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Frieda Zames: Champion Of The Disabled

Ellen Davidson, for The Indypendent | The disability rights movement suffered a mighty loss June 16 when Frieda Zames, an activist, author and singer, died in her sleep. more...  0 Comments

Citizen Without Borders: Camilo Mejia, GI Resister

Susan Chenelle, for The Indypendent | During a two-week furlough home from duty in Iraq, Staff Sgt. Camilo Mejia decided he could not go back. more...  1 Comments

Kathy Kelly: An American Voice In The Wilderness

Susan Chenelle, for The Indypendent | Many of us worry that the Bush administration’s imperial foreign policy is ruining the rest of the world’s perception of Americans. However, there are many U.S. citizens out there who are countering that damage and upholding what’s left of our good name. more...  0 Comments

‘Making America Live' -- An interview with Lynne Stewart

Mike Burke, for the Indypendent | Longtime radical New York attorney Lynne Stewart will be heading to court on September 23 for a sentencing hearing – not for a client, but for herself. In February a jury convicted her on five counts of conspiring to aid terrorists and lying to the government by smuggling out messages from her jailed client Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman. more...  1 Comments

Sophia Quintero: Hip-Hop Lit

Kazembe Bulagoon, for The Indypendent | Ever since Slick Rick dropped “A Children’s Story,†hiphop has been a story-telling form, telling tall tales while “keeping it real.†This is a truth not lost on hip-hop activist turned novelist Sofia Quintero. Writing under the pen name Black Artemis, her second novel Picture Me Rollin’ reclaims the insurgent radical politics once common in hip-hop. It’s no small task cutting against the current flood of crass commercialism and misogyny in big media hip-hop, but self-confessed “bona fide hip-hop purist†Quintero considers herself up to the challenge. more...  0 Comments

Heavy Ceiling & Love Ties

Diane Mason | Highlights Of The Human Rights Film Fest more...  0 Comments

The G-String: The Romance of Fucking

Amy Wolf, for The Indypendent | In the last installment of The G-String, I closed with the term “Docurotica,†leaving some readers with ingrained images of Andy Rooney getting a rim job from Mike Wallace. You will be relieved to know that I am not going there. more...  4 Comments

CODEPINK Benefit at Arlene Grocery

CodePinkNYC | L.E.S.'s most FORMIDABLE FEMMES join together in a benefit for CODEPINK NEW YORK. Sunday, July 10 8 -11 PM at Arlene Grocery, 95 Stanton Street (betw. Allen & Orchard) more...  0 Comments

Celebrate 100 Years of Student Activism

Kent May 4 Center | Celebrate 100 years of national American student activism. September 10, 2005, at 140 Fulton Street in lower Manhattan (one block east of World Trade Center) where the first national US student activist group -- the Intercollegiate Socialist Society -- was founded on Septemer 12, 1905, by Jack London, Upton Sinclair and others. Rally and demonstrate to celebrate modern student activism into a new century of student action and resistance! more...  1 Comments

Workers Celebration, World Bike Messenger Championiships

Gustavo | Workers Celebration, World Bike Messenger Champions more...  4 Comments

Cop shot, Blacks targeted in Queens round-up

~ | more...  0 Comments

What the Freedom Tower looks like to the rest of the world

Barton Ashfleck | Artist's concept drawing of the new Freedom Tower design... more...  6 Comments

War of the Worlds and 9-11 Exploitation

peace fem | Not only do we have the (p)resident trying to use New York as an excuse for his war this week we have the opening of a sci-fi retread that shamelessly grabs images from Sept. 11. more...  4 Comments

Rally to Save the Fort Trumbull Homeowners!

phil | Stop the City of New London from throwing Fort Trumbull residents out of their homes. When? Tuesday, July 5, 2005 at 6 p.m. Immediately before the City Council meeting at 7 p.m. Where? New London City Hall, 181 State Street in New London more...  0 Comments

City to Cyclists: "F#$% YOU!"

nycbkr | more...  7 Comments

Confessions of an Unrepentant Flag-Burner

Jed Brandt | Burning the flag is downright un-American. It’s alienated and aggressive, a rejection of all the great things this country is supposed to represent. Flag-burning is a big fuck-you to our whole national mythology – and that’s exactly the point. Anger is legitimate, and not just for this country’s original sins of slavery and genocide. Not just for the firestorms of Hiroshima, Vietnam and Fallujah. more...  18 Comments

Andrew Morgan: A Sad and Tearful Goodbye

lin wefel | I guess they were worried that all the sad people might cause trouble. more...  3 Comments

THURSDAY Forum (tonight) on Pesticides, Genetic Engineering & Land Confiscation

Mitchel Cohen | more...  0 Comments

July 4th, Join CodePink & tell Bush to SHUT DOWN GUANTANAMO

CodePinkNYC | Code Pink New York joins with Eve Ensler, Gloria Steinem, Center for Constitutional Rights, The Culture Project, Not in Our Name, United for Peace and Justice, and WEDO on July 4th in calling for the shutdown of Guantánamo. WHAT: A street action calling for the shutdown of Guantanamo, including readings from testimonials by detainees, their families, and their lawyers. WHEN: Monday, July 4th, 2005 10am – 12 noon WHERE: 34th Street and 6th Ave., Herald Square, New York, NY SUGGESTED ATTIRE: Pink Statue of Liberty Gowns & Crowns; Orange Prison Jumpsuits or Black Hoods & Capes of Detainees; Red, White & Blue for Freedom & Justice; or street clothes with Orange Armbands…. more...  1 Comments

Call to Press Congress, NY Reps and Senators on CAFTA

CISPES | Word is there may be a vote on DR-CAFTA, the Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement as soon as today. It just passed in the Senate Finance Committee.

Please take a moment today to call your Senator and Representative and urge them to vote on on DR-CAFTA. Info and talking points below in this email in english and in spanish.

more...  2 Comments

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