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NYPD Using Thanksgiving Holiday To Pass Resolution to Stop Free Speech in NYC



Reportback From Brad Will's Memorial in NYC

Tristyn H. | On the weekend of November 11th and 12th activists from all over the country converged on New York City to honor the life and accomplishments of slain journalist, anarchist, and freedom fighter Brad Will. I arrived in the city on Friday morning, a day early, to meet with friends and settle in before what I presumed was going to be an emotional few days. Manhattan hustled and bustled, completely ignorant to the revolution in Oaxaca. Millions of people caught up in their lives, too concerned with where their next meal will come from or which Prada bag to buy to be knowledgeable on foreign or even domestic current events. After all, the Democrats won. So there is no more bad in the world, right? more...  0 Comments

Oaxaca is calling for US to get Organized

Justice | People of Oaxaca are looking to the North- they are looking to New York
City! They are looking to NYC Indymedia. hey are saying that since Brads death the repression has been amped up considerably. As many as 5 people a day are disappearing. The human
rights groups are overwhelmed. All of the APPO leaders are in hiding.
There are hit lists with there pictures names and addresses on them. more...  0 Comments

Photos from the Brad Will Memorial, March and Action (1)

onto | From the deepest of sadness to the highest of joys, the memorial day was quite an amazing event. more...  1 Comments

URGENT: Immediate Action Needed to Protect Free Speech

more...  0 Comments

One Nation Under Guard

Dickie Haskell | With more people incarcerated in America then any other in the world, a Curret Tv submission titled "One Nation Under Guard" raises important questions about our penal system. more...  0 Comments

Tonight: Film Screening / Workshop

Nick | Nazis Vs. Zapatistas & The Struggle Against Cooptation

Plus: Video Screening of SOMA: An Anarchist Therapy more...  0 Comments

La verdad de los Cinco se abre paso

Heileen MO | La presentación del libro Terrorismo de EE.UU. contra Cuba-El caso de los Cinco surgió como una inquietud de llevar el caso de los Cinco a varios sectores del pueblo norteamericano, particularmente estudiantes y profesores universitarios y circuito de librerías. more...  0 Comments

Hunter, DOE to Demolish 6 of the Best Interracial Schools, Community and School Kids Protest

Amy Wolf | Participants say that without the community's knowledge, a deal was quietly hatched to take a wrecking ball to the historic Julia Richman Education Complex (JREC) on Manhattan's upper east side. Four high schools, a school for autistic children, and an elementary school for children whose parents work in the area are affected by Hunter plans to erect a towering science facility, adding a potential 15,000 people to this residential neighborhood. more...  0 Comments

New Yorkers Resist the Apartheid Walls from Palestine to Mexico

Ad Hoc Coalition 4 Justice in the Middle East | On Saturday, November 11th, the Ad-Hoc Coalition for Justice in the Middle East and DRUM (Desis Rising Up & Moving) held a workshop in Manhattan highlighting the parallels between the wall on the US-Mexico border and the Apartheid Wall in Palestine. The workshop was immediately followed by a spirited march through Manhattan with protesters carrying a long black cloth “wall” as they snaked through the crowded New York City streets.
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On Storytelling and Remembrance (The Indypendent)

A.K. Gupta | The media are our collective eyes. When and how they cover an event can change history. Mass uprisings in Latin America, full of life, creativity and conflict, offer all the elements of a compelling story but receive minimal attention from the corporate press. It is into these events that North Americans like Brad interject themselves, as reporters, witnesses and solidarity activists. They don’t have a billion-dollar corporation behind them, but many still produce stellar reporting. more...  3 Comments

Oaxaca Solidarity Action on the 16th in D.C.

OAXACA SOLIDARITY ACTION | Please if you can send this out to everyone you know and hopefully come down!

Oaxaca Solidarity Action is a loose collective of folks that got together after the last protest at the Mexican Embassy, that was called for by the DC IWW (who also had one a few weeks before!) We must stand up for Brad Will but also majorly for the people of Oaxaca who have been struggling for a long time. more...  0 Comments

CUNY Teacher Reports Back from Mexico

Nancy Romer | Teachers in Oaxaca as teachers everywhere are civic and political activists who participate effectively in their communities; particularly in Oaxaca, their relationships to their communities are part of their everyday lives. The dynamic coalition of parents, teachers, and students is a model for all of us who want to see the schools be transformed into institutions that serve the needs of the people, especially the poor, instead of creating testing factories that sort people for the corporate economy. It also presents a model of how unions can engage in societal demands greater than the narrow confines of their contracts. more...  1 Comments

Letter from Mexican political prisoners to the people of Oaxaca in Struggle

repostin fool | You Have Shown Us to Unite Our Struggles
By Compañeras Gloria, Mariana, Norma, Suelen, Edith, Magdalena, Maria
Luisa and
Patricia Chiconautla and Santiaguito, the State of Mexico
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Convergence at Saint Marks

DeeDee | The afternoon at Saint Marks was truly inspiring. more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges Radio Monday: Venezuela Rising;Houston Janitors Strike;Union Jobs for the Mob

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
Produced by Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash
Monday, November 13, 2006, 7- 8 pm EST,
over WBAI Radio 99.5 FM
or streaming live at
***************************************************** more...  0 Comments

Help bring pressure to Portland's killer cops and raise National awareness for Police Accountability.

Who's Next? | James P. Chasse Jr. was a quiet peaceful and lawful schizophrenic living a quiet life in Portland Oregon reading comic books and listening to music until September 17, 2006 when he was brutally beaten to death by the Portland Police a few blocks from his home. Your help is requested to raise national awareness of this senseless homicide and national concern for police accountability. more...  0 Comments

Indymedia-film about Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

a-films | The 22-minutes film shows their lives in their camps and let's some of the refugees talk about it. They discuss their miserable social, political and ecnomical situation and reflect their relationship to Palestine. more...  0 Comments

4:30 Monday: Support Workers in Oaxaca, Mexico

PSC-CUNY | On Monday, November 13 at 4:30 PSC members are invited to join other unionists and teachers in a demonstration at the Mexican Consulate to demand an end to violent repression of teachers, strikers and other working people in Oaxaca. The escalating use of state violence against strikers and community groups began with violent repression against teachers, who went on strike last spring to win better salaries for themselves and better conditions for their students. Several Mexican teachers have been killed, and last week an American independent journalist was shot to death by forces against the community as he filmed the protest. Teachers and other academics throughout the Americas have expressed their outrage at the Mexican government. We join them in supporting fellow teachers and signaling that violent repression of striking teachers anywhere is an assault on the rights of teachers everywhere. more...  1 Comments

Antiwar Soldiers Speak Out

Matthew Capri for Military Project | Dear Friends,

During the Vietnam War, anti-war troops built a movement inside the armed forces: the GI movement. It was amazingly effective in ending the war. Today, with that inspiration in mind, Iraq veterans have revived this tradition of resistance.

Soldiers who organized against the war while serving in Iraq will be speaking at the Judson Memorial Church (55 Washington Sq. South, NYC) on November 17th 2006 at 7 p.m. about their how they organized an anti-war group while deployed and how civilians and veterans can support the GI movement here at home.

Please join us for this important meeting, where we will talk about concrete strategies to advance this important work.

For the Military Project Organizing Committee,
Matthew Capri

PS: Please forward this meeting notice widely--this is a free public meeting and all are welcome to attend.
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