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MONDAY: Dr. Joseph Massad begins Palestine awareness wk. at Rutgers

new jersey solidarity | PAW at Rutgers more...  4 Comments


Otto Suwara | Honor them by serving each other and respecting each other’s wishes in our daily deeds. Using these Hero’s Deaths as a political prop is the lowest form of humanity imaginable. This happened on George W. Bush’s watch. Sacrilege! Blasphemy! These heroes died saving lives! George W. Bush used them as an excuse to start a war and take more innocent lives. more...  2 Comments

9/11 Hearings in DC, More Bush Officials Jump Ship

Global Indymedia | Over the past few days, New Yorkers across the political spectrum have been transfixed by the September 11 hearings in Washington DC. The hearings, which the Bush administration tried to scuttle, once again have the city talking about 9/11

(from Global Indymedia)The Bush regime has taken another serious hit after former White House counterterrorism coordinator, Richard Clarke became the latest insider to reveal just how dishonestly the present administration behaved both before and after 9/11. Clarke's credentials are impeccable. He served under seven U.S. presidents and worked inside the White House for former president, George H.W. Bush, president Bill Clinton, and, of course, George W. Bush. Mr.Clarke stated pointedly in a newly released book that the Bush regime had "a plan from day one that they wanted to do something about Iraq. And while the World Trade Centre was still smoldering, while they were still digging bodies out, people at the White House were thinking, 'This gives us the opportunity we've been looking for to go after Iraq'." Presently, the Bush regime's minions are fanning out around the corporate media with yet more deception

more...  8 Comments

NYC IMC Seeks Summer Interns

nyc indymedia | Become the media! more...  0 Comments

Harlem Tenants Council to Host Community Forum This Friday

Harlem Tenants Council | Young Black and Latino professionals will describe their struggles to find affordable housing in the midst of Harlem's "second renaissance" and discuss ideas to challenge the displacement impact of gentrification. more...  3 Comments

March 20: Planetwide Demos Against U.S. Occupation of Iraq

Rosa | One year ago, Iraq was being pounded by the "shock and awe" of U.S. attack. Iraq's people have now lived a year under brutal occupation--as U.S. invaders seek to impose a new pro-U.S. government at the point of a gun. On March 20, 2004, hundreds of thousands of people around the world took to the streets, in over 300 actions in dozens of countries. Powerful outpourings of protest and resistance denounced the U.S. occupation of Iraq and demanded an end to U.S. attempts to dominate the world through threats and war. more...  0 Comments

NYC turns down anti-rnc campout

pieman | more...  2 Comments

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty on the Offense--March Mayhem to Follow

Animal Defense League | In the last week, the campaign has seen two customers of Huntingdon Life Sciences (Guilford Pharmaceuticals and Berwind Pharmaceuticals) pledeging to never do business with HLS again. In the United Kingdom, the center of the campaign, 6 compaines have dropped HLS in a record 2 days. Starting this weekend activists will be hammering away at HLS and its associates in Long Island and New York City. more...  2 Comments

RNC trying to win the hearts and minds of MTV viewers

By DEVLIN BARRETT, Associated Press Writer | Alright people this is an opportunity to kick some RNC butt on national TV and show Republicans they are not welcomed in NY, not now or in September. more...  10 Comments

Enviromental and Animal Rights Actions in New York all this Wekend

ADL-LI | THIS WEEKEND, MARCH MAYHEM! Be sure to visit Northeast Regional Actions Against Huntingdon Life Sciences! "Friday March 26th, Saturday March 27th, Sunday March 28th... ...will be MARCH MAYHEM for the puppy killing scum at HLS!" more...  4 Comments

Improvements Made to NYC Indymedia

NYC-IMC | A number of improvements were made to New York Indymedia this weekend in preparation for the big M20 protest. As you can see, we finally have a site banner; also, the site should be moving much faster now and should be easier to use.

Other changes are still possible in the coming weeks. Thanks for all your patience over the last few months.

more...  5 Comments

Photos from M20 in NYC- Erick Setterlund

Erick Setterlund | Here are a bunch of photos from all around and through the March 20th rally and march on Saturday. Follow the first link for more photos from M20, and the second for general protest and other photographs. more...  5 Comments

M20 Mainstream Media Roundup

Chanders | Mainstream media roundup: M20 more...  1 Comments

NJ Solidarity Condemns the Assassination of Sheikh Yassin

New Jersey Solidarity | njs condemns murder more...  22 Comments

Reclaim the Streets Rant Off/benefit for | come to the second annual rant off! more...  0 Comments

A Bushless World is Possible

Ben Dangl | A report from March 20, 2004 NYC antiwar rally. Is the immediate withdrawal of all troops from Iraq the best solution for Iraqi peace? The peace movement may heading straight to the polls... more...  0 Comments

Video highlights & fotos from M20 peace mobe

Mike Flugennock | A DC IMCista's Excellent New York Adventure, starring NYC herself, and over a hundred thousand citizens of conscience. RealVideo, 07:49 more...  0 Comments

assorted pictures from the protest on saturday in new york

tkny | assorted pictures from the protest on saturday in new york more...  2 Comments

To The New York Times Which Didn't Mention the Protests:

Non Racist Guy From Across the River | Scumbags! more...  15 Comments

WTC Cleanup Lawsuit Alleges EPA Lying

Leigh Ann Caldwell | From this week's Indypendent more...  0 Comments

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