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Sept. 24-26: End the War on Iraq! Massive Mobilization in Washington, D.C.

repost, UFPJ | Hold Bush & Congress Accountable for the Deaths, the Destruction, the Lies, and the Toll on Our Communities - Three Days of Action for Peace and Justice in Washington, D.C more...  11 Comments

Travelling Critical Mass VideoZine!CALL FOR WORK AND INTERVIEWS! | We will be traveling to cities whose critical mass bike rides have, in the past ten years, encountered repressive interference from police, motorists, or media. We want to interview you! more...  0 Comments

$eeking Rent Boy$: Male Sex Worker Mtg 6/1/05

Solomon Goya | An informal meeting is being called for radical males who engage in commercial and survival sex work (dancing, bar/street/online hustling, porn, erotic services, houseboy work, etc.) This meeting is very trans-friendly, and inclusive of any sexual orientation. more...  1 Comments

Hahnel speaks at New SPACE Wed.

The New SPACE | (please circulate widely) more...  1 Comments

Police Parade

Annette M. Sanseau | Today, there was a police parade on the south border of Central Park. more...  4 Comments

Action on Central Park/Washington Square

leanne | more...  6 Comments

Enviro Films Tonight! "Oneida Peacekeepers" & "The Leech and The Earthworm"

tfa | more...  0 Comments

Buidling Bridges Radio: Scandalize My Name;Salt of the Earth; House of Saud

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash Monday, May 23, 2005, 7pm - Midnight EST, over 99.5 FM or streaming live at *********************************************************************************** more...  0 Comments

Discussion with Madison Hobley, Exonerated Death Row Prisoner from Illinois

Campaign to End the Penalty (posted by Vince) | In January, 2003, Gov. George Ryan of Illinois commuted the death sentences of all 167 prisoners on death row. 4 were exonerated and 3 were freed. Madison Hobley walked out of prison after more than 15 years on death row, tortured and wrongfully-convicted for a crime that he did not commit. more...  1 Comments

NYCLAW Statement on IFTU Tour

NYCLAW | NYCLAW Statement on IFTU Tour May 19, 2005 New York City Labor Against the War cannot support the northeast tour organized by USLAW for the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions. more...  0 Comments

Media Reform and Media Revolution

dru | A Critique of Free Press and the National Conference on Media Reform more...  0 Comments

Have you been arrested for riding your bike?

savitri d | Call to bike arrestees! and everyone else! Come to St Mark's Church Friday May 27th for a Time's Up benefit and afterparty hosted by Reverend Billy and The Church of Stop Shopping. Special honorific rituals! more...  11 Comments

Urgent Appeal to Stop Anti-Haitian Pogrom in Dominican Republic

Grassroots Haiti Solidarity Committee | Dominicans, Haitians and other are protesting near Times Square on Monday, May 23 against an anti-Haitian pogrom underway in the Dominican Republic. more...  0 Comments

Amy Goodman to Speak at Annual Hudson River Environmental Festival

SodaPopinski | more...  6 Comments

Women of the Gabriela Network and Allies Across the U.S. Protest War of Terror in the Philippines

Dorotea Mendoza | GABRIELA Network, a US-Philippine women's solidarity mass organization est. 1989, leads first nationwide protest against human rights violations and political killings in the Philippines. more...  1 Comments

Activist Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Young Woman at National Animal Rights Conference

p-t | An activist in the vegetarian movement allegedly assaulted a young woman at a national animal rights conference. This has led to the creation of a web page which may expand to include other reports of sexual abusers in activist communties. more...  16 Comments

A Union Revolution is Brewing at Starbucks No. 7356 on Madison Avenue

Eco-wob | Baristas of the World, Unite! You have nothing to lose but your company-mandated cheerfulness. more...  19 Comments

surveillance growth according to New York Times

Surveillance Camera Players | NYT graphic based on our research, published Sunday 22 May 2005: some errors, some thing right more...  5 Comments

Images: Rites of Spring

fred askew | Earth Celebrations 15th Annual Rites of Spring Procession more...  0 Comments

Images: Times Square Armed Forces Recruiting Station

fred askew | Demonstrators protest military recruiting at the Times Sq Armed Forces Recruiting Station on the day of the Army's "Stand Down." The Army called for a one day halt to recruiting after a rash of complaints of unscrupulous tactics to enlist new soldiers.

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more...  5 Comments

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