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3/6 World Tribunal on Iraq org.session: Bluestockings @7

come on | New York Session of the World Tribunal on Iraq (WTI) Information and Planning Meeting Tuesday, April 6th @ 7pm – Free Bluestockings, 172 Allen Street more...  0 Comments

New RNC flyer | a new flyer designed by 'Beta Minus 001' more...  0 Comments

nyc imc banner mockup

bannerboy | banner idea more...  6 Comments


garrett | file under RNC Watch since NYs Republikan governor is exploiting 9-11 for politics while screwing the people who directly suffer its consequences. sound familiar? more...  0 Comments

The BoneHead Compendium, Vol 19

Kenneth Anderson | Weekly summary of worldy nonsense. (The BoneHead Compendium is originally submitted to the Baltimore IndyMedia Center more...  0 Comments

Penn State Online Stream of Reverend Billy Lecture

Michael ONeil | Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11:30am Eastern Standard Time, Penn State will provide a live netcast of Reverend Billy's talk to students. more...  0 Comments

Richie Perez: 1944-2004

imcista | Longtime Puerto Rican community leader Richie Perez passed away Sunday. He was 59. Perez was a member of the 1960s era Young Lords Party and a co-founder of the National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights. "One of its most consistent and committed revolutionary leaders has been lost to the community," said Vicente "Panama" Alba, a longtime friend and fellow activist. "He will be sorely missed. He just leaves a big hole, a vacuum in our community,” A wake is scheduled for Monday from 4-5 p.m and 7-9 p.m. and Tuesday from 2-5 p.m. and 7-9 p.m. at Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home, 1076 Madison Ave. (at 81st Street) in Manhattan. Perez will be buried Wednesday at St. Raymond's Cemetery in the Bronx. Read More || Remembering Richie Perez || The Young Lords || The Black Panthers & The Young Lords more...  11 Comments

Remembering Pedro Pietri

Lenina Nadal | From the current issue of The Indypendent... more...  2 Comments

March 20 photo gallery

simon bartell | more...  0 Comments

NYPD Flunks Review By Black Police Group

new york 1 | more...  0 Comments

Community Activist Perez, 59, Dies

newsday | more...  0 Comments

We Are Resisting Conference tentative list of events

KAW | The We Are Resisting Conference aims to bring together people from across the spectrum of the movement(s) against Empire and Colonialism. The WAR Conference will take place June 30-July 3 in Lawrence, KS more...  2 Comments

F15-03 NYC Never Before Seen Photos

EXB Protest Photography | In commemoration of F15-04 these images which were taken during the NYC F15-03 Anti-War Protest were not processed until February 2004 more...  0 Comments

Thu 4/1: Emma Manuel, of Philippines' Alliance of Health Workers

nispop | The Network in Solidarity with the People of the Philippines (NISPOP) welcomes EMMA SARINAS MANUEL PRESIDENT, ALLIANCE OF HEALTH WORKERS more...  0 Comments

Justice Not War in the Philippines Campaign Joins 100,000 in New York to Protest US Occupation

Network in Solidarity with the People of the Philippines | The Justice Not War in the Philippines Campaign joined ranks with about 100,000 marchers in the streets of New York last Saturday to express their opposition to US war and occupation. Chanting “Occupation is a crime from Iraq, the Philippines to Palestine!” Filipinos and solidarity friends numbering over fifty carried colorful banners, flags and placards. The march extended down 45 of New York City’s blocks on the one year anniversary of the second US invasion of Iraq. more...  0 Comments

Protest the new Brooklyn stadium proposal Sunday

Rich | I'm just passing this information along. On Sunday, March 28, there will be a protest In Brooklyn to protest the city plans to use eminent domain for private development. AS you may or may not know, they are trying to bring professional basketball to Brooklyn at the expense of those living nearby. All communities around the stadium will be affected. So come to the protest tomorrow at 2pm. Rally on Pacific St between 5th and 6th Ave more...  2 Comments

Summer of Dissent - TV program airdates for MNN

michael | M20 Programming on MNN this week. more...  0 Comments

1st Amendment Mob #3 w/Church of Stop Shopping

Michael ONeil | We invite you to our third "1st Amendment Mob," part of our Ground Zero Performance Festival. We'll be at Ground Zero every Tuesday up through the RNC in August. George Bush Does NOT Return to Ground Zero! more...  1 Comments

Jimmy Carter Lies Democrats Are Guys.

Lloyd Hart | On Thursday night this week former president Jimmy Carter destroyed all and any credibility he had as an election observer by blaming Ralph Nader for former Vice President Al Gore's loss in his presidential bid in election 2000. The former president was also insulting toward presidential candidate Ralph Nader by telling him to "go back to umpiring softball games or examining the rear end of automobiles, and don't risk costing the Democrats the White House this year as you did four years ago." more...  9 Comments

Activists to Picket Haitian's House in Queens

newsday | more...  0 Comments

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