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Images: Arab-American and North-African Street Festival

fred askew | The festival was the third for Arab-Americans and the 7th for North-Africans. This fair included performances, food and product vendors. This year also represents New York's first ever Arab-American Heritage week. [More Photos] The festival is sponsored by the Network of Arab-American Professionals of NY. more...  1 Comments

Meeting of the minds ?

lin wefel | I hope they were listening... more...  7 Comments

Forum In Defense of Lynne Stewart On 7/11

SP-NYC | The Socialist Party is hosting a Free Speech Forum in defense of Lynne Stewart on July 11th, 2005. It will be held at Judson Church's Assembly Hall, 239 Thompson Street near Washington Square. more...  3 Comments

Looking for articles on food for Indypendent special issue

NYC IMC print team | more...  3 Comments

Open Letter To Reverend Al Sharpton.

Elijah Gatewood | D.C. Rebel demands well known minister to "act like a man of God"! more...  6 Comments

Police rampage preceded racist attack in Queens

Leilani Dowell | The racist attack on three Black men in the Howard Beach section of Queens in New York has garnered national attention. more...  2 Comments

Anti-war group calls for unity Sept. 24

Troops Out Now! | The Troops Out Now coalition hopes to build unity on this basis for Sept. 24 and beyond to unleash the full mass potential of the struggle to shut the war down. more...  23 Comments

NYPD-Sponsored Bicycle Safety Discussion

Tonight | NYPD-Sponsored Bicycle Safety Discussion more...  11 Comments

International Action Center Statement on the July 7 Bombings in London

International Action Center | While the people of London and worldwide were grieving for those who were slain and injured, and as the International Action Center extends heartfelt sympathy and condolences to all who have lost loved ones in today's bombings in London, the Bush Administration has wasted no time in taking advantage of tragedy to once again advance its own agenda of endless war and colonial occupation. more...  5 Comments

NYC Cyclists & Betsy Gotbaum ?

lin wefel | NYC Public Advocate JUMPS ON THE BIKE AT THE 12th Hour more...  10 Comments

F.I.S.T.(fight imperialism,stand together)Dance Party !!!!Saturday night,July 9th

steve | F.I.S.T.(fight imperialism,stand together) fund-raiser Sat. night.7:30 pm featuring Liberation Sound ,Food,drinks and lots of dancing!!!! 55 W17th st. 5th floor(btwn.5th+6th) more...  5 Comments

'Missing Person'

A New Yorker | I could write forever about the way that the insane actions of the Blair and Bush regimes helped provide a breeding ground for terrorists. I could say a great many political things. But as a New Yorker who was here on September 11, 2001, this picutre, left up in London today, breaks my heart, and leaves me with nothing to say. more...  7 Comments

Still we Ride, in Brooklyn too

CMer | come to brooklyn critical mass friday july 8th, at 7pm. brooklyn side of williamsburg bridge more...  3 Comments

WOID #XIII-21. Fall Girl

Hoipolloi Cassidy | It's not just Judith Miller but the journalistic culture that created and supports her. more...  5 Comments

New Issue of "Al-Awda: Voices of Resistance and Liberation" newspaper Online and in Print

Al-Awda Newspaper | A new issue, June/July 2005, of "AL-Awda: Voices of Resistance and Liberation" newspaper is now online! more...  0 Comments

Bike to Avoid Transit Scare

CMer | Bike to Avoid Transit Scare more...  5 Comments

NYers Thoughts on the London Bombing

vf | more...  25 Comments

NYC Transit Response to London Bombing

Newsboy | (New York-WABC, July 7, 2005) — NYPD officers, particularly on public transportation, were told to be on the lookout for suspicious activity in response to terror attacks in London this morning. more...  2 Comments

New York Times reporter sent to jail in leak case

madhatter | New York Times reporter sent to jail in leak case more...  4 Comments

'The Cottom Club' on Tomorrow's Wake Up Call

from the Community Blogwire / Jay Smooth | In a recent issue of the Village Voice Bakari Kitwana wrote: "Armed with messages of Black political resistance ... hip-hop's lyrical descendants of the "fight the power" golden era today are booking concerts in record numbers—far beyond anything imaginable by their predecessors. Problem is, they can hardly find a Black face in the audience." In his blog,, WBAI producer Jay Smooth writes: "I'll probably be sitting on WBAI's morning show tomorrow as they discuss Bakari Kitwana's Voice piece. What was yall's take on that story? What should I ask/talk about?" [Read More] more...  1 Comments

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