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Massing on DN! fails to credit Indy

the paperboy | Message to elite lefty journalists: give credit where credit is due. more...  2 Comments

Unity Call From The Troops Out Now Coalition

Unidad Necisita | Unity Call from the Troops Out Now Coalition more...  8 Comments

Colombian Indigenous Leader Speaks May 27

gustavo | Colombian Indigenous Leader Speaks May 27 more...  0 Comments

Mindanao, Philippines: The Military, Mining and the Moro People

Amanda Vender | Thursday, May 26, 2005 7:00 – 9:00 PM Broadway United Church of Christ 2504 Broadway at W. 93rd St. Subway: 1/2/3/9 to 96th St. more...  0 Comments

NYC citizens arrest themsleves

savitri d | DRAMATIC ARREST REENACTMENTS. New York Citizens arrest themselves. Smolka, Kelly and Bloomberg decline invitation to speak at a dramatization of the events of the 2004 RNC bike v. cop showdown. more...  4 Comments

The Smolka Files

Matt Wasserman | Assistant Chief Bruce H. Smolka, Jr., head of the NYPD’s Manhattan South borough command, has become the public face of police repression at Critical Mass bike rides. Here's his rap sheet. more...  3 Comments

Critical Condition

Chris Anderson | The whoops and hollers grew louder as thousands of bicyclists streamed from the West Side Highway through the Battery underpass. It was a warm, summer night and there were no cars, no angry SUVs, no impatient taxicabs. The 20-block-long procession had tied Midtown in knots and moved on. As the cyclists emerged from their underground echo chamber onto the FDR, they looked out over the East River and saw a full moon rising over the Brooklyn skyline. more...  3 Comments

Still We Ride

Chris Anderson | Still We Ride, a gripping new documentary by Andrew Lynn, Elizabeth Press, and Christopher J. Ryan, chronicles the NYPD crackdown on Critical Mass that began in August 2004. While the story is well known to the movie’s core audience, Still We Ride succeeds in adding dramatic visuals to a storyline that has mostly became a depressing litany of monthly arrest statistics. more...  0 Comments

Sugar Daddies: How the snack food industry funnels contributions to health groups

Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman | If you’re wondering why Americans are losing the wars on cancer, heart disease and diabetes, you might look at the funding sources of the major public health groups. Earlier this month, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) cut a deal with candy and soda-pop maker Cadbury Schweppes. Here’s the deal: Cadbury Schweppes kicks in a couple million dollars to the ADA. In return, the company gets to use the ADA label on its diet drinks, plus the positive publicity generated by the deal. more...  0 Comments

2200 Call For Media Upheaval

Steven Wishnia | On the weekend of May 13-15 this year, 2,200 people packed a hotel conference room two blocks south of the old St. Louis courthouse for the National Conference for Media Reform. Organized by Free Press, the event was dedicated to the proposition that news is too important to a democracy for the media to be trafficked like an ordinary article of merchandise and property. more...  2 Comments

Media: Go Where People Are

Chris Anderson | At the 2nd National Conference on Media Reform, the argument was simple: Every progressive organization should make national media reform its “second issue,†because the success of other liberal and leftist efforts depends on democratizing an increasingly corporatized and commercialized media. more...  2 Comments

The Folk Song Riot of 1961

Steven Wishnia | Washington Square Park has been a place for musicians since at least the 1940s. By 1961, it was the center of the city’s folk-music scene, and Parks Commissioner Newbold Morris ordered the police to crack down on “the roving troubadours and their followers.†more...  5 Comments

Pot Gains in Albany

Steven Wishnia | A bill to legalize medical marijuana in New York State took a major step forward this month, when it finally gained a Republican sponsor in the state Senate. more...  3 Comments

SRO Disappearance Continues

Steven Wishnia | The situation at Dexter House is typical of what’s been happening at the city’s single-room occupancy hotels over the last 50 years. Once a widespread, cheap, and easily obtainable source of housing, their numbers have declined dramatically, as landlords find it more profitable to rent rooms to tourists, students, or homeless people whose rent is paid by the city. more...  0 Comments

Residential Hotel Turns Hostel On Tenants

Bennett Baumer | Convicted slumlord Jay Wartski has made a career of dodging court orders, harassing tenants and illegally converting single-room occupancy residential hotels (SROs) into regular hotels. Wartski cut his teeth by illegally evicting SRO tenants at the Sahara and Bond hotels by using junkies, drug dealers, hookers, and even dogs to harass folks. H. Wartski ended up spending a month in Rikers Island for his antics. more...  2 Comments

Open the Cages: A night of political prisoner support

Friends of Jeff 'Free' Luers | This event is part of the June 10-12, 2005 Weekend of Resistance for Political Prisoner Jeff 'Free' Luers. more...  5 Comments

Vegetarian Advocacy to be Featured at Foundations of a Movement 2005 Conference

Edita Birnkrant | more...  0 Comments

Call to RNC and CM arrestees to Still We Speak Rally and Cardboard Bike Ride

Barbara Ross | more...  1 Comments


nyc print team | Issue #70 of the Indy more...  0 Comments

Join in demonstration calling to IMPEACH BUSH

Allentown | We're all wearing the blue dress now. We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore. Demand Congress do their job. more...  3 Comments

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