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Revolt of the Rubber Stamps

John Tarleton | From this week's Indypendent... Mayor Michael Bloomberg fired three members of his hand-picked school board hours before a decisive March 15 vote on his third grade testing policy. The replacements could have been plucked out of a phone book for all the mayor cared. more...  2 Comments

The Military Solution: Can Junior Cadets Save Troubled Kids?

Sarah Stuteville | A military-style training program in Bed-Stuy offers young people discipline and direction. Critics worry that it funnels youth into the armed forces. more...  2 Comments

Biotic Baking Brigade book release party/film screening-April 4-bluestockings

local pie tossers | April 4, 2004 Book release party of " Pie Any Means Necessary: The Biotic Baking Brigade Cookbook " and screening of "The Pie's the Limit" and "Pie Fight 69'" with a showing of "The Lord of the Rings of Free Trade", homemade pie, possibly music and some suprises! more...  1 Comments

Earth Day Bike Ride, Picnic, and After-Party

Times Up | more...  2 Comments

Mayor Bloomberg has 'lite' protest

ziggy ellis | Beautiful day with 'nice cops' about; more like a mardi gras parade than a militant protest march more...  5 Comments

100,000+ Pile into NY to Demand End to Occupation

Don DeBar | more...  0 Comments

M20 arrest photos

Joey Jo Jo Jr. Shabadoo | bwahahahaa!!! i fooled you, again!!!! more...  4 Comments

Bike Bloc March 20 Review

madhatter | Bike Bloc March 20 Review more...  7 Comments

Photos from The World Still Says No To War Rally

The GammaBlaBlog | Thousands of people came together in NYC to say no to war. more...  3 Comments

Photos from March 20

Joshua Weiner | more...  0 Comments

3/20/04 march and rally in NYC - report and pictures

ALasBarricadas | These are pictures and a report from today's march and rally in New York City. more...  7 Comments

Images: M20 NYC

fred askew | New Yorkers Say No to War more...  1 Comments

NY 9/11 Truth Peace Solidarity March Mega Success

Nico Haupt aka ewing2001 | Summary NY 9/11 Truth Solidarity March (New York) more...  11 Comments

New York Still Says NO To War!

L | '03, '04, the message is the same: NO To War! more...  13 Comments

More Photos

nblaney | Additional photos from today's march. more...  1 Comments

The ISO Sold protest signs today for $2.50 each!

savoir faire | I didnt belive this at first but its true. The price doesnt matter either. more...  41 Comments

Arrest at 33rd and 6th ave.

nblaney | Police arrest a protester today at 33rd and 6th ave. more...  43 Comments

M20 Breaking News Archive

Editors | The information below was breaking news. more...  1 Comments

250,000 Evictions? Bush Proposes Billion Dollar Cut to Housing Vouchers

Steven Wishnia | The Bush Administration's proposed budget could cut a quarter-million families out of the federal Section 8 subsidized-housing program, low-income housing advocates warn. more...  0 Comments

Columbia's Dividing Line

Catriona Stuart | During three days of protest against highly public incidents of racism at the Ivy-league institution in February, David Johns sat outside the steps of Columbia University’s Low Memorial Library wearing a sign around his neck that read, “I am silent because I am tired.” more...  1 Comments

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