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Urgent Call for court solidarity - Cindy Sheehan & friends in court December 11 for UN Mission Trespass

absinthe | Medea Benjamin, Cindy Sheehan, Patty Ackerman and Missy Beattie have been in court all week stemming from their arrests outside the U.S. Mission to the U.N. last March on International Women’s Day. The courts have been lacking supporters so I looked here & saw no call for court solidarity for these great women. Surely we can pack the courts, can't we? Here's an article about it when the trial started: more...  0 Comments

Tues, Dec. 12: day of solidarity with indigenous peoples in Brazil

Christine | Day of solidarity with the Tupinikim/Guarani of Brazil

Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Noon – 2pm
Demonstration in front of the Brazilian Consulate
1185 Avenue of the Americas @ 46th Street
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TIME'S UP | SCHEDULE OF EVENTS, TOMORROW Saturday, December 9, 2006

1PM: Memorial bike ride for Eric Ng, 22 year-old bicyclist, teacher,
and friend who was killed by a drunk driver on the West Side bike
path. Meet up in Washington Square Park at 1pm. We will ride
together to the site of Eric's death at 1:30 SHARP. Non-bikers can go
directly to the West Side Greenway, near Clarkson St. By train: take
the 1 to Houston St.

2:30PM: Directly after the memorial ride there will be a memorial
service at St. Mark's Church. Friends & family will share stories,
show photos, and play music. St. Mark's Church is at the corner of
2nd Ave and 11th St. By train: 6 to Astor Place, R/W to 8th St, or F
train to Houston St.

8PM: Memorial dance party. Do not go gently into that good night.
DJs & live punk rock. At Time's Up, 49 E. Houston St. By train: 6 or
B/D/F/V to Bleecker-Lafayette.

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Elevator replacement frauds on a massive scale in NYC

Eugene Tenenbaum | Multimillion elevator works at Stuyvesant Town and Penn South in Manhattan, Riverdale’s Skyview and Amalgamated Houses in the Bronx took place without construction permits, documents, drawings, asbestos testing, safety overview, noise code exemption authorizations, etc., exposing their respective shareholders/tenants to so called here “NO DRAWING AND PERMIT LOSSES” of: a) paying for unnecessary work...; b) substandard workmanship...; c) unsafe work conditions...; d) personal danger...; e) danger of asbestos and dust...; f) inconvenience... . more...  0 Comments

Aaron Russo's new movie America Freedom to Fasicsm

Michael Treis | Aaron Russo's new movie America Freedom to Fascism on Freedom DVD breaks new ground on exposing truth in taxation and other relevant issues. more...  1 Comments

Saralee Hamilton, RIP

Mitchel Cohen | Saralee Hamilton, who died Dec. 7 in Philadelphia, had more fingers in more pots than any other activist I know. more...  1 Comments

The “Retired General Syndrome”; Kofi Annan Learned Little from Daniel Ellsberg

Joan Russow | The serious consequences of the “retired general syndrome” were eloquently expressed in the “Pentagon Papers” by Daniel Ellsberg. He is currently reaffirming his concern in his press conferences given as a recipient of the Right Livelihood Award. In his press conferences and interviews, he has been calling on officials who are aware of the US plans for an invasion of Iran, to not make the same mistake he made. Similarly, Kofi Annan, as Secretary General failed to speak out when he could have made a difference. more...  0 Comments

Benefit party for Daniel McGowan and Andy Stepanian TONIGHT in Brooklyn!

Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan | come show support for two local targets of the Green Scare-Daniel McGowan and
Andy Stepanian of the Shac7 more...  0 Comments


Emil Kuzmanov | In Bulgaria, a long time ago the missing practice of legal cat & dog control is replaced by criminal collection and abuse of the great number of healthy animals. Their mass breeding stays encouraged by authorities. more...  0 Comments

Podvolotsky : Marx on Freedom, Justice and Eguality

El Asturig Emil von München | Os que imitam o marxismo - falsificando-o porém - exclamam, de modo a procurar encontrar justificação para as suas próprias posições : Porém, o que dizer da liberdade do indivíduo, das liberdades de imprensa, expressão, reunião e etc. ? ... Examinando as relações sociais, Marx e Engels descobriram que, em uma sociedade capitalista, a liberdade significa a liberdade dos capitalistas para garantirem a "segurança social" de seu sistema e revelaram que os Direitos das classes oprimidas não resultam em absolutamente nada.
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Photos: Rally Against the Green Scare

Ida C. Benedetto | more info: more...  12 Comments

Shut Down Wall Street?

Sam | The Black Mens movement and Fight Back! have issued a call to shut down a center of capitalism in protest of police war on people of color. Where do we stand? more...  27 Comments

Migrant Workers, WW2 Vets, Inter-faith Demand Release of Philippine Labor Leader

Mario Santos |
“Rep. Crispin “Ka Bel” Beltran was never guilty of any charge and he should have never been detained,” says Linda Abad of DAMAYAN, a migrant workers-based organization that campaigns for legalization and full rights for all immigrants. On December 10, membership will hold a General Assembly Meeting to highlight the human rights situation in the Philippines, especially the unabated political killings that to date has reached 780 workers, peasants, pastors, student leaders, journalists, lawyers, women, indigenous people and other social activists. A holiday celebration will follow in the evening.

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The Ink and Paper Collective | Young political activists today face a complicated political climate. Change is possible, but not easy. What lessons, both good and bad, can we learn from the social movements of the 1960s to make sure our contemporary activism does not go in vain? more...  1 Comments

Socialist International Commission for a Sustainable World Society

Socialist International | Momentous changes in the world over the last two decades have increased opportunities to advance the cause of freedom, democracy and human rights. Despite expectations however, the much-needed global institutions required at this time of change to overcome conflict and redress social divisions and inequality have not yet emerged.

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Big Brother and the Matrix

Odin Kroger | Without their will, people become instruments of the amchine.. The matrix does more than Big Brother.. The matrix is where Big Brother wants to be but cannot be - in the heads of people. more...  0 Comments

Images: Rally for Daniel McGowan

fred askew | Photographs from the Green Scare Rally in Foley Square NYC more...  0 Comments


War Resisters League | We need to begin planning now for what will hopefully be a weekend of protest against a war few of us wanted and more and more are coming to reject. Although disgust with the war has grown palpably, if we do not come together on March 19th a year will have gone by without New Yorkers having had an opportunity to come out into the streets and show the world how they truly feel about the US agenda in the Mideast.
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December 16 National Solidarity Actions with Strikers at Goodyear

steelworker | On December 16, with the help of the AFL-CIO the United Steelworkers are planning solidarity actions at Goodyear stores in over 100 cities across the United States and Canada. Come out on December 16 to join the United Steelworkers in their struggle for union jobs and healthcare and to help spread information about the strike! more...  0 Comments

Rally Against the Green Scare: Images, Speech

Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan | Speech for Support Daniel Rally, Foley Square, New York City by Tim Doody, Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan

PHOTOS: 1 | 2 | 3
Press Release
The “Green Scare” One Year and Beyond: Looking Back, Moving Forward

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