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Looking for editor for Guerrilla Women Fighter doc

Jennifer Wager | Project will begin shooting in January, we would like to find an editor that can begin and end the project with us. more...  0 Comments

The knives are out in the GOP: Where's Karl?

d.o. | Maybe the architect of the Bush regime, the "genius" all the rightwing pundits lauded all these years, has finally run out of gas more...  0 Comments

Eminem finally did it: Democrats win

Ideas For Action | If only Eminem (aka Slim Shady) had released his video a few months before the 2004 elections (instead of the few days before), we might have seen a very different result in Ohio. Well two years later people have finally gotten mr. shady's message. Not as if much is going to change with a new section of the US ruling class now in power of course. more...  2 Comments

rumsfeld just resigned

fyi | the democrats will not save us. that said, this sure doesn't hurt. more...  1 Comments


leijia, new school D.A.N.Ce | screening a documentary on the ongoing struggle in indonesia's aceh province, free and open to the public! more...  0 Comments

Korea: Stories of Resistance Fri Nov. 10th/Sat Nov. 11th

down down FTA | The Hunter College Film and Media Department presents:

Two nights of films and panels looking at both South and North Korea

NOVEMBER 10th and 11th, 2006
424 Hunter North
68th Street and Lexington Avenue.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 10th: 6:30 - 9:30 PM
Part One: The Struggle in South Korea
The news has focused only on the nuclear crisis with North Korea. But in the South, people are also engaged in major struggles with the U.S. - over Free Trade and its military expansion.
Film: BATTLE OF DAECHURI: a new film by Kim Dong Won
and a report back from a recent delegation of young Korean Americans to South Korea, the 2006 Korea Education and Exposure Program (KEEP)

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11th 5:30 - 9:30 PM
Part Two: North Korea in Context
You only hear about nuclear tests and potential retaliation right now. What are the people in North Korea going through and how do they
see their situation? What led to this critical situation? A film and a panel on North Korea in Context
Plus: A slide presentation from a recent delegation of young Korean Americans to North Korea, the 2006 DPRK Education and Exposure Program (DEEP)

Light refreshments will be served.

A presentation of Nodutdol for Korean Community Development, with Third World Newsreel.

Endorsed by: Audre Lorde Project, CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities, Desis Rising Up and Moving, Congress for Korean Reunification, National Association of Korean Americans, Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance, Center for Constitutional Rights, Immigrant Justice Solidarity Project, Justice Committee, Bayan – USA, ANSWER – Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, Professor Joong-hwan Oh, Hunter College Asian American Studies program more...  0 Comments

East Timor: 15 Years Since the Santa Cruz Massacre

ETAN | East Timor: 15 Years Since the Santa Cruz Massacre
Prospects for Justice, Prospects for Peace

with Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman, Shirley Shackleton and others

Monday, Nov 13, 7 p.m.

Assembly Hall, Judson Memorial Church, 239 Thompson Sq., Manhattan

$10 donation requested. No one turned away.
more...  0 Comments

Message from independent media orgs in Oaxaca, 11/6

Many and One | In recent weeks, many journalists covering the conflict for independent media have been subjected to all kinds of threats and harassment by paramilitary groups operating on behalf of the state government; by the pirate radio operating under the permission of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz; and now by the federal police as well. It’s clear that the work of the independent media presents an obstacle to the repressive actions carried out by the State. more...  0 Comments

Photos and Short Update from Oaxaca, November 6th: Women's march

Barucha Calamity Peller | From Indybay
11/8: Shortly after midnight, Ministerial (State) Police reportedly shot live ammunition at people on the Carrillo Puerto barricade; no one was injured. At around 1 a.m., gun shots were reported near the Soriana barricade, and there were six arrests at the Carrillo Puerto barricade.
11/7: The APPO women's march in Oaxaca was attacked by the Policía Federal Preventiva (PFP), and a total of 16 protesters were arrested in Oaxaca throughout the day, including eight people kidnapped off the street by agents in a white van, according to reports on APPO Radio. Report and photos | Faces of Oaxaca | More photos from the barricades
11/6: Radio Universidad (in Spanish)

November 5th: After a week of defending their barricades, more than a million people joined the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca's (APPO) 6th Mega March. This morning, paramilitary forces repeated their pattern of early morning gunfire at the barricades, wounding 22-year-old Marco Sanchez Mertinez; he is in grave condition. 12 buses and a caravan of cars arrived from Mexico City for the march. Photos and Audio Report and Written Report from today. Photos from CMI Chiapas of Federal Police waiting for the march. | Read minute-to-minute updates from Oaxaca

Radio Universidad, the movement's only remaining radio station was successfully defended on Thursday after fierce battles with the Federal Police. Photos: 1 | 2 | Video | Listen to Radio Universidad.

San Francisco Bay Area activists and reporters are in Oaxaca covering the popular movement:

Photos from Tristan | Nov. 5th in Oaxaca by Tristan | The Battle for the University by Tristan | Previous report by Tristan

Coverage of the Women's March by Barucha Calamity Peller | Photos from the Barricades |Photos and Audio Report from Nov. 5th | Minute to Minute reports November 2nd | November 4th

Reports by Danielsan and Ariel (since October 12th): 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Videos from Indymedia Oaxaca | Coverage from past week | Solidarity Actions in the Bay Area and Beyond

more...  0 Comments

Oaxaca Teach-In: Sun, Nov 12, 2pm, St. Marks Church

rj | Oaxaca Encuentro this Sunday! @ St. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery


131 E. 10th St on the corner of 2nd Ave in Manhattan's East Village more...  3 Comments

National Irish Freedom Committee's Interview with Sinn Fein President Ruairi O' Bradaigh

Brian Wardlow | Very informative interview of a lifelong Irish republican, and current president of Sinn Fein (republican). The interview will offer the viewer a remarkably accurate account from an inside prospective on the struggle for Irish freedom, and the promotion of Eire Nua, from an individual who has been involved with Irish Republicanism for half a century, most of it in a leadership capacity. more...  1 Comments

National Sweep: Just A Step Forward--But What a Step!

MyDD | National Sweep. Democrats take the national majority in the House, Senate, Governors, and State Legislatures. The only thing Republicans have left--Bush--still sports a sub-40% approval rating. more...  5 Comments

Co-Creating the Brad Will Memorial

earthworm | As people began to plan, plot and scheme for the memorial of that
most-notorious schemer and co-conspirator, Brad Will, the very first
thought in the room was to have *all* of us participate in the
creation of this moment. more...  0 Comments

Let's Bomb Iran!

Arthur Herman | A Military Option more...  2 Comments

Dudas sobre quien acompañaba a Brad | Dudas sobre quien acompañaba a Brad more...  10 Comments

Nov 14 - 15: Students in the Global Struggle / Estudiantes en la Lucha Global

nycispes | NYCISPES & FMLN Youth invite you to two days of international youth movement building with Oswaldo Nataren, student organizer from the University of El Salvador... South Bronx, NYU & Hempstead

El Comite Nuevayorkino en Solidaridad con el Pueblo de El Salvador y la Juventud Farabundista te invitan a dos días de fortalecer el movimiento juvenil con Oswaldo Nataren, organizador de estudiantes de la Universidad de El Salvador... South Bronx, NYU y Hempstead more...  0 Comments

Youth Tribute To Brad Will This Thursday

YELL! (The Young, Eclectic Liberation Leaders | This meeting is a community event open to all, to meet, remember and organize in light of the killing of Brad Will and others in Oaxaca in the past weeks. Our purpose is to provide space for people to meet from various communities of resistance, share, discuss and organize in NYC around these issues. We especially would like to see his companeros in the Independent Media, the Community Gardens and Squatting Communities who can share some of the videos he made, or tell stories. We want to celebrate and also to start new connections between groups that have not had a venue to meet previously. more...  1 Comments

The Indypendent Sweeps the Independent Press Awards

Amy Wolf | The New York Independent Press Awards recognize excellence in reporting, design and photography in independent journalism. The winning journalists, designers and photographers all donated their work as a labor of love to The Indy, and on behalf of the newspaper, it loves you guys right back. more...  4 Comments

Venezuela Rising screening this Wed 11/8 @ 7 pm @ MNN Open Studio

Jennifer Wager | Manhattan Neighborhood Network's Guerrilla Filmmaking Series Wednesday, November 8th @ 7 pm
MNN Open Studio 537 W. 59th Street (between 10th and 11th Avenues)
Special screening of Venezuela Rising, the documentary film about political participation in Venezuela that focuses on a popular barrio's mobilization for the presidential referendum. The screening will be followed by an interactive discussion with the filmmaker and the women community organizers from Caracas who were in the film.

Part of the North American tour of the film, for more screenings, go to or more...  0 Comments

Un Millón de Personas en Sexta Megamarcha 2006 en Oaxaca

krutaay | La manifestación contó con una participación aproximada de un millón de manifestantes more...  0 Comments

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