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One More Time For The 9 Train

Xavier Tayo, Matt Wasserman | Freelance urban reclamation continues. The night of June 9, partiers trainjacked the uptown 1 train in carnival protest of the MTA’s recent elimination of the 9 train. more...  1 Comments

When Cameras Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Cameras

Jem Cohen | TO BECOME INVISIBLE. To watch the action unfold. To document New York life in the subways. Street photography, underground, is as old as the tunnels. more...  2 Comments

Light Up The Sky This 4th Of July

Jed Brandt | Getting the Goods: New York and New Jersey are two of only five states in the country that ban all commercial fireworks. The best local options for quick purchase both involve a road trip. Connecticut has "safe and sane" limitations on fireworks which keep the heavy incendiaries under control. Fireworks are actually dangerous, so for side-street shows, these should be fine. But if you're planning on hitting the beach (or Prospect Park), Pennsylvania is distinguished as the only state in the Northeast that includes the full range of cylindrical and cone fountains, mines and shells, sky rockets, firecrackers and "helicopter-type rockets." more...  0 Comments

CAFTA On The Skids

Susan Chenelle | Mary Sandoval immigrated to the United States 10 years ago “to improve [her] life†and find better opportunities. Before she left Guatemala, she had studied business administration and worked as an accountant. more...  0 Comments

Meet The Real Deep Throat: Mark Felt and Cointelpro

Ann Schneider | Ah, the delicious irony of Mark Felt’s career! The man who denounced the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) “interfering with government work†and “helping criminals,†becomes, through his misdeeds, the spur for a generation of laws strengthening public oversight of the Executive Branch of government. more...  2 Comments

Supremes Spare Rent Regs

Steven Wishnia | On May 23, the Supreme Court reversed a lower-court decision that could have established a legal precedent to invalidate rent controls and a host of other economic regulations, from minimumwage laws to environmental ordinances. more...  1 Comments

Coney Island Then & Now

Irina Ivanova | The history of Coney Island has largely been fueled by repeated battles over land. more...  0 Comments

Coney Island: Gritty And Trashy...That's Why I Love It

A.K. Gupta | Coney Island is not like Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. You don’t have to be worried about being hassled if you don’t look right, if you’re a teenager, if you’re not shopping, if you’ve got a skateboard under your arm, a boombox on your shoulder, or a beer in a paper bag. more...  2 Comments

Nukes On Horizon

Don Paneth | The failure of the nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty (NPT) review conference in May intensified the vast, multidimensional, made-in-America character of the nuclear weapons dilemma. more...  3 Comments

The G-String: Sex Ed for Big Kids

Amy Wolf | Sex Ed For Big Kids more...  4 Comments

Zagat Survey: Top Torture Picks for 2005

A.K. Gupta | TOP TORTURE PICKS FOR 2005 more...  2 Comments

Sympathy For The Devil: Zizek on Lenin

Jed Brandt | World-class cad and lecture-circuit dilettante, Slavoj Zizek is a willful parody of a polymorphous European intellectual who cuts pop-culture semiotics with the Byzantine discourse of the contemporary smarty-pants set. He’s penned everything from advertising copy for Abercrombie & Fitch to the introduction for Bob Avakian’s latest book on “re-imagining communism.†Fitting, then, that his most striking work of late is the set of essays he wrote to bookend a Verso anthology
of Lenin’s writings from the revolutionary year of 1917. more...  27 Comments

Big Mac Attacked: Interview with McLibel Defendants

Matt Wasserman | Taking advantage of British libel laws that put the burden of proof on the defendant, McDonald’s UK got in the habit of suing its critics into submission. more...  0 Comments

Report From Burning Man: Playa del Fuego

Nicholas Powers | “Why am I here?†I ask myself at Burning Man events. It’s a question sparked by my guilt and anger that beyond our counter-culture cocoon is a world at war. It was a hard fact to ignore at Playa del Fuego, the Mid-Atlantic spin-off of Burning Man, because over the tents loomed a Vietnam-era army helicopter, held up on beams but pointed nose down, as if crashing to the ground. more...  8 Comments

Saturday, June 18 Day of Action for Starbucks Workers

brendanstory | 12-3: moving picket at 17th and 1st sbux 4-7: picket moves to 2nd ave and 9th st. sbux more...  2 Comments

Our freedom to communicate is at stake.. Act Now to Save NPR/PBS

RadiKelly KaPOWski | Recently a panel in congress voted to withdraw public funds from public tv and radio. NYC activists need to unite to save our local resources.. once PBS is cut, whats next?? more...  1 Comments

Catholic Charities of Newark offers Free Immigration Consultations June 20

Pro-immigrant rights | Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Newark will offer free immigration consultations on Monday, June 20 to celebrate World Refugee Day more...  0 Comments


nyc imc print team | The Indypendent Issue #71 more...  1 Comments

new zine from Crimethinc: Rolling Thunder

crimethinc ex-workers collective | Rolling Thunder is a biannual journal focusing on passionate living and creative resistance in all the forms they take. more...  4 Comments

Yet Another Iraq Tipping Point From the NYT's Tom Friedman

Chris Anderson | Columnist Thomas Friedman may not be Malcom Gladwell, but he plays him on the op-ed pages of the New York Times. In today's latest missive from the paper of record's mustachioed menace, Friedman writes that:

"We need to talk about Iraq. This is no time to give up -- this is still winnable -- but it is time to ask: What is our strategy? This question is urgent because Iraq is inching toward a dangerous tipping point -- the point where the key communities begin to invest more energy in preparing their own militias for a scramble for power -- when everything falls apart, rather than investing their energies in making the hard compromises within and between their communities to build a unified, democratizing Iraq."

If all this sounds vaguely familiar, you're right. A search of the Lexis-Nexis database shows that this is the fifth time in the past 16 months that Friedman has warned in his op-ed column that we are approaching a "tipping point" in Iraq. This doesn't include that times that Friedman has warned us that America's Iraq adventure is reaching "a crisis point" "a point of no return" or a "moment of truth."

Lets look at some of Friedman's earlier Iraq tipping points:

more...  7 Comments

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