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Lil Kim's perjury threatens jail, NYPD perjury rewarded

CSD | Today rap artist Lil Kim makes headlines as she faces a year long sentance for lying to a granf jury... more...  6 Comments


Jack A. Smith | The U.S. antiwar movement is reaching a critical juncture because a majority of Americans are doubting the need for war. What’s next? more...  4 Comments

NYU Announces "Town Hall" on GSOC, the TA union

GESU | NYU Announces "Town Hall" on GSOC, the TA union Tuesday, July 12, 11:30am - 2pm, Kimmel Center (60 Washington Square South) more...  0 Comments

Bloomberg's 'Olympic Dream' Over

From the open newswire / No Land Grab | London to be saddled with 2012 Olympics (No Land Grab writes): "Though NYC didn't stand a chance (see for reasons why), the city's bid was eliminated in the second round of IOC voting, placing NYC behind Madrid, which was eliminated in the third." "New Yorkers needn't place the blame the stadium debacle. The vote indicates some international resentment of American foreign policy and the fact that neither the City or State had pledged to cover cost overruns." [Read More] more...  7 Comments

The Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls is seeking volunteers and food donations...

maria | Help out the 1st ever NYC Rock Camp for Girls! Volunteer or donate.... Create a revolution of little lady rockers. more...  0 Comments

the rude mechanical orchestra is especially seeking ladies and more...

maria | hey! maybe you've heard- the rude mechanical orchestra is seeking ladies, people of color, queers, transfolks, and other musicians who are a little marginalized by the dominant musical patriarchy. and hey- we're also seeking male dancers! we would especially love more trumpets and a tuba, but other instruments are welcome. come play music w/ us! we are not just a band. we are a radical political marching band/affinity group. we organized to play at the women's march for reproductive freedom and at the rnc protests. we are looking for folks who share our vision of social change through radical beats. for more info, please see our website at, and email us at rmo(at) thanks! see you in the streets. more...  0 Comments

Bike Lane Liberation Day

g | Bike Lane Liberation Day coming soon. more...  3 Comments

Job Opening at The Indypendent!

The Indypendent | The Indypendent, NYC Indymedia’s award-winning biweekly newspaper, is looking to hire a volunteer and editorial coordinator fulltime starting this August. more...  1 Comments


Manhattan Libertarian Party | Card Tournament at One Police Plaza to Protest NYPD Hijackings more...  5 Comments

Fireworks of Our Own: Colorful Call to Shut Down Guantanamo Silenced by Police

Chritina Z | Crowds of people from all walks of life gathered on 34th Street this fourth of July to make some fireworks of their own: a colorful call to shut down Guantanamo Bay, where thousands of detainees from throughout the Middle East are held are detained by the Bush administration with total disregard for national and international human rights law. more...  3 Comments

Greene Dragon declares independence from corporate interests

Sputnik | On this Fourth of July, spectators gathered at Federal Hall to watch Greene Dragon, a street theater group of self-declared "patriotic revelers," present a Bill of Rights against corporate interests. more...  13 Comments

anti-surveillance street performance in NYC

Surveillance Camera Players | The Surveillance Camera Players shine on the jewelry district 2 July 2005. more...  2 Comments

Let's fix the ugly toothpick

Eugene Tenenbaum | Let's fix the ugly toothpick on the top of the Freedom Tower. more...  1 Comments

What is This America?

Indypendent | For its special July 4 edition, the Indypendent looks at patriotism and asks the question: what is this America?

‘Making America Live Up to Its Promise' -- An interview with Lynn Stewart || Kathy Kelly: An American Voice In The Wilderness || Citizen Without Borders: Camilo Mejia, GI Resister || Our Country Is Called America!, an Interview With Al Giodano of NarcoNews || Confessions of an Unrepentant Flag Burner

more...  0 Comments

Brutalized on the 4th of July: Anti-Police Brutality Rally

Dennis Flores | The Acosta Family invites the community to their July 4th BBQ at 476 47th Street, Sunset Park, Brooklyn (R train to 45th Street, Brooklyn). Special Guest performances by the Welfare Poets, KB Magnus, and Alma Moyo. (Pending our permit) we also hope to have a community screening of video footage taken during the post-Puerto Rican Day Parade festivities of the past two years where the police were caught brutalizing the residents of Sunset Park. In commemoration of the 2nd year anniversary since being brutalized by the 72nd Precinct police officers, the BBQ will bring together the other groups of people who have been victimized by the same police officers. Below is a brief summary of the NYPD s pattern of abuse. more...  1 Comments

July 8 Anti-G8 East Coast Convergence Update #1

mjs | please foreward widely and indiscriminently !!!!!!!!!! And now for all the juicy details concerning the events leading up to the Rally Against Massey Energy and the International Day of action against the G8 and the Root Causes of Climate Change in Richmond on July 8 Remember to check our website for updates: more...  2 Comments

Building Bridges Radio July 4-7pm - emma's revolution: Pat Humphries & Sandy O

MImi Rosenberg and Ken Nash | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash Monday, July 4, 2005,7 - 8 p.m. EST, over 99.5 FM or streaming live at more...  0 Comments

Loot, Loot, Loot For The Home Team: Public Costs For Private Stadiums

Mike Burke, for The Indypendent | A new race has broken out between the Yankees and Mets – not on the baseball diamond, but in City Hall and Albany. more...  1 Comments

Compassion Is Dead: Medical Marijuana Stall in NY State

Steve Wishnia | Despite the pleas of multiple-sclerosis sufferer Montel Williams, New York State won’t be getting a medical-marijuana law this year. more...  1 Comments

Take A Hike: Rent Board Okays More Increases

Steven Wishnia | Tenant activism over the last year has accomplished at least one thing: It’s made the Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) pay lip service to the problems caused by the city’s skyrocketing rents. more...  0 Comments

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