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Notorious SRO Slumlord Tries to Oust Tenants

Antrim Caskey and Bennett Baumer | Convicted slumlord Jay Wartski has made a career of dodging court orders, harassing tenants and illegally converting single-room occupancy residential hotels (SROs) into regular hotels. Wartski cut his teeth by illegally evicting SRO tenants at the Sahara and Bond hotels by using junkies, drug dealers, hookers, and even dogs to harass folks. Wartski ended up spending a month in Rikers Island for his antics.

These days, he's the owner of the Dexter House on West 88th Street on the Upper West Side, and employing the same tactics of illegal SRO conversions past.

more...  6 Comments


nyc print team | The Indypendent Issue #69 more...  0 Comments

17 cameras, 40 cameras, a million cameras

SCP | more...  1 Comments

Day of Global Action Against Police Brutality

friends of Nicolas Alvares | On May 1 in Bogota, Colombia police attacked a May Day march without provocation. They assaulted the anarchist contingent and beat 15-year old Nicolas Alvares to death. more...  1 Comments

Harrass the Brass: Stop Military Recruitment in Brooklyn

StopRecruitment | Its one more thing we can do to stop these vampire recruiters from lying to kids about the military. Stop them every way we can. You can find these little information kiosks in post offices and local businesses. Take them. Rip them up. Don't let military propaganda go undisturbed. more...  7 Comments

Imprisoned NYC Activist Sundiata Acoli's April Message

politicalprisonersolidarity | Text of April, 2005 message from still-imprisoned former New York Panther 21 defendant Sundiata Acoli. more...  2 Comments

Mismanagement still keeps WTC at zero

Eugene Tenenbaum | more...  0 Comments

USA The Movie partly filmed in NYC features Indymedia voices of protest

Nabila Maura | Our voices of protest will never be forgotten... more...  1 Comments

British embassy bombing: cameras fail again

Surevillance Camera Players | once again, the utter uselessness of the video surveillance of public places is demonstrated more...  13 Comments

Rev Billy CD Release Party: Free For All 5/09

Michael ONeil | Free food, open bar, performance from the Reverend and Choir...this is the big THANK YOU party to NYC on the record label's tab. Enjoy! more...  1 Comments

Critical Mass Documentary to Premier in NYC This Thursday

Still We Ride | For Immediate Release STILL WE RIDE Opens the Bicycle Film Festival with a Focus on Free Speech Thursday May 12 7 and 9pm Anthology Film Archives 2nd Ave and 2nd Street NYC, USA more...  6 Comments

Anarchist Anthropologist David Graeber Fired From Yale Because of Politics

Yvonne | After a decision at a meeting convened by tenured faculty at the department of anthropology, Yale University, David Graeber’s contract was not renewed. This is not a situation of David being denied tenure, but rather that the extension of his contract has been denied, and this is an extremely rare situation. In light of his exemplary scholarship and mentoring, many of David’s students and colleagues strongly support his continuing at Yale. To this end we have created an open petition. As the review process of the decision is going to take place very soon, we request you to support this endeavor by signing this petition as soon as possible. We would also appreciate any other support that you are able to provide. The link of the petition is below. Please feel free to forward this petition to any interested persons or listserves. Thanks, Durba Chattaraj, department of anthropology, Yale University. Devika Bordia, department of anthropology, Yale University. more...  3 Comments

the World Trade Center Site as a Grand Public Plaza

James Wagner | Over seventy years ago the Empire State Building was completed within thirteen months and yet we're still staring at a hole downtown. more...  0 Comments

Open the Cages: Political Prisoner benefit June 11 at DUMBA

Friends of Jeff 'Free' Luers | Open the Cages: A Night of Political Prisoner Support Saturday, June 11th 7PM-2AM $8-12 donation. sliding scale-no one turned away for lack of funds All proceeds benefit the Jeffrey Luers Legal Fund and Jericho NYC. more...  0 Comments

Benefit for Political Prisoner Veronza Bowers May 26, 2005

nyc jericho | The NYC Jericho Movement is happy to announce that Kwaaze X. Jamerias is hosting a benefit concert for Veronza Bowers. Please post and spread widely! more...  1 Comments

Robert McChesney interviews Seymour Hersh

Robert B. Livingston | New Yorker Investigative Journalist talks live on internet stream from WILL-AM Media Matters more...  1 Comments

Photos of BicycleRiders Freedom Front Action

bike thief | Photos of the dismantled anti-bike barrier on the Manhattan Bridge more...  2 Comments

Equal Time for Freethought responds to “The National Day of Prayer/National Day of Reasonâ€

Arnell Dowret | Thursday May 5th is the official “National Day of Prayer.†In response secularists have called for an official “National Day of Reason.†But is the call for reason and critical thinking an effective answer to a “National Day of Prayer?†On Sunday- Mother’s Day-May 8th from 6 to 7PM Equal Time for Freethought will be taking your calls as we present an hour long special examining this issue.On Sunday- Mother’s Day-May 8th from 6 to 7PM on WBAI 99.5 FM, If you can't get WBAI where you live- you can still listen to our live webcast- At on Sunday 6PM just go to "" and in the top right hand corner click on the link to listen. more...  0 Comments

NY British Consulate Blast Damage to Exceed $300.00

The Spoof | Damage from the blast that rocked the British Consulate in New York City has reportedly caused more than $300.00 in damages to the building on Third Avenue at 51st Street according to sources at Harry's Locksmith and Window Repair. more...  1 Comments

Poppycock and the SAT

A. Concerned Citizen | (from the Open Newswire): "I feel dirty. "No, I haven’t been working in a sewer --- though I may as well have been. Neither have I been part of a kiddy-porn ring; however, I have been a party to child abuse. What terrible thing did I do? I just got finished proctoring the new Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). A five hour behemoth of an exam, the test is designed to figure out whether students are ready to enter American colleges. The quality of the exam is questionable. Its effects on children are overbearing and abusive." more...  9 Comments

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