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Secret US database on international travelers exposed

Joe Kay | Details have emerged of a US government program that collects information and creates a “risk profile” of all people entering and leaving the United States. The program, secretly in place since 2002, is part of much broader system of government spying and attacks on privacy rights.

According to an Associated Press (AP) article from November 30, international travelers are given a score “after computers assess their travel records, including where they are from, how they paid for tickets, their motor vehicle records, past one-way travel, seating preference and what kind of meal they ordered.” The program also accesses other federal and commercial databases. The assessment is stored for 40 years.
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Eric Ng Memorial Ride - Saturday, Dec. 9 @ 1pm

visualresistance | We are planning for a memorial ride this Saturday, December 9th, meeting at 1pm in Washington Square Park and then proceeding to the site of Eric’s death. Non-bikers can head straight to the site, on the West Side bike path near Clarkson St. Please bring flowers (especially sunflowers), sidewalk chalk, paint, whatever you want. There will be a memorial service after the ride with music and a slideshow, and a party later that night. Check back here for further details; we’ll update this post as soon as we can.

See also: Original Story on Eric's death | Tears and Rage: Reflections on Death more...  4 Comments

Tears and Rage: Reflections on Eric Ng's Death

onto | Another death, another tragedy. 'One more bullet cracks the night.' This bullet had 4 wheels though. I can't believe this last year. Daniel McGowan going down; Meg Perry killed in New Orleans; Imogen at the New School; Brad Will in Oaxaca; Eric Ng in New York City. 5 people from all different aspects of this movement, taken down. And these are just the ones I knew! All in their 20's and 30's. And more: Sean Bell in Queens. The South Central Farm torn down. The last barricade in Oaxaca gone, Radio Universidad over. About 300 immigrants die a year crossing the border. The Iraqi death toll reaching 1 million soon. What the fuck is going on here? more...  1 Comments

APPO comunique: Flavio Sosa's Arrest and the state's systematic cleansing of Social Movements

luna | APPO them against us. they have armies, repression, terror we have unity, organisation, solidarity and hope. Movilise! more...  0 Comments

Video and audio from Midwest Socialist Conference

Traprock Peace Center | Discussions on venezuela, Iraq, the antiwar movement, theories of imperialism, the elections and more. more...  0 Comments

Another Bloodbath in Lebanon?

By Mike Whitney | more...  0 Comments

Capital Fears: US Corporations Threaten Investment Restrictions

Tomasz Konicz | Qualitative growth is an alternative to quantitative growth. Our culture rich in things is poor in soul. Instead of welcoming criticism, we make competition and inequality into dogmas, normalize war and militarize foreign policy. more...  0 Comments

Llamado a la movilización por Oaxaca (EZLN) y mensaje de la APPO

Cancuc | llamado a la movilización por oaxaca y mensaje de la APPO more...  0 Comments

Screening of "The Canary Effect" this Wednesday @ Bluestockings

Greg Pason | Watch "The Canary Effect" at Bluestockings this Wednesday December 6th @ 7 PM more...  1 Comments

PANEL: Bloomberg calls it "excessive", we call it MURDER! Stop NYPD Racist Terror

Pooh Johnson | On November 25th, five undercover NYPD officers, while not identifying themselves, surrounded the car of Sean Bell, Joseph Guzman, and Trent Benefield. They then proceeded to unload 50 bullets into the car, killing Sean Bell, and critically injuring his friends Joseph and Trent. The three were unarmed. Sean was going to be married the next day. This was not an accident, it was an execution. Instead of apologies, the NYPD has responded with a racist withchunt for a mythical "4th man". WE NEED TO FIGHT FOR JUSTICE!

But we won't get it by letting mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly have their way. The officers involved should go to jail. Ray Kelly should be fired. But even more, we need to rebuild a movement against racism, police brutality, and the criminal INjustice system.

Come to this meeting to voice your outrage, share your own stories and ideas, and discuss what it will take to fight back and win. more...  1 Comments

Protest 12/8: Justice for Immigrant Workers!

ROC-NY | 51 years ago, Rosa Parks refused to sit in the back of the bus or to accept racial segregation. On December 8, 2006, restaurant workers refuse to accept racial segregation in New York City restaurants. Workers at Restaurant Daniel and the Fireman Hospitality Group who have filed legal charges and lawsuits for discrimination say NO to racial segregation, and refuse to be invisible, just like Rosa Parks. more...  0 Comments


NYC War Resisters League | We need to begin planning now for what will hopefully be a weekend of protest against a war few of us wanted and more and more are coming to reject. Although disgust with the war has grown palpably, if we do not come together on March 19th a year will have gone by without New Yorkers having had an opportunity to come out into the streets and show the world how they truly feel about the US agenda in the Mideast. more...  0 Comments

Protest WEDNESDAY: Justice for Sean Bell! 4:30 @ 1 Police Plaza

Modern Pitung | A call to action has been issued for a citywide demonstration in protest of the NYPD murder of Sean Bell and continued police harassment and brutality in the communities of color in New York. Text of call follows.
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Official Clamor Closure Letter

The Clamor Crew | After seven years of bulldozing borders, defying dogma and inspiring instigation, the financial obstacles involved with publishing an independent magazine have become too great, and it’s time to move on. more...  0 Comments

Congress on Solidarity Economy

graswurzel revlution | Solidarity economy is part of a strategy against neoliberal exactions. Economic self-help must not be used as a social fig leaf for the continued neoliberal reorganization of society. Neoliberalism or profit worship either sets the cart before the horse or bridles the horse by the tail. more...  0 Comments

Ward Churchill to Speak in NYC | Indiginist Scholar, Activist and Professor Ward Churchill will be making a historic and rare appearance at the New School in lower Manhattan on Monday December 11th. Mr. Churchill will address the ongoing attempts to erase indigenous history in a talk titled "Sterilizing History: The Fabrication of 'InnocentAmericans'". Do not miss this historic and groundbreaking evening! more...  8 Comments

A Performance Against Surveillance Cameras

SCP photolab | In Times Square, the Surveillance Camera Players used a publicly installed webcam to amuse and inspire other anti-surveillance activists from England and Germany, then meeting in Leipzig for a conference

See also:More Images from Times Square more...  2 Comments

OnNYTurf: RNC Mass Arrests by NYPD Could Cost NYC Taxpayers Millions

OnNYTurf | Last week a court ruled that the NYPD has admitted it has no evidence for arresting 23 out of 24 people in a mass roundup during the RNC. This ruling is a likely forecast of things to come in thousands of RNC false arrest lawsuits the city is facing for NYPD mass arrests made during the Republican National Convention period in NYC in 2004. The NYPD admission is hugely significant in that it basically means the NYPD had no grounds for having arrested and detained 23 out of 24 plaintiffs in these cases. [Read More] more...  0 Comments

Leonard Peltier Hearing in Manhattan

lpdc | On December 7, 2006 at 10:00 a.m., Buffalo attorney Michael Kuzma
will be arguing before a three judge panel of the United States Court of
Appeals for the Second Circuit 500 Pearl Street, 9th Floor, Ceremonial Courtroom,
Manhattan. more...  8 Comments

Solidarity for the APPO in Berne, Switzerland

APPO VIVE! | About 800-1000 people showed their solidarity with the people in oaxaca. They demanded the immediate release of all prisoners, justice for the murdered, the immediate resignation of the detested governor Ulises Ruiz etc. more...  0 Comments

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