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Speak Out About Noor Khan!

Daithí | It is most important that we demand answers in the case of Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan.
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Instructions for an Insurrection!

SI, c/o Hans Arp, Postleft Office | If it seems somewhat absurd to talk of revolution, this is obviously because the organized revolutionary movement has long since disappeared from the modern countries where the possibilities of a decisive social transformation are concentrated. But all the alternatives are even more absurd, since they imply accepting the existing order in one way or another. more...  2 Comments

Press Conference on Juanita Young: 10am at City Hall

October 22 Coalition-NY | Thursday, November 30, 2006, 10:00am
Steps of City Hall, New York, NY more...  1 Comments

Rangel: Preserve Millionaire Tax Cuts, Consider Soc. Security Cuts, Pass More Free Trade Pacts

by David Sirota (from The Smirking Chimp) | more...  0 Comments

Exporting Values: On the Religious Aspect of the US War

Oliver Weidermann | When the institutions fail in the struggle for the good, a superhero arises out of the American people who can wage the just battle without regard for laws and institutions.. Does George W. Bush understand himself as the incarnation of this American myth? more...  0 Comments

Noam Chomsky & Gilbert Achcar's New Book – "Perilous Power"


Stan Goff Gives Marxist doctrine the Heave Ho.

Reposted from Feral Scholar | With some sadness and with not the least desire to devalue the experiences I have had with comrades, nor to minimize the hard work, nor the consciousness and concience, nor the friendship of many comrades, I am herein announcing and explaining my definitive rejection of Marxism in its current organizational forms, be they called Marxist-Leninist or Trotskyist or Maoist. more...  2 Comments


as.f | A report by Uli Schmetzer
From La Realidad and Oaxaca:

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The "Gaza-Solution" and the Ongoing War on Islam

By Mike Whitney (in Aljazeerah) | more...  0 Comments

against surveillance cameras

SCP administrative services | Space Hijackers! (UK) Leipziger Kamera! (Germany) Surveillance Camera Players! (USA).

coordinated actions, 1:30 pm Saturday 2 December 2006 more...  7 Comments


ST RMAKER | Every last one of them said, in their own way, that the Police could not, and should not, attempt to squash bicycling and protest by taking over the role of defining what a permitted event is.
The undisputed target of the Police's newly claimed powers is the urgent need to control cyclists, riding together for safety, on our notoriously hazardous streets. more...  1 Comments

Release Party for World War 3 Illustrated #37

WW3 | MOCCA- The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art
594 Broadway, Suite 401 (between Houston and Prince)
7PM, more...  0 Comments

VIDEOSHOWING: From Death Row This Is Mumia Abu-Jamal Columbia University, Kent Hall 522A, Thursday Nov 30 7PM

Spartacus Youth Club | Mumia Abu-Jamal is a former Black Panther Party spokesman, a well-known supporter of the MOVE organization and an award-winning journalist known as “the voice of the voiceless.” The fight to free America’s foremost class-war prisoner has reached a crucial juncture. Come to see this video more...  0 Comments

A Look at the Popular Indigenous Council of Oaxaca-Ricardo Flores Magón (CIPO-RFM)

Diana, c/o Hans Arp, Postleft Office | The Popular Indigenous Council of Oaxaca-Ricardo Flores Magón (CIPO-RFM) is a social and democratic organization formed by 26 indigenous communities in Oaxaca, Mexico, comprised of about 2,000 members. They follow libertarian and indigenous ways and customs. The CIPO-RFM is a grassroots movement whose members work in their communities in the defense of human rights, on communal projects and environmental conservation, and in the provision of basic social needs. more...  0 Comments

"We are now aware that we are an empire"

Mark Hertsgaard | One of our weaknesses as an empire is that we are able to force our culture on others; the weakness is that we do not have any input from them. more...  0 Comments

"No Blood For Oil" in the Time Life Center

kilroy | Another "No Blood For Oil" guerilla action took place on Tuesday, November 28th, at the Time Life Center in midtown Manhattan. Video available more...  2 Comments

"G8: Can You Hear US?" - Thurs, 11/30, 8pm, Times Up!, FREE

times up! | "G8: Can You Hear US?"

Free Film Screening!

When: Thurs, Nov 30, 8pm
Where: Times Up!, 49 East Houston St. (btwn Mott & Mulberry), Manhattan more...  0 Comments

JESSE JACKSON and the "N" Word----"'Kramer' the Racist!

Bimbim | LOS ANGELES — Black leaders on Monday challenged the entertainment industry, including rappers, to stop use of the racial slur that Michael Richards uttered in his tirade.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson and others said they will meet with TV networks, film companies and musicians to discuss the "n-word."

"We want to give our ancestors a present," Jackson said at a news conference. "Dignity over degradation."

• Read about more famous flubs in the Celebrities in Trouble Center.

Jackson also asked the public not to buy a DVD box set of the seventh season of the TV show "Seinfeld" that was released last week.

Richards, who played the wacky neighbor Kramer on "Seinfeld," triggered outrage with a Nov. 17 racial rant against two black men when he was heckled during a stand-up comedy routine at the Laugh Factory nightclub in West Hollywood. A patron recorded the outburst with a video camera phone.

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In Support of the People of Oaxaca

Kellen Kass, c/o Hans Arp, Postleft Office | Aside from small aspiring states such as the Marxist-Leninist Mexican Communist Party, there are other politicians in the midst of the APPO. One of the spokespeople of the APPO, the media-darling and crass opportunist Flavio Sosa, was a part of Vicente Fox’s election campaign in 2000 through his organization the New Left of Oaxaca. Sosa has also been actively involved in the PRI splinter-party the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) for years, a party he actually quit in order to be involved in the APPO. It should be pretty obvious that Sosa is a political opportunist who moves from one group to the next in hopes of carving out some kind of position for himself. more...  0 Comments



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