well as alternatives to the police - at the Slipper Room on Sunday May 8th at 7pm. more...  0 Comments

U.S. Holding Journalists Without Charge in Iraq

David Roknich | The Rumsfeld war on journalism continues. Story from Democracy Now.
DOGSPOT #1 documented the beginning of this shameful legacy. more...  1 Comments

40,000 march to abolish nuclear weapons

Dan Margolis/People's Weekly World | NEW YORK — On May 1, the eve of a world meeting at the United Nations to review the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), tens of thousands of people from around the globe marched through the streets here under the slogan “No nukes! No wars!†more...  4 Comments

Don't Throw It Away, Bring It to the Freecycle NYC Freemeet

freecycle nyc | more...  2 Comments

Welfare Poets Celebrate New Album: RHYMES FOR TREASON PERFORMANCES BY: M – 1 of dead prez, Don Divino, Alkebulan, Yaya

Dennis Flores | “Uninformed is the worst way to be unarmed.†– The Media, Welfare Poets RHYMES FOR TREASON Welfare Poets Celebrate New Album MAY 12TH @ REMY LOUNGE 104 Greenwich Street, Doors Open 9pm $10 Admission HOSTED BY: Flaco Navaja and Russell Shoatz III PERFORMANCES BY: M – 1 of dead prez, Don Divino, Alkebulan, Yaya and Special Invited Guests NEW YORK CITY, Spring, 2005 – Mind-Stirring! Inspirational! Heart-Thumping! The socio-political collective, the Welfare Poets have compiled a 14-track lyrical masterpiece entitled Rhymes for Treason. Following the release of their successful first album, Project Blues, in 2000, Rhymes for Treason promises once again to deliver transformative, thought-provoking lyrics with Afro-Caribbean beats, Hip Hop, funk and jazz. Haiti, Vieques, Iraq, the current state of Hip Hop, and the role of the media in today’s society are only a few of the issues that have been given a voice in the new album. Rhymes for Treason is not only information and inspiration, charging America with hypocrisy in its brand of democracy and its attempts at capitalist globalization, but it is also an indictment on the continuing erosion of our civil liberties, evident in the passage of laws like the Patriot Act(s) and the Anti-Terrorism Bill. “Our work is to bring information and inspiration to the welfanos of the world living under a system where we don’t fare too well in order to collectively determine our shared future,†said the Welfare Poets. more...  1 Comments

Materials/Support Needed for Sista II Sista Childcare Coop Project

Paula Ximena Rojas-Urrutia | Some of you may know about the Childcare Coop that is starting up in Brooklyn. Its a sista organization to Sista II Sista- a women of color organizing project that includes a childcare cooperative, a liberation school and community organizing work. We are in the beginning stages and we need your support more...  1 Comments

Two Small Grenades Explode Outside British Consulate on 3rd Ave; Little Damage Reported

from the AP wires | (from the AP): Two small makeshift grenades exploded outside the British Consulate early Thursday, causing slight damage to the building but injuring no one, officials said. more...  2 Comments

Nazis in the Northeast: They Shall Not Pass!

antifa | more...  9 Comments

Third Annual Peter and Ellen Farley Testimonial Awards

NIFC | On May 22nd, The National Irish Freedom Committee will host the third annual Peter and Ellen Farley Testimonial Awards Luncheon. more...  1 Comments

New curious george brigade publication

curious george brigade | New free publication about anarchy and cities from the nefarious curious george brigade more...  5 Comments

Photos of May 1 Anti-Nuke protest in NYC

Diane Greene Lent | May 1 Anti Nuclear and Anti War demonstration in New York marched from the United Nations to Central Park. more...  0 Comments

May Day in New York roundup

Lance Murdoch | more...  3 Comments

Benefit Show for TIME'S UP! Legal Defense

TIME'S UP! | A fundraiser with the Side Car Band and Half Step. more...  0 Comments


Alphonse | CNN has been reporting a sanitized version of the killing of the Italian intelligence agent Nicola Calipari by US Army troops in Iraq. The commander at the checkpoint where the shooting took place was from the NYPD. more...  4 Comments

Mayday Union Square Images

Stanley W. Rogouski | Photos from Troops out Now Rally more...  0 Comments


Paul King | more...  0 Comments

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