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Heritage of Pride Photos

Caitlin Benedetto | Images from the Pride March, June 26, 2005. more...  0 Comments

Images: Pride March 2005

fred askew | Photos from Pride March 2005 more...  0 Comments

Citizens and immigrants protest racist Minutemen in Bridgewater, NJ

Dave Schraeger, Casa Freehold | A mixed group of US citizens and immigrants numbering almost one hundred gathered in protest against the racist anti-immigrant group the Minutemen who were holding a conference at the Bridgewater Sports and Ice Arena located at 1425 Frontier Rd., Bridgewater, NJ. The group was racially mixed with Black, white, Asian and Latino activists from different organizations and politicial affiliations. more...  0 Comments

Acción Zapatista NYC Gathers 28 Jun 2005

andrew | Acción Zapatista NYC will meet Tuesday evening to continue a discussion started last week about how best to work in solidarity with Zapatistas and infuse our movements with Zapatismo. more...  3 Comments

Rude Mechanical Orchestra at Coney Island

Caitlin Benedetto | The band plays on the beach during the Mermaid Parade. ~~~~~~~~~~ Images Copyright Caitlin Benedetto/Ida Images more...  2 Comments

Notice of Succession

hummingbird | Trolled off of the nyc radical faeries listserve, this a gentle reminder that our queer nation would be a lively one. more...  4 Comments

Dyke March Photos

Caitlin Benedetto | 13th Annual Dyke March, Saturday, June 25. more...  2 Comments

High Energy ! High Temps !

lin wefel | Big, Huge, Hot Parade today! MUST SEE ! [next year!] more...  1 Comments

Trans Day of Action for Social and Economic Justic Photos

Caitlin Benedetto | Trans Justice March, Friday June 24. All images copyright Caitlin Benedetto/Ida Images more...  2 Comments

Photos from Andrew Morgan Vigil

fantomfotog | Photos from the vigil held for Andrew Morgan on Friday night, 24 June 2005. more...  3 Comments

East 3rd Street Evictions: The Struggle is Worth It

Felton Davis | Please join our neighbors at 47 East 3rd Street for a demonstration today, June 25th, at noon, against the eviction of the entire rent-stabilized building. more...  3 Comments

CM 062405

mzzzm | . more...  9 Comments

(Event) Hasta la Victoria Siempre: A Critical Appraisal of the Cuban Health Care

radical health workers study group | Monday, June 27th @ 7PM A Critical Appraisal of the Cuban Experiment in National Healthcare. more...  0 Comments

Plan it X Fest in Brooklyn Tonight

madhatter | Plan IT X Fest Tonite in Brooklyn, Then Long Island more...  0 Comments

Dominican-Haitian Solidarity Vigil Gathers in front of U.N.

Irina Ivanova | Yesterday evening eighty-some people gathered in front of the U.N. for a vigil to protest mistreatment of Haitian immigrants in the Dominican Republic. more...  0 Comments

Rooftop Films Summer Schedule


THIS SATURDAY: Afro-Caribbean Festival Liborio Mateo

pm | ILL FESTIVAL AFRO-CARIBENO LIBORIO MATEO June 25, 2005 "El Liborismo en el Nuevo Milenio" "Liborismo in the New Millenium" more...  0 Comments

Will Military Recruiters Begin Tracking Your CD & DVD Purchases? | The Pentagon has teamed up with a little-known marketing firm named BeNOW to create a massive new database to help military recruiters target potential recruits. BeBOW also works with Tower Records to help track customers. more...  3 Comments

los Minutemen van a reclutar en New Jersey

anon | Informacion sobre una cita para reclutar voluntarios para lost vigilantes racistas "Minutemen", este Sabado en New Jersey more...  0 Comments

Nelson George, Jeff Chang Speak to Benefit WBAI Youth

Leanne at WBAI | Jeff and Nelson will take a critical look at how urban art flourished in the 80's. All proceeds will benefit WBAI youth. more...  2 Comments

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