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December 7th Events for Daniel McGowan as part of Green Scare day of solidarity

Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan | 12 - 2 PM Rally in Solidarity with Daniel McGowan, Foley Square
6:30 PM Dinner and a Movie for Daniel Benefit, Time's Up! more...  1 Comments

Nationwide action against Starbucks: Nov 24th -25th - demand the right to Organize

IWW STarbucks Workers Union | This November 24th-25th, stand in solidarity with Starbucks workers as we call for an end to the anti-union campaign waged by Starbucks and for the reinstatement of all unlawfully fired workers. In addition we are calling on Starbucks to give Ethiopia control over its coffee. more...  2 Comments

Brad Will's Second Murder (English)

Carlos Vigueras (trans. by Stacy) | Why now do the expert and forensic services of the Mexican government show a new version that turns it around 360 degrees and puts in judgment fabric that Brad Will was assassinated by people from the government of Ulises Ruiz and it exonerates them of any responsibility to blame somebody else? It is obvious that there are tricks and obscuring in order to justify the murder of Brad Will and to cast the blame onto the APPO so that the weight falls on them and not on the true guilty ones that enjoy all impunity to continue using their arms against the multitude. more...  0 Comments

TWU Presidential Candidates Debate the Legacy of the 2005 Transit Strike

Clark Merrefield | Transit Workers’ Union Local 100 President Roger Toussaint and three rivals debated last night as the union’s rank-in-file prepares to vote in an election that is widely seen as a referendum on the Dec. 2005 transit strike and its aftermath. more...  1 Comments


Erik-Anders Nilsson | "Confessions of a Liberal Actor-Vist…" is a performance art piece
that comments on the current political climate, written from the
perspective of local Jersey City peace activist, Erik-Anders Nilsson. more...  0 Comments

Final Reminder - Antiwar Soldiers Speaking 11-17-2006 7 p.m. Judson Church

Matthew Capri | Friends,
Please excuse repeat postings. I cannot over-emphasize the importance of committed activists finding out more about G.I. antiwar sentiment and activism.

Soldiers who organized against the war while serving in Iraq will be speaking at the Judson Memorial Church (55 Washington Sq. South, NYC) on November 17th 2006 at 7 p.m. about their how they organized an anti-war group while deployed and how civilians and veterans can support the GI movement here at home.

We want you to hear about the work that many people are doing to catalyze and build GI resistance to this war.

For the Military Project Organizing Committee,
Matthew Capri

PS: Please forward this meeting notice widely--this is a free public meeting and all are welcome to attend.

more...  3 Comments

Times Up: NYC Spends 1.3 Million Policing Critical Mass

Time's Up! | The $1,320,000 figure is a very conservative estimate of what has been spent by the NYPD, Manhattan District Attorney and NYC Corporation Counsel to suppress and litigate a bicycle ride that lasts 2 hours a month. more...  4 Comments

Building Bridges National Edition: Sweatshop Tomatoes at McDonalds and Union Democracy in NYC

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | WBAI's Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report presents
this 27 minute radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEB LINK BELOW. more...  0 Comments

9:00pm: Jail Solidarity Still Needed for Pace Arrestees!

Anarcho-Protester | 9pm update: The five arrested protesters are still at the precint, 16 Ericson Pl., (1 Train to Franklin). Jail solidarity is in full effect, c'mon down to show the cops they can't get away with this. Two protesters are reportedly being hit with resisting arrest charges for allegedly failing to cooperate with their unlawful arrests. The demonstrators are all members of SDS and two are members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Contact Tom Good @ 347-524-5631 for more information more...  0 Comments

5 Pace SDSers Reported Arrested

IMCista | We just received a message that five members of Pace SDS were arrested this afternoon following a demonstration outside campus. They are currently being held at the 1st Precinct at 16 Ericsson Pl. at the corner of Beach and Varick Sts. just below Canal. They may be transferred to the Tombs later this evening. We should have more information later tonight. Pace University || Pace SDS more...  2 Comments

DR Prez Raises Taxes, Loses Support

sus ymr prl mf | Dominican President Leonel Fernandez is dealing with the greatest challenge of his term on Tuesday by announcement of a new fiscal reform.
more...  0 Comments

Lower Manhattan: Jail Solidarity needed, 5pm!!

dictated to Tommy spnyc | -----
----------- more...  0 Comments

Read about New York Protests for Brad in Por Esto!

Paul DeRienzo & Joan Moossy | Since shortly after Brad's death Paul DeRienzo and Joan Moossy, producers of Let Them Talk on NYC public access TV, have been covering protests in NYC for the daily Por Esto! published in the cities of Merida and Cancun in the Yucatan. You can see the photos and read the stories in English and Spanish at more...  0 Comments

Simon on the Situation in Oaxaca & Brad Will

Paul DeRienzo & Joan Moossy | Let Them Talk has been following the rebellion and repression in Oaxaca since the murder of our friend Brad Will on Oct. 27. We've featured vidoes of the protest at the Mexican Consulate and interviewed activist Tim Keating who chained himself to the consulate fence. more...  2 Comments


tristyn | On Friday at 9:00am the Pentagon Five will have their initial court appearance at the US District Court in Alexandria, VA. more...  0 Comments

Brazilian Republic, 117 years

Tom Sanders | Benjamin Franklin in his
"A Modest Enquiry into the Nature and Necessity of Paper Currency" (1729)
he demonstrated for his contemporaries and the posterity that a state is ridicule to take loaned money, having been he himself charged to print pounds at Philadelphia.

more...  0 Comments

FAIR Job Opening: Communications Director

Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting | FAIR, the national media watch group, is currently seeking a full-time Communications Director. more...  0 Comments

Report from the "Oaxaca Study Group" on Rebeca Romero

Oaxaca Study Group | "Articles by Rebecca Romero are best left unread. Not a single journalist I met while working in oaxaca (over 40 individuals, some working for very mainstream outlets, others more independent) has a shred of respect for her, and many of them suspect she isn't a journalist at all. How she got the gig as AP correspondent in Oaxaca is beyond me." more...  2 Comments

Officials reveal new clues in killing of U.S journalist in Oaxaca

Rebeca Romero | OAXACA, Mexico — State investigators have found that U.S. activist journalist Bradley Roland Will, who was killed filming a Oaxaca gun battle on Oct. 27, was shot at point blank range, signaling that two suspects currently in prison may not be behind his death, Oaxaca Attorney General Lizbeth Cana said Tuesday. more...  7 Comments

Leonardo Boff: Eternal Rebel and Liberation Theologian

SWR2 | Francis called all beings and living organisms brothers and sisters.. Francis lived hundreds of years ago but may be more current than many people today. He is a new person and we are old in the sense of this ecological attitude.. An integral ecology embraces everything, the earth and the world system. more...  1 Comments

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