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Mexican Democracy 1, El Presidente 0

Jennifer Whitney | New developments in Mexico leave the country poised to join Latin America’s shift to the left. The federal government announced on May 4 that it would cease its attempt to prosecute Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the populist mayor of Mexico City, clearing the way for his presidential bid next year. more...  0 Comments

Generation Adolph: Old Volk Live Good Life

Derq Quiggle | Sixty years after the end of World War II, older Germans are living the good life. To finance luxurious state-based pension plans, they have slowly been bankrupting every other sector of the German government. Pensioners have consistently voted to increase their own pension payouts and at the same time decrease their taxes, shifting the burden to younger and poorer German workers. more...  2 Comments

World in Brief

NYC IMC Staff | Below are briefs from around the globe, compiled by NYC IMC staff. more...  2 Comments

The A-String

Steven Wishnia | "When I say I’m in love you best believe I’m in love L-U-V.†That’s Sylvain Sylvain introducing the revived New York Dolls at Irving Plaza April 30. I’m not expecting much. The band only has two surviving original members, Sylvain and lead singer David Johansen, and two of the dead, guitarist Johnny Thunders (OD, 1991) and drummer Jerry Nolan (disease, 1992), are absolutely irreplaceable. more...  0 Comments


Kaitlyn Tikkun | Can you imagine a conference of, by and for transgendered people? I couldn't until the very end of the Trans Politics, Social Change and Justice conference held at the CUNY Grad Center on May 6-7. more...  1 Comments

Mushroom Cloud

John Tarleton | What lies ahead for the world as nation-states race to build up their nuclear stockpiles? Hiroshima, John Hersey’s classic 1946 account of the first atomic bombing offers a calm, unsparing look at the reality of nuclear war. It might be as much about our past as our future. more...  0 Comments

Drunk on Punk

Ted Myczewski | "She’s Got an Atomic Bomb" is a hilarious, vivid, kitschy little 20-plus-minute trip of a film. It deals with serious issues, but leaves preachy ideology at home. Amid the film’s bright-green mohawked characters, Brooklyn resident extras and cartoonish segues, there is a meaty message – just one that’s deep-fried in comedy. It comes through in a style best described as John Waters drunk on punk and lost in Brooklyn. more...  0 Comments

Wet Puns of Mass Deconstruction

Steven Wishnia | The Indypendent's Steven Wishnia reviews "Theater of War," a book on post-9/11 politics by Nicholas Powers. Powers, whose 90-page satirical commentary was published by UpSet Press, is a contributor to The Indypendent. more...  0 Comments

The Coyote Bard Howls: Carter Revard and Native American Poetics

Derq Quiggle | There’s a staggering number of Native American poets whose work embodies a can’t-talk-it-down excellence. To mention only the most obvious, Paula Gunn Allen, Joy Harjo, Carter Revard, Louise Erdrich, N. Scott Momaday, Simon Ortiz, Leslie Marmon Silko and Maurice Kenny. Of these poets, it’s perhaps Carter Revard’s work that reveals tribal patterns of memory with greatest ease to uninitiated readers. more...  1 Comments

Clear & Present Danger

AK Gupta | While many people think nuclear power's hey-day has passed, its presence in our lives is more pervasive than ever, posing numerous dangers. more...  1 Comments

Getting To Zero

Alice Slater | On May 1, thousands of people, including atomic bomb survivors from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, marched on the United Nations demanding that the world’s nuclear powers, meeting to review the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), begin negotiations for a treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons. more...  0 Comments

Mid East Nukes

AK Gupta | In U.S. government assessments about nuclear weapons in the Middle East, one country is conspicuously absent – Israel. more...  2 Comments

The Nuclear Winter Of Our Discontent


Surviving the Bomb

John Tarleton | Sunao Tsuboi Is a Different Kind Of War Memorial - One Made Of Flesh And Bllod more...  0 Comments

Going To Plan B

Eric Laursen | The real threat is in the budget. And the Democrats are unlikely to stand in Bush’s way. more...  2 Comments

Portland Gives Joint Terrorism Task Force the Boot

Susan Chenelle | City Is The First In U.S To Withdraw more...  0 Comments

Backwards Christian Soldiers



Ann Schneider | Nation cheers as lawyers, videographers catch NYPD lying and the DA-doctored video more...  0 Comments

Rent Rage

Bennett Baumer | What turns senior citizens into irate foul-mouthed spectators and brings armies of homeless folks out from shelters? more...  1 Comments

Art Contest for Jobs with Justice

Allison Fletcher Acosta | more...  0 Comments

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