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Mayday! No more Nukes

snowshoefilms | MAYDAY! MAYDAY! May 1, 2005 Central Park, NYC Thousands from across the world rally in to expose nuclear weapons, past and present. Among the speakers and artists are: David Rovics who sings Nagasaki as the camera pans the faces of people who live with memories of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 29minutes, 8.6meg 56k winmedia file. more...  2 Comments

Images: Central Park Candlelight Vigil

fred askew | Central Park Candlelight Vigil more...  1 Comments

WBAI Fires Robert Knight — Again!

Pacifica Listener / repost | In the ongoing battle by the losing side in the fight for Pacifica, Robert Knight has been fired as national correspondent, and Earthwatch cancelled. more...  5 Comments

Speakers Bring Message from Haitian Grassroots

Grassroots Haiti Solidarity Committee | A Brazilian economist and a Haitian labor organizer will be in New York this weekend to present a radically different view of the situation in Haiti from the one familiar to most people in the US. more...  0 Comments

RIde of Silence

Still We Ride | The Ride of Silence honors those who have been injured or killed while cycling on America's public roadways. This year's New York City participants rode in honor of Brandie Bailey and Noah Budnick, and others who were killed or injured on New York streets. Check out video of the ride more...  0 Comments

May 24: Pack the Courtroom in Support of Juanita Young!

October 22nd Coalition--New York | Outspoken anti-police brutality activist Juanita Young will go to court on May 24th where arguments on her Motion to Dismiss the "criminal trespass" charges sustained in a NYPD-engineered , illegal eviction in 2003. more...  2 Comments

TIME'S UP! Video Collective Meeting

TIME'S UP! | Putting out a call for Videographers for May Critical Mass more...  0 Comments

a fascist's view of Washington Square Park

U No Who | op-ed piece in today's "Daily News" more...  14 Comments

NYPD and Fire Dept. Haliburton Pension Motion Fails as Protests Rock Houston

Houston IMC, Compiled From the Open Newswire | At the Haliburton shareholder meeting in Houston, TX ysterday, the New York City Police and Fire Departments pension funds submitted a moton for the company to "address financial and reputational damage related to its operations in Iran." The motion failed to pass.

Meanwhile, on the Houston streets, angry and aggressive protesters confronted the Haliburton shareholders.

more...  0 Comments

NYCLU Testifies Against Closure of Central Park

Compiled from the Open Newswire | At a hearing in front of the City Council Parks and Regulation Committee, the NYCLU blasted plans to shut Central Park to all but 6 large-scale events a year.

"Central Park should be as accessible to rock music and political protest as it is to the Metropolitan Opera and the New York Philharmonic," the NYCLU testified. "It is our town square and must be opened to all regardless of the medium or the message."

Today, New Yorkers For Free Speech plan a peaceful rally on the Great Lawn to protest the city plan. "Join with your neighbors in lighting a candle for freedom. A classic Do-Wop group will perform with other special guests." Meanwhile, there is a debate on our Open Newswire about effective tactics for stopping the Central Park closure.

more...  3 Comments

NYCLU Threatens to Sue to Keep Central Park Open

NYCLU | The New York Civil Liberties Union today testified that the proposed Parks & Recreation regulation to restrict protest activity on the Great Lawn in Central Park, ostensibly to protect the grass, is misguided and unconstitutional and threatened to sue if the proposal is adopted. The NYCLU said in testimony before the Parks & Recreation Committee of the City Council that the proposed protest ban which restricts the number of non-City approved events to just two per year, neither of which can exceed 50,000 people, amounts to a violation of the rights of protesters. more...  2 Comments

Voices Of The Lost And Forgotten - Pt. Three: The children's voices

ay Shaft | more...  0 Comments

American Experience - Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst

jen holmes | On Monday, May 23, at 9pm, PBS’ American Experience is airing Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst, an unprecedented account of the Symbionese Liberation Army and their extraordinary two-year crime spree. more...  3 Comments

MTA surveillance camera misused

Surveillance Camera Players | If these cameras don't stop bombings, etc., then what are they good for? Here's an answer. more...  8 Comments

Constructive Criticism

Agnes Emoke | Constructive Criticism of New Yorkers for Free Speech more...  2 Comments

City Council Meeting About Large Gatherings in Park: Wed. 10AM

Agnes Emoke | Would you like to continue to be capable of protesting NO MORE WAR to yourself in Central Park? You know like FREE SPEECH or the RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE? Instead of just having a little "candle light vigil" by yourselves about it on Thursday. Why not actually take part in the discussion at City Hall TODAY at 10AM???? more...  1 Comments

MeetUp's Fees

Xavier | Yesterday, Meetup Inc. the social networking site started charging fees of 19/month to have their groups meet and this has led many group managers to quit as organizers.

As a manager for the New York Book Club, a small group whose few members fluctuate from month to month I have decided to step down as an organizer as many other organizers that I have spoken with plan to do, rather then pay the new mangers fee.

More Background at: Personal Democracy Forum || Direland

more...  3 Comments

F.I.S.T.(Fight Imperialism Stand Together) Salutes Malcolm X on May 19th

F.I.S.T. | Revolutionary Celebration commemorating Malcolm X's birthday on May 19th more...  7 Comments

It's the People's Park, Protect Your Right to Assemble

Elana Levin | more...  7 Comments

CodePINK Stands UP Against Predatory Recruiters, May 20

Absinthe | Please join Code Pink New York, Campus Anti-War Network, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, NYC Chapter 034 Veterans For Peace, and the International Socialist Organization Friday, MAY 20, 5 - 7 PM TIMES SQUARE ARMED FORCES RECRUITMENT CENTER, 43rd & Bway. more...  7 Comments

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