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Oaxaca: A Portrait of Rebellion -- with Barucha Calamity Peller & Friends

Friend of Brad Will | What: Oaxaca report-back presentation + discussion
Where: 16 beaver st. 4th floor (directions below)
When: 8pm, Monday December 11 more...  1 Comments

Iraq Study Group Calls for Stay-the-Course Lite: Now What?

IMCista | The bi-partisan Iraq Study Group released its long-awaited report on the war earlier today. While critical of the war’s handling, this collection of recycled Inside-the-Beltway power brokers basically called for more of the same—more advisors, more war and no timetable for withdrawal and certainly no reparations to the Iraqi people for destroying their country. So, now what? United for Peace & Justice, the nation's largest antiwar coalition, is calling for a national mobilization in Washington, D.C. on January 27. Is that enough? What more should the antiwar movement be doing? || Iraq Study Group Report || Jan. 27 March on Washington Seeking One More Chance to “Succeed” || Support the GI Movement to End the War || The Iraq War Grinds On || Dennis Kucinich: Defund the War || more...  0 Comments

Press Release: Rally for Daniel McGowan, Thursday December 7th, 12-2pm at Foley Square

Family & Friends of Daniel McGowan | 12-2 rally at Foley Square
Rally against the Green Scare and to support local activist Daniel McGowan!
Dress warm and stay for a long lunch! more...  0 Comments

Support Parking Production Assistants and Coordinators Right to Unionize

Joe Hill |
Parking Production Assistants (PAs) and Coordinators work in the film, television and commercial production industries in New York City. There are over 300 workers and their jobs are to clear out and hold parking space at least 12 hours in advance of a location shoot to allow production equipment to be trucked in.

These workers are working on major productions in New York City, currently including 13 major prime time television and cable series programs, and over a dozen feature films and numerous commercial production jobs. One of the largest producers in New York City is NBC-Universal, which produces the "Law and Order" shows and the new hit TV show "30 Rock" as well as other TV shows and movies. The production companies benefit from publicly funded tax breaks; they should repay our community for that benefit by recognizing the rights of their workers to unionize.

These workers are predominantly people of color – Caribbean, African-American, Latino, and Asian. A super majority have signed union cards to join the UAW and want a union and a union contract to improve their standard of living and working conditions.

Thursday, December 14, 2006 ● 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM
NBC-Universal, 30 Rockefeller Center
(West 50th Street and 6th Avenue, Manhattan more...  0 Comments


block the empire | At least 100 anti-war protesters gathered in
the freezing rain this past Friday for a "manif-action" against war and
Canadian imperialism. The action was organized by the Comité des
sans-emploi-Montreal Centre -- an anti-poverty group -- and was supported by
Block the Empire-Montreal, an anti-war, anti-imperialist direct action
collective. more...  0 Comments


Gustavo | On Nov. 25, Sean Bell was to be wed. Upon leaving his a bachelor party with two other friends, Sean Bell and his two friends had 50 bullets pumped into his car by the NYPD. Sean Bell died shortly after, while his two friends survived multiple gun shot wounds. The police have offered obscure reasoning for the tragic incident that took the life of a very good young man, and father. more...  0 Comments

Report-back from the First Puerto Rico Social Forum

NYC Delegation Steering Committee | The First Puerto Rico Social Forum was a great success! Now it's time to start building a delegation towards the next one, and to mobilize our community towards the upcoming U.S. Social Forum. Come hear the NYC Delegations' experiences and evaluation of the PRSF, and make sure to spread the word far and wide!
more...  0 Comments

Oaxaca Filmmakers in NYC

Paul DeRienzo & Joan Moossy | Paul DeRienzo and Joan Moossy discuss the situation in Oaxaza, Mexico more...  0 Comments

Venezuela: Solidaridad con Oaxaca

UNT -PRS | Los dirigentes nacionales de la Unión Nacional de Trabajadores Orlando Chirino y Stalin Pérez, conjuntamente con los líderes del Partido Revolución y Socialismo, el profesor universitario Miguel A. Hernández y Gonzalo Gómez de la Asamblea Popular Revolucionaria- Aporrea, hacen llegar un comunicado público en el que exigen la libertad inmediata de Flavio Sosa, lider de la Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca. A continuación apartes del comunicado de radio y prensa. more...  0 Comments

The End of the Bush Dynasty

Stephen Lendman | How George Bush hastened the demise of the Bush family political dynasty. more...  0 Comments

Health Department Abandons Proposed Change to Transgender Birth Certificates

kaitlyn tikkun | The NYC Board of Health killed a proposal to allow transgender New Yorkers to change the gender designation on their birth certificate without undergoing gender confirming surgery. The proposal was widely hailed by the transgender community as a groundbreaking recognition of transgender people and garnered worldwide attention. more...  3 Comments

6pm at Swayduck Auditorium of The New School
65 5th Avenue
YOU MUST HAVE AN I.D. TO ENTER! more...  0 Comments

Your support is needed to FREE Leonard Peltier! Thursday, December 7, Federal Court Bldg 9:00 a.m.

FREE Leonard Peltier | After 30 years of surpressed evidence and FBI Frame-up of Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier-

Lawyers will challenge the FBI in court to release long held vital records
more...  1 Comments

OAXACA FORUM: Teachers’ Struggle Shakes Mexico-The Fight for Permanent Revolution

Spartacus Youth Club, Spartacist League | Spartacist League/Spartacus Youth Club Forum

Teachers’ Struggle Shakes Mexico—
The Fight for Permanent Revolution

Speaker: Jacob Zorn, Spartacist League

Thursday, December 7, 7 p.m.
Hamilton Hall, Room 516
Columbia University
(116th St. and Broadway, take 1 train to 116th St. stop)

For more information and readings: (212) 267-1025 or e-mail:
more...  0 Comments

On the Verdict of the the GANG Rape of a Filipina by Four US Marines

AJLPP-USA | The gang rape of Nicole by four US marines in the Philippines is not only an issue of a woman but a whole nation raped for the last century, made possible through onerous and lopsided military agreements, much like the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA).
more...  0 Comments

Mr. President Luís Inácio Lula Da Silva,

Augusto César Revoredo. | Brazilian entrepreneurs, workers and unemployeds, we need workmanships, projects and initiatives that multiply chances, wages, jobs and businesses, and this will not happen in desirable speed while the Union to spend, as in the year of 2006, 490 billion Reals (U.S.$, 00) with a presumpted financing of the internal debt next to bankers, that not only is unnecessary (as the proper numbers demonstrate), as it drains all the capacity of investment of the Brazilian society.
more...  0 Comments

Rally for Daniel McGowan & against the Green Scare-Thursday, December 7th-12 noon [plus nighttime event]

Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan | Noon rally at Foley Square, Manhattan.
Nighttime dinner and movies at Times Up! more...  0 Comments

Powder keg: rallying for a cause

NAYABA ARINDE | Police claim that officers fired in self-defense as the car was driven towards them. It is disputed whether or not they identified themselves. Sources close to the family say that the young men feared for their lives and did not know that the five plain-clothed and undercover, white, Black and Latino shooters were cops.
more...  0 Comments

Sean Bell: Killed in a hail of NYPD bullets

Jared Rodriguez | The NYPD has a long and bloody record of innocent victims--like Amadou Diallo, a West African immigrant who died in a hail of 41 police bullets
more...  0 Comments

Point People Needed for Oaxaca Solidarity

mollie | We need press contact people from several different areas across the nation to help put pressure on the mainstream media to tell the story of Oaxaca accurately. more...  0 Comments

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